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Selemat Hari Merdeka ! :D

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My story ~ Part-I

It takes me great courage to write something about myself, the 10 golden years of mine 黄金十年. I could not write in more details as my hand-written diary is not with me now (and I not sure where am I place it already). However, this also serves as part for commemorate my beloved father. Hereby, I would like to share it with all of u especially Jason. Hope u people will not find bore when reading it.

June 1993
I head off to live my dream life in KL, city life. At the meantime, I started my collage life by taking Interior Design course in MIA. This is not my first choice as it should be a script editor, but my dad would not agree with me. Therefore, I have to go for second choice as an Interior Designer. (Somehow, I wonder would my life very different if I insist on taking Drama course. Hmm… do not know.)

First semester, I live 6 months of carefree and heavenly life. There I met my handsome and charming boyfriend (present hubby) and started my love story. I have a big group of friends, they are my classmate (not course-mate as for the first semester we don’t separate by course, so they are some major in fine art, or graphic, or interior, or even fashion design). Anyhow, I still went back to hometown every fortnight by bus. Yes, by lousy and dirty bus from Pudu Raya. In those days, I do not think that is necessary for me to go back so often but somehow I did it. (I am glad I did it and will never regret for the rest of my life)

Nov 1993
First semester break, I have to go back hometown for helping up my dad to ‘jaga kedai’. My father owns a small business, so I will be the part-time cashier during school holiday. I am not willingly, because those are the good time for going places with friends and boyfriend. I have no choice because I am a good girl to my dad.

Dec 1993, two weeks before the semester-two begin.
One of an awful mid-night, my eldest sister knocks our door (I shared room with 5th sis) and call out 5th sis, of course I followed. We rush into my parents’ room, with shock I saw my dad lying on the floor unconsciously. What happen to dad?! He has stroke. He got minor bleeding on upper lips and forehead too due to fell down from the bed when the bad pain hit him. Dad’s conditions are critical and we nearly lost him. I will not reveal the details here as it was like spilling salt onto my wound every time I recall the moment.

Jan 1994
After dad discharged from the hospital, he still need close guard and care from us. We knew our father’s character, he will not want a maid to take care of him, neither do we. Foresee that was going to be a big problem to my family, as nobody was able to stay at home help up mother to take care of dad (my mom was a kind of a little bit too soft and feeble women, she was also accidentally sprain her shoulder during that time, she needs people to take care too). Do not know why I got this idea, I volunteer to postpone my study until father gets better. I decided to put everything aside for my dad and family. I really take measure of every point and possibilities of losing friends and even boyfriend with this great decision. I know very well that all my friends would become my senior after I join back study half year later. Beside friends, I even might loss my boyfriend, as we have to separate apart for so long. I remembered bf did asked me why must I making this such a big contribution and not others bro/sis, but I could not remember how I answered him. By that time I also not sure, whether our love can conquer the time and distance, I leave it to fate but I wish we could made it. Yes, finally we made it 我们情比金坚!

Jan until June 1994
This was the hardest time for my dad, as he has to learn to walk by using walking stick. He has to gone through the physiotherapy and acupuncture to speed up the healing process. The worst thing is he couldn’t speak. Brain damage was fatal. I am glad I took these chances to stay back for my dad in the hardest time of his life. Everyday I help him doing physiotherapy; I wash him together with mom; I fed him; I brush his teeth; I drove him going places; I cut his nails; I sent him for haircut; I hold his hand and chat with him whenever possible; I sleep with my parents. My relationship with dad grew from average to intimate in these short periods. I will never forget the six months life with my dad. Papa I love u.

However, I missed my boyfriend very much. We do chat in the phone quite often but somehow we are still a student and it is up to our affordability. I wrote diary every night before sleep, and I wrote letter to my bf too.

