Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bad Day

Xuan woke us up early morning before sunrise. Luckily, he only want daddy to accompany him play his car-car. So me continue... zzZZZzzZZZzz

Prepare lunch for Xuan. Washed salmon fish and seasoned then place it in the rice cooker ready to steam together when cooking rice. I was boiling chicken soup and all the sockets in the kitchen already used, move the rice cooker to second room then plug it in and press cook button. Half and hour later, it’s about Xuan’s lunch time. I go check on the rice but shocked to see NO LIGHT showing from the rice cooker. Ouch sh*t! Something went wrong. Made in China punya rice cooker, must be ‘kong’ liao. I remember I pressed the cook button already. Check again confirmed the cook button been pressed. Ok now check the plug, d*mn, loosen liao no wonder rice not cook. *@#%$&%$@#* Plug it in then start cooking, that time already passed Xuan’s lunch time liao… sigh…

After awhile, *peep peep peep….* Yee, why got error sound from washing machine? Go have a look. Sh*t! All the clothes inside still dry wan! Quickly check the water tap, its locked*@#$%$@#%* ok, open back the tap and water rush into the washing machine. Wasted 30 min and wonder why the stupid machine doesn’t warn me earlier. Machine made in china. *roll eyes*

Late lunch cause everything late. Xuan was bath late and naptime became late too. When he drank milk he almost fall asleep, but once finished milk, he was fully awake. Asked me to carry him to sleep, have to walking about the room too. Walk walk walk, backache cannot tahan liao lay him back on the bed. He started yelling: “Mummy yang-yang… Mummy carry…” boh-lat I carry him again. Repeated few times until 4 pm, I gave up.
“U wants to sleep anot?”
“Don’t want.” *smiley face*
“Ok fine, go out.”

Xuan walk out from the room happily, mummy following behind with sour face.
Therefore, that gone my afternoon happy hour :(

BTW, someone has even worse day then me. Because of her famous forgetfulness, she now has to think of way to 补锅, she has a burned pot 黑锅 to scrape. I am waiting for her to blog about this. Kekeke…

Thursday, December 22, 2005


女人:“老公,等下放工去超市买 ham 回来,要大山环特级火腿。”

老公:“平时买的那个brand 是吗?知道了。”








Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Inventor + Destroyer

Xuan created new way to play with his police car by destroying his old favorite toy –> dump truck… some more shouted "yes! we can!!" hmm... kids, ther are cute; they are clever; and they are naughty too... hmm speechless...

发明者 + 毁坏者

Fried Chicken

Now u sees, now u don't... ate by ZhiXuan liao...


Sweet Dream

I found this pic rather sweet.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Wish Tag

I was granted 3 wishes from 3 peoples. I wonder why suddenly so many people are trying to makes my wishes come true. Hehehe...

No lar this is about X’mas Wish Tag. First, I was tag by Maria (in Chinese version) and done it. Later were tag again by Selba and Soohk in English version. I don’t mind to do this again as I can get more Christmas gift mah… right? I rather like the English version by which I can choose who to be my Santa Claus, so here I come again. Hehehe…

Here are the tag rules:
* State the Great Person that tagged you
* List Who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift)
* State the Gift you wish to get
* Then invite a few Friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

The Great Person: Selba and Soohk

The Santa Claus that will deliver the gift: My Hubby (so Maria u no need to buy me gift liao, BUT u have to accompany me on my off day :D)

The Gift, I wish to have an off day. Where I don’t have to do any routine works and just enjoy myself. I want to go for facial, massage, do my hair, shopping, go café, dine at nice restaurant.

Pass it to Whom, I hope their wish would come true:
Little Luke Skywalker

Sunday, December 18, 2005





我最想圣诞老人送我一个Tommy Girl Cologne Spray。(我就是对香水情有独钟,纵然满柜都是香水了但还是不停的想要更多!:p)

Domestic Goddess (要拿你的礼物?新年时来KL找我吧。嘻嘻...))

Friday, December 16, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005


明月高挂 寒风疾;
夜阑人静 倍思亲。

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Xuan's photos

Unlike Maria and Greenapple, I don’t blog about food if I lazy don’t have time to blog. However, I’ll just upload some Xuan latest photos only. Hope u all enjoy looking at it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Twinkle ??? Rescue Car ???

