Tuesday, January 17, 2006


轩轩:“啊,敲到头痛痛!妈咪 yang-yang !”
妈咪:“哦好,来妈咪 yang-yang。还有痛吗?”
轩轩:“没有痛了,妈咪 yang-yang 了。”

轩轩:“哎呀,跌倒痛痛!妈咪 yang-yang。”
轩轩:“没有痛了,妈咪 yang-yang 了。”


“你看!满地,满地!Xuan-xuan naughty!”
“你看!Ball-ball 去哪里?Ball-ball 去 kitchen。”
“不要吵,baby ah-ngau。” (baby sleeping)
“Cat-cat 在哪里?yee... 没有。这里?没有。这里?也没有。”
“乱丢,乱丢。妈咪 piak-piak。”
“妈咪你看!吓倒 moon!” (被 moon 吓倒)
“Good boy 没有哭哭。Good boy 没有抱抱。... ... ... 妈咪抱抱!抱抱!!”


Egghead said...

hmmm... *scratching my head
I still can't differentiate between which lines are by you and which are Xuan's... LOL!
I guess you are just as young as Xuan... (at heart lah) :P

shiaulin said...

aiyo.. so bad ar? okok, i edit it lar... later come back and read again ;) btw, the 童言 are all by Xuan lar.

leecs said...

egghead, u very fast woh....

Zara's Mama said...

“不要吵,baby ah-ngau。”?

What is ah ngau?


Hinting you need to 添丁?

And yes, all mummies are 万能仙丹. :P

domesticgoddess said...


Jesslyn said...

Other than as 万能仙丹, mummies also the best play-mate for them hor!

Milly said...

wah...when got di-di?? di-di is coming soon??

shiaulin said...

zara's mama,
ah-ngau is how Xuan say sleeping.

zaramom & DG & milly,
弟弟 here refer to my youngest nephew lar hehehe... if i wanna 添丁,sure mau a baby girl lar :)

mummies also their slave :D :D

mariahlc aka twinsmom said...

wa cheh... thought you pregnant liao tim... LOL...
Boy also very chatty hor?
I suddenly remember Bridgette's eldest son also name Xuan, Li Xuan.

Milly said...

wahaha.kena cheat lar!!

who noe u want gal wor.... i tot u want boy mah.so every parents want boy dun1 gal ler..! hehe... old minded!! wahah

hmm...ur vacation seem so near aredi...n maybe meet u at milwaukee lor.!! hehe

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

Ai yo...chey...I though you got another baby liao...hahah

1+2mom said...

Your xuan can say so many word liao but my gals just younger then your son 1 month they still say in word by word only.

btw, when you back to Malaysia got gathering ar?? Can i join too :P

yl said...

mum's yang-yang... a yang yang to put everything right again...

swung over from Zara's mommy's blog... hope you dun mind... ;)

shiaulin said...

if i pregnant u sure know wan kekeke... this Xuan hor, very talkative only when he is with daddy mummy. if with stranger, he will keep quiet or cry cry cry only :(

aiyo... after get another baby girl then close shop liao loh... ok meet u at milwaukee.

wah where got so fast suddenly a baby come out wan, at least 9 months of progress leh :D :D no lar, it won't happen at least nother year lar.

my boytoo lonely liao mah, always talk to himself that why become very chi-char loh. hey go egghead blog, he is organizing another blogger gathering during cny.

thanks and welcome to my blog, and u do have a very special bilingual blog huh :) mummy is their everything.

yl said...

thanks! i was just butting around the cyberspace when i spotted yours and mariah's... darn cute and could stop my fingers from tapping a comment... kaypoh me!! :D

yeah!! mummy is everything... i know... my mom still is although i stopped at asking for yang-yang!! :D

Contented Mum said...

After mummy yang yang, everything ok liao, so nice huh! Your little boy sound so sweet!

shiaulin said...

Thanks for link my in ur blog, I added urs to my blog kaki list too :)

contented mum,
he sometimes like angel, and sometimes like devil... hehe...

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