June 1994
Time flies, I went back collage to continue my study. I got support from my eldest brother on the school fees, and the tiny little scholarship I got from MIA. With here, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my brother for supporting me to complete my study. I am excited to go back to collage life but I also worried about my dad. Somehow, he was much better and able to walk and do daily works by himself.

I able to make another group of new friends, old friends already became my senior. Nevertheless, I still keep in touch with them but will not be as close as before. Distance drew farer as days goes by, by then only one or two are still in close touch.

Nov 1996
With great pleasure, I graduated from MIA as a qualified Interior Designer. After 3 times of changing companies, I finally found a good job in a foreigner’s company in KL. A Dutch company with HQ in Amsterdam, I dreams to go there for company trip but it is only a dream until I left 3 yrs ago. When I work in this company, I met different people and learnt about method to survive the miserable working life. Of course, I have some good colleagues too. We goes through ups and downs together, we cares about each other. For whom I can name here, Mrya (now live in UK), Lily (going to work in Amsterdam soon), WaiWai (a very good senior & friend), Elson (already became boss now), and kak Norita (super good senior I ever met), etc… hey fellow friends, thanks for painted my life so colourful and I missed u all very much.

I have to stop here because the following part will be the most painful memories in my life. I need some fresh air and take a couple of deep breath before I can continue writing. This might take days, or weeks, or months for me to figure out how to continue because it is simply too painful to reveal.

To be continue…..

Monday, August 29, 2005



有一个男孩,他对朋友没得说是一流的好。纵然朋友一再的欺负他,欺骗他,玩弄他,误会他,或对他无理取闹, 或伤透他的心,他都一一承受。不但这样,不管自己有多大的委屈,他也会原谅他的朋友和接纳他们。而且当大家分隔两地时,还不停的惦念着这些‘好’朋友。唉可怜的男孩…



醒醒吧男孩… 别再傻了,把对朋友的好分一些给你父母,将来你会发觉原来这一生没有白过。要带给父母宽心 ,别带给他们忧心。人生短短几十年,天灾人祸处处有。朋友失去你,生活一样精彩。家人失去你,他们的心永远在痛。你常对朋友说的“我爱你”,不如留着对父母说吧。


Friday, August 26, 2005


Always believe that hair does affect ones appearance, and I proof it yesterday. I cut my boy’s hair, regret to do so cos he turn out to be “pai kia” (naughty/bad boy) look! No wonder a good hairdresser can make such a good living lar…
Compare to the photos for before and after, so much different…. :(

This photo was taken a day before the haircut, ZhiXuan always charming and adorable.

After the haircut, he now really look like "pai kia" when he is naughty :(

However, he still looks super cute when he is not naughty. That’s my boy…

Updated on 26 Aug, 05 at 2320
Just realized I use the same title with
. However, twinsmom's was not all her fault, but mine definitely are my fault.. *sob sob*

Monday, August 22, 2005


Wow! lets swim… swim… swimming!!!

see! a blonde with bikini looking at my handsome boy posting for photo leh :D
Early days I was still ‘ding-dong ding-dong’ not sure whether good to let my boy swim in that full of danger pool. Meanwhile I am worried about the cleanliness and the water temperature too, not sure was it too cold for my boy to swim. Saturday morning, hubby was so excited and wanted to try out the new swimming pool. Then I got no choice to let my son follow too, reason why?
  1. Hubby was eager to check out the standard of the pool. Ok this is reasonable.
  2. Hubby was eager to check out whether any topless (no, as I wish :D) or bikini (yes! As he wish) ‘kuai-poh’ sunbathing there. *rolling eyes* That’s why me die-die-must-follow loh…sorry lar son, for the 1st time mummy put u at the second thought . If not because of daddy want to 'kap nui', then u might as well don't have this swimming session leh... *sorry*
  3. My boy do loves swimming, and I love to watch him swim. :)

Here are some nice photos at the pool. The father and son are so happily playing in the pool… mother only stay aside and watch them playing *sob* *sob*

Sunday morning after our routine breakfast, we were here again to swim.....