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

... ... ... boo boo ... ... ...
Twinkle, twinkle, little
How I wonder
???Rescue Car???

My clever little Xuan edited this lyric when he is playing with his favorite ‘Rescue Car’.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Birthday my Baby

To my boy,

***Happy Birthday!!***

Mummy love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, very very very love u.... *muacks*

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Twinkle Moon

We have some hearty laugh before sleep. Xuan was drinking his milk and I lay beside him and sang his favorite nursery rhymes. Usually Xuan name the song then I sing it.

Xuan: “Twinkle star!”

Me: “~~Twinkle twinkle little star……… how I wonder what u are~~”

Xuan: “Twinkle moon!”

Me: *blur* ? 什么 twinkle moon?” What twinkle moon?

Xuan: “mummy 唱 Twinkle moon!” mummy sing twinkle moon!

Me: “mummy 不会呖,什么 twinkle moon?你唱给 mummy 听一下。mummy don’t know leh, what twinkle moon? U sings it to mummy.

Xuan: “~~Twinkle… twinkle… little… MOON…~~”

Me: “hahahahaha…..”

Proxy Life

Very sad to announce this, China has locked the blogspot AGAIN. I was holding the urge to blog about this news when I heard it last week. I want to believe it was due to some technical problems that they don’t really mean to lock it. Therefore, I waiting, hoping, and then disappointing in the end. China really meant it; they once again locked the blogspot… sigh…

So guys and girls, sadly to inform u all that I would not be able to comment on your blog if you have set the word verification on. Please pardon me not be able to blog crush you frequent cause I am using the proxy that makes my already slow connection even slower.

*sob sob*

For the similar info please refer here.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005




曾 几何时盼望着与雪相遇,期待着体验让雪花轻飘落在身上的感觉。现在终于看到了,我却没有了之前期待时那股激昂的情绪。我以一颗平静的、淡淡的心,欣赏着窗 外飘零的雪。因为深夜,所以看得不清,只能透过灯光的反射才依稀看到那纯纯白白轻飘下的雪花。身在一个没有露台的十几层高楼上,由窗下望是不能完全感受那 份降初雪时该有的喜悦,也没有机会体验让雪花飘落在身上的感觉。





Saturday, December 03, 2005

Xuan talking Ji-Ji-Zha-Zha

Jason, what could I say other than thank you.

Mission Accomplished

One night, starry night.
要嘴嘴…” (want zui-zui = pacifier)
“good boy
没有吃嘴嘴睡觉的,看Bob Builder 也没有吃嘴嘴睡觉呖。” (good boy does not need zui-zui to sleep, u see even Bob Builder also does not need it leh.)
“Xuan-xuan good boy
没有吃嘴嘴睡觉, Bob Builder 没有,cat-cat没有,bulldozer没有,crane没有…” (Xuan good boy does not need zui-zui to sleep, Bob Builder, cat-cat, bulldozer, crane doesn’t…)
是咯,全部都没有吃嘴嘴睡觉的呖。” (yaloh, all also doesn’t need pacifier to sleep one leh)
不要嘴嘴…” (don’t want zui-zui)

After a month of repeated the above conversation, Xuan does not need pacifier at night anymore. Anyhow, he still will cry for it middle of the night, and I gave it to him.

One morning, sunny morning.

While watching his favorite cartoon, Xuan suddenly come into the kitchen ask for pacifier.
要嘴嘴…” (want zui-zui)
no zui-zui, mummy give biscuit want or not?”

biscuit.” (want biscuit)
He then walk out happily with biscuit in his hand.
After just awhile, Xuan came in again. He thrown the biscuit to me, and said,
要嘴嘴, 不要biscuit.” (want zui-zui, don’t want biscuit)
no zui-zui, eat biscuit ok?”
不要,要嘴嘴,要嘴嘴,要嘴嘴,要嘴嘴X10… 呱啊呱啊…” (don’t want, want zui-zui, want zui-zui, want zui-zuiX10… start yelling and whining…)
“okok, nah your zui-zui”
I surrender gave him what he want. Xuan walk away happily with zui-zui in his mouth.

