Thursday, January 05, 2006

Year Begin & Year End

Long time never updates my blog already, cos I and Xuan were sick. Anyway, we are recovered. I noticed that is always good/bad things happen on us on the year end or beginning of a year.

Year 1994, Dec - Father had 1st stroke.
Year 2000, Jan - Father had 2nd stroke.
Year 2000, Feb – Beloved father passed away on the 5th day of CNY.
Year 2001, Nov - Got married.
Year 2003, Jan
Hubby admitted to Jakarta hospital for dengue, *updated* follow by me admitted too for dengue and typhoid in Jakarta Hospital then transfer back to KL Gleneagles Medical Center. Discharged then admitted again 2 days later for unknown illness that cause me very bad headache.
Year 2003, Dec – Gave birth to Xuan.
Year 2004, Nov – Xuan admitted for minor lung infection. A week after discharged admitted again for food poisoning.
Year 2005, Dec – I and Xuan got sick, on the last day of the year we went too see doctor (also first time visit doctor since we came Beijing).

Hmm… mixture of good and bad luck *yeah, mostly bad luck huh* :(. Anyway, now with begins of another year, I wish I could have all the good luck with me and my family. Bless us.

Happy New Year Everyone!!


maria aka twinsmom said...

whao... all the year end so rocking wan? only 2002 escaped.
bad thing happen once a while to everyone, in your case it just happen that all felt on year end, but through out the year still got good things right?
cheer up mate, will come back to KL soon lor.

Jason said...

Hehe. That's life mah, a mixture of good and bad things. Yaloh, mau come back to KL liao... Happy loh~!

Selba said...

Don't think too much about bad luck loh... as Jason said, that's life... :) Life is a circle of wheel.

Egghead said...

so you mean life is boring the rest of the year? LOL!

Happy New Year 2006!

hope it can be an exciting year all year round :)

leecs said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH...2 more weeks....

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

Happy New Year!!! Hope you getting better.

Zara's Mama said...

why so 'hak' one you for year end and beginning of the year?

I saw LeeCS talking about the bill my jaw also dropped. So expensive.

So never ever get sick in Beijing la? (or China as a whole)

Btw, things can only get better from now onwards. :P

Jesslyn said...

祝你们2006 年会更好!

shiaulin said...

kind of phobia now every time when new year approach I start to worry liao... ai...

I go back Malaysia u will be more happy than me, no? cos got 'fat sheep' come back to belanja u makan liao mah :P

yeah, that's called life.

sure excited lar cos i am going to meet with this 'weird people' with egg on his head which i never seen before LOL

2 more weeks!! hooray!!

thanks i am doing good.

~$~ money gone, hope can claim back lar or else this going to be a poor new year :(


Selba said...

you have been tagged :)

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