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Beijing's skies

The pictures above are takes from the same viewpoint. Left pic on 14 Aug, with thick fog covers the whole city. It seems cold but it is actually very warm, the fog formed because of the hot air current met the cold current. The right pic took on 19 Aug, in clear sunny blue skies. This looks quite warm but it is not, it is very cooling only at 19C. Beijing climate has changed so much from warm and humid to pleasant and cooling. Look at the clear blue sky... so great and wonderful!!

The scenery of sunset evens more splendors, with thin lights on the earth and two little stars shining on the sky…. such a wonderful world…

This picture taken much earlier, can u guess it is the sun or the moon? It’s moon! I took this at around 1830 from the field.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Swimming Pool

nah.. this is the swimming pool we are waiting it to be completed since march lar, don't know why took it so long to completed and yet the workmanship are so poor!! the finishes they used are so lousy with slippery tiles and no beading tiles around the pool edges!! sooooooo dangerous.... ai...

Besides, that’s no shower place for u to clean up before and after u swim. no locker, no changing room, and NO TOILET !!!! that means if that's an 'urgent' moment (of coz small business lar), people will simply 'do' it in the pool and pretended nothing happened. ai... ai... ai...

So, how ar? Do i still let me darling boy swim there? aiyo.. think think think still thinking.....

the tall building behind the pool is where daddy's office located.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


好天气。 蓝天白云,风和日丽,天水连成线... :p 又来说废话了 呵呵...
好啦好啦,言归正传。 是我终于等到游泳池开放了!!呀呼!!从窗口望下看见好多小孩在玩乐了,让我带我宝贝下去check check一下,看看可不可也以让宝贝游泳。


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Birthday Celebration

Celebrate at the very last minutes at 11pm+… of course before that already went to makan-makan liao lar. :D

My Y2005 birthday present from hubby:

1. A nice & yummy "White Chocolate Truffle Cake 白巧克力松露蛋糕" from waffleboy RMB98
2. Bundle of beautiful White Flower (unknow flower name, anyone knows it?) RMB20
3. A "still-waiting" Seiko/Omega/Tag Heuer watch (will buy it once back to KL, here too expensive) RM???
4. Nikon Digital Camera CoolPix 5900 (as a birthday present too??? kekeke.. don't care liao just sapu everything :p) RMB2500

hubby complaint "pokkai" liao



经过昨天的倾盆大雨和今天一整天的飘雨,洗掉了多日的桑那天。气温也从高温的三十多度,跌至十多度而已。 想象昨天还曾一度达到*“感觉上”超热的四十六度(真正的气温是最高三十四度),现在却下至十八度!真是有点冷了, 古人说“天有不测之风云”这句话还真是有道理呢。

*“感觉上”的气温是指我们所感觉到的冷热,而并非真正的气温。在雅虎气象报告里的“more current conditions”中的第一项---〉“Feels Like”就是这意思,所以我出门都是看这个而非真正的气温。

Saturday, August 13, 2005



*噢.. 儿子摸摸大头...

*噢.. 儿子摸摸屁股...

*误“己”“子”弟... 咻,好彩没有弟弟... 咯咯咯....

Friday, August 12, 2005

Useful tip

Have u been so carelessly swallow a fish bone? I think most of the people did. So what was u did the next? Swallowed a mouthful of sticky plain rice? Or ate bunch of bread? Or drank gallons of water? That is so many ways u can try, but none of one is correct.

I have just encountered this yesterday evening, err… not me, it is my 20 months old son. He accidentally swallowed a fish bone (bad mummy felt so guilty leh… I gave him fish and vege soup with rice for dinner, so what else except the fish bone can choke him badly?). At that moment I was so panic do not know what to do, but I have to act calmly for not frighten my son. Then I make an overseas call to my sister in JB, who married a cardiologist *don’t care liao, cardiologist or paediatrician or E.N.T, call a doctor’s wife first, and being a doctor’s wife should have enough medical knowledge than us mah (‘gao jia’ liao kua :p). Unfortunately my sister also “mo-u gai” and ask me try to give my boy eat some plain rice, hope the rice can bring down the bone. Ok loh then I also try loh, and its work!! My boy ate a lot of plain rice after that…. Me relief loh.. hehehe… ok belum habis lagi…..