After few days like that, I felt something wrong. He is asking for zui-zui not during bedtime, it is like anytime anywhere when he feels like it. However, once awhile he does this when he is sick, and no, he is not sick now. Then why? This alerted me that he must be addicted, sh*t! I must stop him now, no pacifier for him anymore, not even during bedtime. By this means NO pacifier for him for his afternoon nap, also the mid-night crying.

Day 1
0930. Cartoon show time.

While watching his favorite cartoon, Xuan suddenly come into the kitchen ask for pacifier.
要嘴嘴…” (want zui zui)
no zui-zui, mummy give biscuit want or not?”
biscuit.” (want biscuit)
He then walks away and ate his biscuit.
After awhile, Xuan came in again give the biscuit to me and said,
要嘴嘴, 不要biscuit.” (want zhui zhui,don’t want biscuit)
嘴嘴mummy丢掉了,没有了。” (zui-zui mummy throw away already, don’t have already)
Then he starts to whine and yelling.
“okok mummy
丢掉了,要买过,mummy 明天买过新的给你好吗?” (okok, mummy throw away already, need to buy again, mummy tomorrow go buy a new one for u ok?)
Then I quickly carry him and divert his attention by showing him his favorite cartoon, or sung nursery rhymes together with him.

1330. Afternoon naptime.
要嘴嘴…” (want zui zui)
嘴嘴mummy 丢掉了, 明天mummy买过新的给你好吗?” (zui-zui mummy throw away already, tomorrow mummy buy new one for u ok?)
Xuan started to whine and yelling until too tired and fell asleep.

2100. Bedtime.
Xuan-xuan good boy不要嘴嘴” (don’t want zui-zui)
没有嘴嘴,明天mummy买。” (don’t have zui-zui, tomorrow mummy buy)

*whimpering*… 嘴嘴 …*whimpering* (whimpering and ask for pacifier)
没有嘴嘴了,明天买嘴嘴ok. Come drink water.” (don’t have zui-zui, tomorrow go buy ok)
He drank water then fell back to sleep. Later, almost every hour he will cry for pacifier. I have to carry, or padding, or comforting him back to sleep until sunrise.

Day 2

Repeat the same thing happen on the Day 1 morning.

1400Afternoon naptime.
要嘴嘴…” (want pacifier)
“ok mummy
明天买嘴嘴。” (ok mummy tomorrow go and buy)
要嘴嘴,没有嘴嘴,mummy 明天买。” (want zui-zui, don’t have zui-zui, mummy tomorrow buy)

2200. Bedtime.
Xuan-xuan good boy不要嘴嘴” (don’t want zui-zui)
要嘴嘴,没有嘴嘴,明天mummy买嘴嘴。” (want zui-zui, don’t have zui-zui, tomorrow mummy buy zui-zui)

*whimpering*… 嘴嘴 …*whimpering* (whimpering and asking for pacifier)
明天买嘴嘴,明天买嘴嘴。Come drink water.” (ok tomorrow buy zui-zui, tomorrow buy)
He drank water then fell back to sleep.

Day 3

As is Saturday, we went out for breakfast then straightaway we went to 东皇城根遗址公园. After that, we went to 俏江南 for lunch, and then only headed back home. After reach home, Xuan too tired goes doze off without pacifier.

2200. Bedtime.
Xuan-xuan good boy不要嘴嘴” (don’t want zui-zui)

*whimpering*… water …*whimpering*
“ok come drink water.”
He drank water then fell back to sleep.

Day 4

没有嘴嘴,mummy买嘴嘴。” (don’t have zui-zui, mummy buy zui-zui)

Afternoon naptime,
没有嘴嘴,明天mummy买。” (don’t have zui-zui, tomorrow mummy buy)

Xuan-xuan good boy不要嘴嘴” (don’t want zui-zui)

Day 5, 6, 7, 8, etc…

Never say a word about pacifier.

Wean Xuan from pacifier-addict.

Mission accomplished.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Muffin... yum yum

Xuan eating muffin at our favourite Steak & Egg Restaurant. Video uploading with help from Jason again, thanks Jason.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy/unhappy Day!!

