Friday, July 15, 2005

生命之旅 (#1) Journey of The Life (part 1)

我可爱的孩子, 随着时间慢慢的长大了 ~~

Thinny little life
Dec, 2003

Fullmoon Celebration
Jan, 2004

Beam with smiles
Jan, 2004

摇篮曲.... zzzZZZ..
Swing swing swing..... me no eye see... hehe...
Feb, 2004

First friend ~ Little duckling
Apr, 2004

First step on walker
May, 2004

最爱的游戏 ~ 游泳
Favourite games ~ Swimming
July, 2004

1 岁啦!
1 year old with most sexy post
Jan, 2005

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Feb, 2005

人小鬼大!! 古灵精怪.. 哈哈..
Cute funny boy !!!
Feb, 2005

Mummy 抱抱....
Carry plzzzzzzzzzz......
Mar, 2005

崭新的机车 ~ 哈里
My new Harley Davidson Fatboy
Apr, 2005

Charming expression... lum lum umm.....
May, 2005

破坏王... 嘻嘻...
Demolation man...
May, 2005

靓仔吗? 哈哈...
Handsome leeeeeeeeeeeeh......
Jun, 2005


multidimid said...

A message to your tiny tot.

You share an existence with others who are experiencing their own journeys in their own ways, and you have journeying in common, then.

As one traveler to another, I salute U. Be kind to yourself and to your companions in this life.

hongfee said...

so so so so so cuteeee.....beh tahan liao

wah, he knows how to parking too? WONDERFUL!!!!

shiaulin said...

haha.. yeah loh.. very funny indeed. now like to talk too, but... with his own language which we hardly understand sometimes :D

hey, u also faster get 1 lar! haha.. :P

shiaulin said...

multidimid, thanx for dropping by.
I am sure my child having his wonderful childhood, and i wish he will be still happy ever after.

osiruz said...

wahhh veli cute wor those pics...hmmm...reminds me of the cartoon Peanuts...the kid that always pulls a blanket wherever he goes...kekeke

shiaulin said...

chun wei tan, yeah.. my son also likes to pull his "bu bu"(布布--> a nappy) wherever he goes... kekeke... aren't they alike :D

May said...

hi hi... I am May here... i love to read ur blog very much... it's very happy and enjoyable to see ur cute baby grown up day by day~ yay~

shiaulin said...

hi may, thanx for visiting my blog and i found that ur blog was not open to public yet.

hmm... where did u get my link from? as i didn't ping all my post to pps.

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