Today afternoon, my sis rang me again to check on the condition of my boy. She said her hubby also no idea what to do when choke by fish bone (cardio mah not E.N.T... ok loh can forgive). Moreover, what is surprised us, her SON knew it! A standard two student knew the correct way to do when this thing happen. He show my sister the exercise book, with the explanation and everything. WOW!!!

Ok let me tell u what to do when u encounter this problem.

Step 1:
Contain an appropriate amount of vinegar in your mouth, but don’t drink it. Swallow it slowly.
*have to be very slow, this is to allow the vinegar to react on the fish bone and soften it.

Step 2:
Follow by eating something, ex. Plain rice or bread.
*if we try to flush the fish bone down without soften it, the 'hard' fish bone might injure or maybe worst; stab into our throat.

Therefore, for who love to eat fish, don’t forget to keep some vinegar at home… u might need it one day. (touch wood to say so :pdpdpd)

Ok here is the big-big question:


*hehehe… don’t laugh at me. U knows meh? we sama-sama balik belajar lar...Hahaha….. :D

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Beautiful girls

I am the youngest sister for two brothers & six sisters, such a big family ya? haha...

Hey guys, this is not me ok... she is my beautiful niece Carmen, daughter of 2nd sister. Picture taken when she was about 3 yrs old (I guess?), does she look pretty? When she was a baby, she really looks like a doll. Her eyes so big and round, and her skin fair like Snow White. Now she is 14 yrs old, 苗条淑女 “slender-fair maiden” liao… hahaha…

Below are another two pictures of Carmen with another niece Mei Xian, daughter of 3rd sister. Picture taken in Y2003 at my mother’s birthday. Mei Xian are 2 yrs younger than Carmen, she is now 12 yrs old loh. Does she look like Japanese girl? Another pretty 淑女 haha..

*left is Mei Xian (10yrs old), and right is Carmen(12 yrs old). Hey gals,小姨姨 miss u all so muchhhhhhhhhh.....

Foggy scene

The most popular subject in Malaysia now is about HAZE, especially worst in KL(am i right?). For the first time I felt glad for NOT being in my homeland, after so long staying in Beijing. This early morning when I peep though the curtains, I saw smoky sky! I was stunned for a second before I realized it was not haze, it is fog! *phew* maybe read too much this kind of article and blogs that confuse me where I am now... haha…

Is autumn now, the weather change gradually from intense heat to nice and pleasant. Met a neighbor’s maid yesterday, she told me the weather will change to 'slightly cold' by end of this month. Guess I have to start to shop for new wardrobe already, before I go back to Malaysia.

Gloomy day does make people feel sick, no mood to do anything. I just want to rest and relax, and maybe read blog or write blog. Moreover, am miss home much. Hey! What make me so low-spirited? No way! Sun is coming out already, and my day will continue to shine again. :)

Hubby went to a very nice and fun place yesterday, the place named 海南岛Hainan Island; leave me and son at home. :( Besides, he also took the camera with him. That’s why I can’t take the foggy scene photo to attach in my blog. Never mind, I am planning to bring son out late in the afternoon, maybe go for dinner at some nice place? Kekeke…. Hmm… let’s see…

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

ma-ma; mi-mi; mummy; mum; ma-ma-ma-ma miiii....