I am happy today! Very very happy!!! I saw maple tree, and collected some maple leaves. Hubby will blog it out later. Will see if I have time, I will upload some close-up pic of maple leaf I've collected.

BTW, I am not happy too. My darling son is now having mild fever. I guess he catches cold during our outing, or maybe he too missed his pacifier that cause him fell sick. Since born, Xuan need pacifier only when he wants to sleep. He even don’t need it at night for the previous month. Until recently, he is like addicted will ask for it anytime anywhere. I am now trying to wean him from pacifier. Yes, I guess he is missing his pacifier too much… that’s why he is sick now. *stupid reason but don’t u see those smoker/drug-addict trying to off their addiction often sick during the progress?*

Get well soon my darling. Mummy love u very much.

Xuan now need my tight attention. I have to be with him anytime anywhere whenever he yell and whine for pacifier, regardless day or night. Therefore, I won’t be able to blog or blog hopping often until he gets better, or until he successful off the pacifier addiction.

The World's Shortest Personality Test

Found this from Selba's blog. This is my personality profile
Your Personality Profile

You are pure, moral, and adaptable.
You tend to blend into your surroundings.
Shy on the outside, you're outspoken to your friends.

You believe that you live a virtuous life...
And you tend to judge others with a harsh eye.
As a result, people tend to crave your approval.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Kissing Purity

Found this from Simple American , very funny indeed :)

Your Kissing Purity Score: 86% Pure

You've hardly ever been kissed

But the kisses you've given are very missed

Saturday, November 19, 2005

人情冷暖… 唉,没了…







没来得及办?为什么来不及三天!女婴靠生在体外心脏活了三天!可见她的生命力是多么的 三天还不够多吗?三天都不能嗅到一些人情味?



Friday, November 18, 2005

What’s so different?

What’s so different for the above photo, normal sunset nia lar… Ok now u enlarge the photo, look carefully on the time…

This is what people called 夜长梦多日短, before 1700 the sun already set liao… ai.. Sometimes does makes people feel depressive leh…

If u doesn’t believe it and thought I touch up with Photoshop. Go visit this yahoo weather forecast , check on 'More Current Conditions' on Sunrise and Sunset.

"I quit !!"

Today my part-time maid came and told me:

我不干了!(I quit!)

She came to collect her salary and left. She wanted this job badly but her physical cannot stand to work 3 jobs. Yes, she works 3 jobs for living.

I am seeking for a maid now, or just get the management service to do it for me. This building management provides cleaning services, but their charges are higher than the one I have. Don’t care liao, not me paying them, and not hubby paying them either… kekeke…

Oh! thanks to zching for pointing out the mistake for "I am quit!!"

Thursday, November 17, 2005

One more, Two more, Three more...

Thousand thanks to Jason for helping me to upload this movie clip. It takes us 1 whole day to do it... big file and slow line (I mean my site lar), or maybe China checking the link so makes it so sloooooooowwwwwww.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

About Xuan

Showing affectionate...

“mummy yang-yang….. yang-yang mummy…” *hug my legs from behind*
... ... ...
“darling… darling mummy… darling… darling…” *peeking me from kitchen door*
... ... ...
“mummy xuan xuan” *look at me with his cat-cat face*
... ... ...
“mummy 抱抱 xuan xuan… mummy 抱抱我, 抱抱我*crying for carry*
... ... ...
“Xuan Xuan mummy….” *patting my back*

Xuan can say…

“Xuan Xuan good boy! daddy car-car.”
... ... ...
“good boytractor… good boybulldozer… good boy daddy forklift”
... ... ...
shopping yoghurt… daddy 回来买 yoghurt…”
... ... ...
“daddy yoghurt… mummyyoghurt… mummyXuan Xuan yoghurt…” *very good boy hor can say like this hehehe…*
... ... ...
yoghurt… mimish (finished)… mimish yoghurt… mimish…”
... ... ...
“Bob Builder Yes we can!! Bob Builder Yes we can!!”
... ... ...
“Xuan Xuan 喜欢 car-car… Xuan Xuan 喜欢 tractor… daddy 喜欢 ambilerns (ambulance)…”
... ... ...
吃饱不要跳…” *but still jumping on the sofa*
... ... ...
不要倒不要丢…” *but still pouring and throwing toys onto the floor*
... ... ...
“daddy 去做 gom ()… daddy 回来…”
... ... ...
“Xuan Xuanbulldozer… Xuan Xuanplis (police) car-car… Xuan Xuanrescue car… Xuan Xuan ambilerns (ambulance)… Xuan Xuan fire gingin (engine)… Bob Builder mi (没) 有!”

