Saturday, January 14, 2006

Watch out !! Snow ball...

Xuan was very happy to play with the snow.

丢, 丢, 丢!


Jason said...

Your voice very horrible leh. HAHAHA!

Maria aka Twinsmom said...

wha... really full of fun.
OK, let me go to chendol vendor order few kg of ice... join Egghead LOL...
chendol vendor might think "why this few days got more siao ppl looking for ice only, all wanted ice kacang without kacang."

Greenapple said...

jason, why did you say that? i think shiaulin has nice voice!

shiaulin, it's so sweet to look at the interaction between you and your son (and your hubby too), so sweet, what a lovely moment.

i like this video clip. when Xuan said 'bu4 yao4', i was like, ahhh, so cute!

enjoy your winter!

Jason said...

Greenapple : Because I heard her voice before, it sounded better. Serious!

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

wah..I wan to play also....Why Singapore no SNOW?!?!

Greenapple said...

jason, oh i c ...

Selba said...

so cute :D

shiaulin said...

yeah lah i know, anyway i have a great 知音 there ---> greenapple. hahahaha...

haha... but i hope u won't try to take any close up photo of the ice u get from cendol store, u just couldn't get the nice crystal 雪花 'snow flower' LOL

thanks for ur compliment, i really appreciate it ;) in fact, sometimes i really feel that my voice very 'horrible' too haha :D :D

jason & greenapple,
ok lar, i know i have a squeaky-voiced (especially in this video clip) but i really don't mind at all cos my Xuan love it :D

hey, do like what egghead and maria loh, go cendol store ta-pau some ice kacang without kacang loh LOL

:) more to come, tomorrow forecast snow shower for whole day!!

Egghead said...

so so so so so so so so so jealous lah!!
seems like you have more fun than little Xuan :)

Zara's Mama said...

Xuan was really having so much fun!!

And mummy too, sounded so happy!

Jesslyn said...

hey, u guys hands not cold meh holding with snow like that? I feel so cold till 僵!
really fun hor, play with snow! I wish I could play again!

shiaulin said...

egghead & zaramom,
shh... don't say it out lar :D :D

cold but first time touching snow wor, of cos touch and play 'gao-gao' lar... shiok leh :)

1+2mom said...

soooo syoik ler!!! Your boy can tahan cold hor, he seem very happy and not scare of cold.

yl said...

i also want to play with snow!!! :'(

shiaulin said...

he too excited mah :)

join egghead, maria and cockroack at cendol store loh... keke... :p

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