My son started to call me when he was about 1yr+ (maybe a bit 'slow' compare to others); at that time I was soooooooooo Happy!! In the beginning he calls me "妈妈 Ma-ma", and calls his father "爸爸 Pa-pa". After we have moved to Beijing, he started to call me "Mi-mi" and father still Pa-pa. After a short while he changed again !! This time he call "Mummy" and father became "Daddy" *actually this is the way how we address ourselves in front of him, NOW only he get it! Ha-ha... He sometimes call like "singing"---> "mummy-ah" and "daddy-ah" so cute keke...

One day, I heard he call me "Mum" instead of Mummy. But then he only call me "Mum" when he yearn or whining about something, and the way he call "Mum" does sounds quite annoying. Sometimes it's like insulting "mum mum mum mum..........", non stop until he got the thing he want ! Since then me quite afraid of being call "mum"...... *Wahlao eh... beh tahan... :@ my head sure pikpok pikpok like going to burst whenever I heard this word... >_<"

Another good fine day.....
When I am drying up my son's head after bath, he suddenly look at me and say "mamamama... miiiii" !! Ha-ha... so cute!! I wonder where he learn this from ?? then I reply "dar dar dar dar...ling" *as I always call him darling (and he sure is my darling mah.. :D). He was like WOW !! It's fun !! So now and then we will play this "gAmes" whenever we like it... haha...

His daddy was so jealous about me cos son don't play this games with him, son cannot pronounce "dad dad dad di" as he wish. haha... As I said children does learn fast, we just give him time and keep on practice with him until now he know how to "play" this games with daddy liao... *this time daddy happy loh.. keke..

Till just now, again after bath, I start the games 1st and call him "dar-dar-dar ling"... u knows what he reply ??

"奶奶奶奶 油”..... muahahahahahahahaha... so funny :D
*if u has read my previous blog sure u will know the meaning of 奶油 from my boy… haha...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Butter Prawn 奶油虾

Today tried another new 'own recipe' ---> Butter Prawn 奶油虾

Never cook nor see ppl cook before, i just imagine the 'after done images' and simply try it out myself. Does it look yummy ?? i am not ashamed to tell u that it's Delicious !!! (again praise myself here.. 'boh huat' lar, nobody praise me wat hehe...) Therefore, we had our very yummy and satisfied and heavy lunch... yum yum..

Here is another dishes ---> our all time favorite Steam bean curd with soy sauce. My boy loves it too :)

Usually after heavy lunch, we will opt for light dinner --- > our favorite biscuit with coffee. As usual i still will ask hubby whether he want to eat at night, over YM again --->
*hubby always tease me say i'm fat... but in fact i'm only 48kg and he is nearly over 70kg !! hehe :p

Me : "tonight dont eat liao hor ?"
Hubby : "i not need to eat, not sure u... "
Me : "wahlao.... so sarcastic...."
Hubby : " :D "
Me : "ok.. fine, u no need to eat !! me eat biscuit later"
Hubby : "NO !! i want biscuit !!! "
Me : "no no no.. hahahaha :D"

**but hor.... hubby told me he felt hungry when he was back from work.... who said 'no need to eat' so frimly just now huh?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Watch or Digital camera ??

Me and hubby are online in YahooMessenger most of the time. Today hubby change his status message to '1 month 2 weeks and 1 day TO GO !!'(countdown on days to go back Malaysia)...... then me quickly change it to '5 days TO GO !!! muahahaha...' (its my Bday !!! :D)
Then started our 'conversation' ----->

Hubby : "wah.. asking for present ar?"
Me : "kekeke...."
Hubby : "u want watch or digital camera?"
Me : "walao... camera also consider a present for ME ar?"
Hubby : "new camera wor... and u use it wan mah.. kekeke...."
Me : "dun wan, i wan watch"
Hubby : "..."
Me : "then i will have both.... keke..."
Hubby : "....?....."
Me : "u sure will buy the camera sooner or later mah.. so now i want the watch and later i will have camera too loh.... woahahahaha...." *lol*
Hubby : ".......... :( *crying face*....... "

So.. very soon i will have a new watch... and very soon i will have a new Digital Camera too !!!
muahahaha.......... *lol lol happy !!! lol lol*

Sunday, August 07, 2005

entering Fall... 立秋了

要落叶了... 好期待这景象。

嗯... 孩子也突然长大了,今晚没吃奶嘴睡觉!!