Friday, November 11, 2005

4th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. Hooray!! Wow so fast 4 years lioa, anyone can suggest how to celebrate it? But definitely not a candlelight dinner lar huh, u know me well lar that’s impossible for us as we have a 'Monkey Tarzan' to jaga. (eh, hubby complaint why i said our lovely son is Monkey wor, so mah change it to Tarzan loh... Tarzan - brave, great agility and smart too :D)

Nevertheless, I am expecting to receive some beautiful flower or special gift from hubby tonight ;) BTW, I already ordered an Italy TORTA DAMA Chocolate-Pistachio Butter Cream Cake 巧克力开心果酱蛋糕 from Waffle Boy 窝夫小子 for him, and they will deliver to our doorstep on 1800, and of coz hubby gonna pay for it too. :p I will upload the nice pic of the cake tomorrow.

My Dear,

Happy 4th Anniversary!


* these photos updated by LeeCS on 0020 16th Dec 2005*

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My 5 6 Childhood Memories That Relate To Food

I am being sporting KPC enough to tagged myself from mumsgather ’s blog for this meme related to food. Since she open up for anyone who interested to take part then I found myself really got lots of childhood memories which ties with food mah… so mah blog about it loh. 5 memories are indeed too little for me, thus, I am going to blog about 6… hehehe… then I mah can pass it on to another 6 little ‘hungry ghost’ 喂食鬼 loh :p


Based on my memories, we would have steamboat on our reunion dinner for Chinese New Year. Yes, every year the same only steamboat until now still the same. However, I no longer join the reunion dinner at my mum’s house already, I married liao mah of coz eat at PIL house loh.

Our steamboat ingredients including prawn, fish, sotong, fish balls, meat balls, pork kidney, pork liver, steam chicken, and of coz some greens… etc. Beside, we have char-siu, siu-yok, and roasted chicken too. Place until the whole 10-course table full of food. We have a very happy and lively reunion dinner.


My mum planted many fruit trees, especially mango. We have 3 mango trees, 1 Ciku tree and I start-fruit tree in our garden. Let’s talk about mango first, I love mango and I love to climb onto mango tree act like a Tarzan with my brother#2. I am very tomboy type and play that kind of adventures game with Bro#2. For example, like swing climb from one tree trunk to another and pluck some branches and leaves to set a campfire. We even nap on a big trunk in the mid-noon but never get to fall. Terror leh ?? haha…

During mango season, we would transform into a monkey to enjoy the juicy mango fruit on the tree branch helped with the harvest. Our mango is sweet, juicy, and big in size. If that is a large harvest, we even sell it to people who bought it then sell at the market. That’s my sweet memory bout mango.


One of the fruit tree got it in my mum’s ‘plantation’. Don’t know why we seldom eat the fruit, it got ripe and fell onto the floor all the time. The reason why it related to my childhood was because of this Ciku tree does attract many bats. Some of the bat even make home under our roof. They will fly out to eat the Buah-Ciku every early morning and night. Sometimes they fly very low at the lever about our face, this make me very scare of going outside during night. Sometimes, we saw the dead baby bat on the floor. Especially after a thunderstorm night, I guess they dropped from their nest under the roof during the storm hit. I don’t likes bat but I felt sorry for the dead baby bat lar.

The Ciku tree no longer there after the major renovation for our house on 1989 if not mistaken. Now only I realized I love to eat Ciku, I was trying to search for it at pasar malam or super market but they selling quite expensive sometime. However, whenever I saw Ciku, it will remind me of the dead baby bats lying on the floor.

