Sunday, June 25, 2006

'Di Zi Gui' 弟子规

Video of Xuan reciting ‘Di Zi Gui 弟子规’. I am very satisfied with his achievement thus far, in spite of few lines he may miss out sometimes.

弟子规 圣人训 首孝悌 次谨信
泛爱众 而亲仁 有余力 则学文

父母呼 应勿缓 父母命 行勿懒
须敬听 父母责 须顺承

冬则温 夏则凊 晨则省 昏则定
出必告 反必面 居有常 业无变

事虽小 勿擅为 茍擅为 子道亏
物虽小 勿私藏 茍私藏 亲心伤

亲所好 力为具 亲所恶 谨为去
… … … …

Gray & Italic font = missing part

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So long, blog sphere...

After more than one and half month stayed in Malaysia, we finally back to Beijing on last Friday. Surprisingly during the wide long break in Malaysia, I totally forgot about internet and blogging! Without internet, I can finish all the house chores relaxingly on time. The most important thing is I have more time and attention to my Xuan.

Life in Malaysia is wonderful and lively. Almost everyday, we have learning and playing session in the morning and swimming session in the evening. Sometimes we go shopping at night with sister who live a block away from my apartment. I started to taught Xuan ‘Di Zhi Gui’弟子规 few weeks ago and the result is very encouraging. ‘Di Zhi Gui’ 弟子规, in English, means standards for being a good student and child. Me not so keen on teaching him ABC or 123 (Xuan can’t recognize every alphabet yet and only can count to 10 correctly), but I truly want him to recite and understand the meaning taught in ‘Di Zhi Gui’. What I think is being a good person is much important than being a clever person. I wish my Xuan become an average-fine-good man rather than an intelligent devil when he grows up. If you are interested to know about 'Di Zhi Gui', check out here for Chinese explanation and here for English.

By the way, we are soon moving back to Malaysia for good. This is the final trip for us to pack our stuffs and leave. I am glad with this sudden changes and I have lots of plan in my head now. The plan and list of things to do after we have moves back to Malaysia:

  1. Get mechanic to service the aircon, it has been more than 5 years never service already.
  2. Undergo Laser Eye Surgery to correct my short sighted.
  3. Rearrange and convert the front room to Xuan’s bedroom. Buy a new bed and install a new aircon unit in the room.
  4. Enroll Xuan to Amitabha Buddhist Society Pure Land Learning Center nearby my house. Intend to send him there for a year, and then enroll to normal kindergarten when he is 5 years old.
  5. Ok, this is the happy thing; We will try for second baby by next year, after Xuan reaches three.

I am now announcing my semi-retiring from blog sphere, I will still blog but only once in a blue moon. Somehow, you'll see me hop in your site when my mood struck. Thanks for being with me for the past one year of my blogging journey.

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