Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bad Day

Xuan woke us up early morning before sunrise. Luckily, he only want daddy to accompany him play his car-car. So me continue... zzZZZzzZZZzz

Prepare lunch for Xuan. Washed salmon fish and seasoned then place it in the rice cooker ready to steam together when cooking rice. I was boiling chicken soup and all the sockets in the kitchen already used, move the rice cooker to second room then plug it in and press cook button. Half and hour later, it’s about Xuan’s lunch time. I go check on the rice but shocked to see NO LIGHT showing from the rice cooker. Ouch sh*t! Something went wrong. Made in China punya rice cooker, must be ‘kong’ liao. I remember I pressed the cook button already. Check again confirmed the cook button been pressed. Ok now check the plug, d*mn, loosen liao no wonder rice not cook. *@#%$&%$@#* Plug it in then start cooking, that time already passed Xuan’s lunch time liao… sigh…

After awhile, *peep peep peep….* Yee, why got error sound from washing machine? Go have a look. Sh*t! All the clothes inside still dry wan! Quickly check the water tap, its locked*@#$%$@#%* ok, open back the tap and water rush into the washing machine. Wasted 30 min and wonder why the stupid machine doesn’t warn me earlier. Machine made in china. *roll eyes*

Late lunch cause everything late. Xuan was bath late and naptime became late too. When he drank milk he almost fall asleep, but once finished milk, he was fully awake. Asked me to carry him to sleep, have to walking about the room too. Walk walk walk, backache cannot tahan liao lay him back on the bed. He started yelling: “Mummy yang-yang… Mummy carry…” boh-lat I carry him again. Repeated few times until 4 pm, I gave up.
“U wants to sleep anot?”
“Don’t want.” *smiley face*
“Ok fine, go out.”

Xuan walk out from the room happily, mummy following behind with sour face.
Therefore, that gone my afternoon happy hour :(

BTW, someone has even worse day then me. Because of her famous forgetfulness, she now has to think of way to 补锅, she has a burned pot 黑锅 to scrape. I am waiting for her to blog about this. Kekeke…


Jason said...

Haha! Who last night say me for being so bad for laughing ppl big head prawn one har? HMMMMMM?

shiaulin said...

keke... the big head prawn u laughing at makes another big head story again today :D :D wait until she blog it out u go read. funny wan :D :D

Egghead said...

seems like everyone is having their bad days... while I am having a very busy day :(

Selba said...

What a bad day...

Hahaha... Xuan so naughty :)

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. why suddenly so many machine failures in the house.. Next time buy German brand la.. sure won't KO like that one. :P

Lazymama said...

Lesson learnt from your post - don't buy made in China's product!

My girl will wave and say bye bye to me if she refused to sleep and go out from the room, kids are just too cheeky sometimes!

cockroach//蟑螂 said... really have a bad day.

shiaulin said...

busy day also consider bad day issit ? :D

not only Xuan naughty lar, rice cooker and washing machine also bully me :(

German brand? u must be kidding. in china of cos use china product lar! it is provided by the landlord lar.

made in China not really that bad lar, low cost low quality loh. it's always worth than our national car which is high cost low quality isn't it. Xuan also did that to me leh, cha-tou.

luckily not me only, that's many ppl have same bad luck with me on that day :p

maria aka twinsmom said...

what...? burnt pot only (in front of people)*sob sob sob* pot (crying in the dark).

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

Happy New Year!

Zara's Mama said...

Btw, just to wish you, LeeCS and Xuan a Happy New Year!

edprehiem88122947 said...

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1+2mom said...

Xuan just like my son, some time my son turn turn at his place i wait him till i wanna sleep. But he no need carry lar, if not i die lor.

shiaulin said...

maria, haha no lar u not crying in the dark but in the ur heart wahahaha... (me feel bad keep laughing on ur burn pot :P)

cockroach & Zaramom, Happy New Year to u too!!

edprehiem, visited ur blog and its interesting too :)

1+2mom, u not suppose to worry about ur son but ur twins haha.. if they ask u to carry u have to carry two !! :D

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