Star fruit / Carambola

Another fruit tree in my mum’s ‘plantation’. I love the raw star fruit than the ripe one. I ate with plain salt or dip in the soy sauce mix with white sugar. Yummy…

Not only love the fruit, I like the flower and its leaves too. I always play ‘masak-masak 家家酒’ with my sister#6, we used its leaves as vege. We set up 2 bricks with standing position, lit up a candle set between the 2 bricks, put a Milo tin’s cover over the two bricks. That becomes our cooking stove. We fried the leaves, or we squeeze out the fluid from the leaves (dark green color) to make fake drink or ABC (air-batu-campur). The flower always use for decoration purposes, sometimes also fry it with the leaves. We often get scold by mum, cos we pluck the flower. Simple, we cannot have fruit without flowering right. 无花不结果。The flower is very unique and beautiful too. *wahlao we 辣手摧花 tim :p*


The scene of my whole family squatting on the kitchen floor and eating durian is always floats in my head whenever I saw this fruit. I love to eat it right away from the shell, taste much nicer than the one already in the plate. Does u try before to eat durian with rice? I like it either, the taste was just very different when eat like that.

Many years ago, father bought a land, and then turns it into durian plantation. My dad puts so much effort on the farm, we use to go there everyday, by watching my dad walking around the big plantation and harvest banana, which plant along with the small durian trees to provide shade to the young durian trees. That’s why I have great memory for this fruit.

Black Vinegar Trotter (or called Tu-kah-chor in Hokkien)

This in one of my favorite dishes, not much story to tell but I just love it. My mum is expert in cooking this dish, every time she cooks this I will eat up with 2 big bowls of rice. Simply love the taste and the smell, so great. Somehow, I don’t get to eat a lot during confinement. Don’t know why, may be I have restless mind during that time and totally forgot to ask the confinement lady to cook more for me.

This dish relate to my mum’s cooking skill, which I admire very much. Now mum does not need to cook anymore as all handle by an Indonesian maid. She just becomes a ‘kap-pa-lah’ to order the maid what is to cook nia.

That’s a lot more I wanted to write about but cannot lar, must force myself to stop here otherwise people will fall asleep before finish reading all this funny and non-sense childhood memories of mine.

Ok now is the grand time to announce that this meme are going to the following 6 little ‘hungry-ghost’喂食鬼. I believe their childhood memories will never exclude any nice food in it.

  1. Maria aka Twinsmom (haha u can’t escape this time loh...)
  2. Jason (this fei-chai big guy definitely cannot left out if talking about food)
  3. Egghead (revenge for tagged me to do that killing-brain-cells meme)
  4. Soohk (since u blog a lot about food also mah :p)
  5. Domestic Goddess (eh don’t talk about ur hair liao but food ok? :p)
  6. Selba (wonder how is ur childhood and any memories about food, cos u are the only non-malaysian that i tagged and u love to eat too rite?)

Actually, I wanted to tag more than 6 people but unfortunately I have only 6 ‘vacancies’ to fill in. However, I am going to do like MG, anyone who reads this and feels like taking up the meme, well..... just consider yourself tagged! And remember to let me know when you post your meme up so I can come and KPC :D

Wednesday, November 09, 2005



从现在开始是初冬了,也是属于初冬深秋或者是秋末冬初,气温还在一般的一度到十五度之间。但就本地人说北京一般冷得晚,尤其 是今年,因往年的这时候气温已在零下了。虽然如此,并不代表还会有暖和的天气。气温会一直下降, 估据入十二月后才会有降雪! Wow!!! 降雪呖!听后开心到半死,还没看过真正的雪呢!看过那些人造雪是脏得要命,好期待看真正的雪。不知有没机会打场雪仗呖?


Sunday, November 06, 2005


With heavy heart to post up here, my uncle (伯公, father’s eldest brother) has passed away last night. We never know he was so sick until we received the bad news.

Deepest condolences to my uncle’s family.

Now my heart goes to my mum, with seeing all folks as her age gone one by one. All of a sudden, I miss her very much.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Routine Check

I was tagged by egghead to do this boring interesting MEME sometime ago. Ok let’s start now.

Before Marriage

As an interior designer working in the foreign company, we live in “no-boss-here-to-control” world. 山高皇帝远 (mountain high king far-far). Life wasn’t routine BUT full of excitement. Although some of the daily activities might seems repeated but I still can’t call it a routine.

Every morning, I wake up at 0730, lie on the bed day dream for another 15min, then get up to bathe, put on some make-up, styles my hair, choose clothes to wear (I have my very own style of clothing trust me, as a designer we should have it right?), etc… Ready and sit in the car at 0845, think about what to eat. Usually will drive to the nearer nasi lemak stall to buy breakfast then headed to work, or straight away to office then go to the canteen located next to my office to get some other food to eat, of cos must buy “The Star” paper to read as well during breakfast with colleagues in the office.

During breakfast, everybody chitchatting on some interesting news in the paper and trying to search for any ‘warehouse sale’ or ‘big sale’ advertisement on the paper too. If we found any big sale going on, our lunch will be quite pack and rush. Cause why? We have to rush to the sale spot to grab some cheap on sale item, after that go have some nice food nearby that area then only head back to office. Normally this will take us 2.5 hours to accomplish our mission. However, if that is a quiet season without any big sale going on, we will buy our lunch at the back lane of PNB building, with a lot of temporary food stall selling Malay food, fruits, drinks over there, then have our lunch in the office. Sometimes we will go to KLCC or Ampang Park as our office was in Menara Tan & Tan, very nearby with walking distance only.

We usually leave office on 1900 if that is some works to do BUT not a rush work. Needless to tell if need to rushing out tender or when project on construction, we might have to stay late in order to finish out the work. When free day come, no tender no work to do, we will leave office sharp at 1800 then gather again at Starbucks Coffee KLCC, or mamak stall near my area for ‘happy hour’ cum dinner. After ‘yam-char’ with colleagues, go home and bathe. If still early, go sister house which located at the other block of my apartment. I love to play with my nephew and chitchatting with sis. Somehow, when I am tired and late from work, I will stay home to watch TV or listen to light music while surfing net. I only clean my house twice a week... hehe lazy ya :p

Did u realize that I never mention about my fiancé? Cause he is traveling oversea and only come back every fortnight, and usually on weekend. Therefore, my weekend will be a bit different. When fiancé was around, shopping loh... what else? If he not around, I go back to my hometown. That’s it. I am a good girl will never flirt around even though fiancé is not with me.

Thanks Greenapple correct me the spelling error for 'fiancée' to change to 'fiancé', keke... I am definitely not a lesbian :p

Ok now say goodbye to my exciting and wonderful life before marriage.

After Marriage

For the first year, I went to work in Jakarta together with hubby. Experienced a total different lifestyle but still enjoyable, carefree, and yet full of excitement. Working in a non-related field sometime do stressed me out, but that is a passing rain and cloud, and sun will still shine and brighten up my day.

Morning wake up at 0630, have to wake up so early cos I use the bathroom first then hubby’s turn. After bathe, put on make-ups, styles my hair, wear stocking (I hate this but have to cos this is to suit the high heel shoes), change cloth (not much choice now as need to wear formal not like last time can wear how casual/style as I wish), etc…

By 0720, go down together with hubby and colleagues to the apartment lobby to wait for company van to fetch us to office. Reach office at 0800, go Dunkin Donut for breakfast, ordered coffee and plain donut everyday. Start work at 0900. Lunch at 1230, usually we have it at canteen. Only Friday, or some special day, we may opt for some special food like Thai food or western food. Once a while there will be a ‘flee market’ on the 21 floor of our office building or at the ground floor open-air area located between two buildings. I love to shop around after eaten my lunch, with colleagues of course, then only can buy more things mah haha… Almost everyday work till late, let’s talk about if no need to work late first. Few of us will take turn to cook dinner or we cook it together. Sometimes do eat out at Samudra, or Eaton, or Suki, or some Chinese restaurant whereby we can order lot of dishes and share. If we need to work late, we will go dinner at the other building located behind our office block, need to walk quite a distance to that place. Also mostly Chinese food we choose, or else will go to the Euro Café in the same building with our office. Sometimes unexpectedly work late, our good boss will treat us good dinner at some nice restaurant. Sometimes we planned to go home early but somehow still a bit too late until all food stall closed shop already, then I have to cook simple dish like fried noodle or easier way, we eat instant noodle.

We work thru the weekend, but go to work late at about 1100 with packed MacDonald or KFC for lunch. Dinner will be the same either we cook ourselves, or with colleagues, or eat out nice food at nice restaurant or someone belanja… haha…

Second year, I got pregnant. Back home in Malaysia doing only sit, and eat, and sleep for the whole 9 months.

After ZhiXuan was born

Life before came to Beijing. In the early stage, wake up 0600 in the morning, sometimes 0530 all depends on Xuan’s timing. Once Xuan was awake, milk him then bathe him (yes, early in the morning before go out from our room). After bath, lay him on the boucle whereby I can sip my coffee and eat my bread while playing with him. After breakfast, nurse Xuan to sleep then start to do housework. The cycle of milking, playing, singing, nursing Xuan to sleep, continue housework repeated for the whole day. Forgotten how I have lunch and dinner (memory lost) but only can recall I am on strict diet that time, so I guess I skip my lunch and dinner or what, or maybe just have tea and biscuit.

After become SAHM, no more make-ups, never styles my hair, simply grab any wearable cloth from my wardrobe. However, the good thing here is I still don't need to cook, only to cook porridge for son.

When Xuan was 5 months old, I started to bring him out for morning walk. Sometimes I brought him to play ground to mix around with other kids. I let him crawl upwards on the slide, play swing with him… have lot of fun. Made friend at the play ground whom also staying at the same apartment with us. She has a boy exactly same age with Xuan, only 2 week younger than Xuan. We meet everyday, visiting each other house in the afternoon. Call to go swimming together in the evening. I brought Xuan swimming everyday and he love swimming too. Xuan sleep at 2000 every night, then I can have my quiet dinner sipping coffee eating biscuit and watching TV alone. Hubby still travel at the time.

After Xuan is above 1 year old, I brought him go breakfast every morning. Seldom let him try my food but always baby biscuit until right before I came Beijing, I let him eat some bean curd and noodle. After breakfast we will go wandering around our area, pack my lunch (yes pack it in the morning then heat it up before eat). Afternoon and night would be repeated the same routine as above.

Life after we came to Beijing. Morning wake up early (time depends on Xuan too), prepare breakfast. Usually cook American breakfast with fried eggs, ham, or bacon, greens with bread, or bun. Sometimes make French toast. Sometimes steam the ready-made pork meat bun or red bean bun (char-siu-pao or tao-sah-pao).

After breakfast, start to prepare lunch and cook at 1030, Xuan will have his early lunch at 1100. Xuan finished his lunch at 1200 or 1230 (took 1 or 1.5 hours to finished it *roll eyes*). Bathe him and nap time, he has to sleep on his own whereby I can eat my lunch with hubby. After lunch while Xuan is still asleep, I do washing up and mop floor. When everything done, hehehe… my free time for blogging and blog hopping!

After become SAHM and live in Beijing, not only no more make-ups, no more styles the hair, simply grab any wearable cloth from my wardrobe. I even have to cook for son and hubby too. Yeah luckily, I love cooking.

Xuan wake up from his nap 2 hours later, after milk play awhile with him, or read some books for him, or watch his DVD with him. Evening, prepare his dinner then feed him (hubby and me always skip our dinner. Usually we eat biscuit with coffee only). Hubby come home at 1830, he play with Xuan and I go finish up the remaining housework. After that, bathe then nurse Xuan to sleep at 2100, and I always goes dose off too and awake again at 2300. Follow by my little free time for blogging and blog hopping before I call it a day (notice that left only 1 hour for me to do this). Now is already 0100 in the morning I am still here to do this boring interesting MEME, no thanks to egghead by given me this opportunities to write and tag someone else for this boring interesting task.

The poor souls I am going to tag with this will be:

Added here 3 more poor souls to tag for the reasons of firstly, want to know about routine life for other mummies, secondly, they have been lazy~ing busy for quite sometime without updating their blogs already.

Ok I know someone might have problem to blog about all this marriage thingy and start to scratching their head, here is some tips. U can modify it to your very own way, refer to this clever girl see how she modified the MEME and u can try out yours.

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