哈哈哈... 18sx

礼拜天,好天气...(好个屁,热到半死)。摊开报纸看今天和下周的气象报告。没法子在北京气候多变,带孩子出门一定要看。 读读读读... 读到这段:

“明天将出现暴雨天气,大家要提前做好防备,出门别忘带备雨具。” 雨具,这里人都叫雨具。其中包括雨伞,雨衣等。(因大多数人都骑自行车,所以用雨衣。)哈哈.. 这下可让我想起这一则笑话:

甲问乙:“下雨带,那.... 大阳天要带啰?” 哈哈哈哈哈哈... :p

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Don't know since when i always hear echoes to whatever i say... wondering am i staying in a cave arr ????? kekeke..... NO !! the echo is from my Son !!! hahahaha....

Since my son learn to talk, me and hubby gotta watch our words. Son can easily catch any word and pronounce it. So, no bad or harsh or *!#@^%$@* words at home anymore. Anyway this sounds good also rite ? :)

要以身作则咯 !!! 哈哈哈哈哈...
** err..... a bit hard leh.. :p

Friday, August 05, 2005

Toddler talk

Always wanted to make record on words my son can talk, until today i can't delay anymore cos if i don't jot it down by now and then I'll not be able to do so as he is learning FAST !! Some speaking really funny, make me laugh every time i heard it. Below are the words he can recognise and say it without guilding, of course if u guild him sure he can say more lar.

Animals :
cat, dog, horse, bear, fish, duck, chick, owl, bird, frog, cow, turtle/tortoise, pig, mouse, snail*!!*, etc...

Vehicle :
car-car, taxi, train, digger (sometime only say dig-dig :p), bus, truck, lorry, boat, crane, jeep, van, etc...

Others :
mummy *hehehe*, daddy, ball, tree, milk, noodle, mug, slippers, bed, tyre, flower, key, book, chair, potty, comb, bath-bath, bowl, burp (sound same like bird :D), star, moon, baby, boy-boy, bye bye, tissue*!!*, 毛毛,药药,油油 (the traditional oil for release stomach wind),一样 (he likes to compare things and if that's same),etc...

verb (mostly in mandarin) :
有,没有,要,不要 (or no-no),倒-倒-倒,拿,喝,高高,抹抹,跌倒,出去*!!*,等等(etc lar)....

Xuan's dictionary (u must know in order to communicate with my Xuan boy) :
lion = aOooooohhh
tiger = tiger or aOooooohhh
cement mixer = mix-mix
fire-engine = ee io ee io (siren.....)
ambulance = ee io ee io (siren.....)
police car = ee io ee io (siren.....)
biscuit = bis-bis or bis-poh *hahahaha lol lol*
yogurt = gurt-gurt
thank you = Q Q
面包 = mid-bao
sun = nan
shower = wa-wer *hehe*
sleep = auh-auh
good night = nite-nite
pee = chi-chi *as most of the kids say

and, this is funny :
darling (sweet ya?) = 奶油 (nai you)!!!!!!!! (say in very sweeeeeeet way too :D)
** i really have no idea why darling can become 奶油 !! ha ha...
sometimes he can sit beside me then show his 'cat face' and say 奶油... sooooooooo sweet as i understand what he talking about :)

the only song he can sing :
e ya e ya yo (old MacDonald have a farm)
** sing it rhythmic but extremely fast flow.. hahahaha

ya here got another cute-say from Xuan...
every time when he is making mistake or do something wrong or spoil stuff,
mummy :" see, spoiled loh.. HOW /怎么办?"
Xuan :" ooh Ooooohhh " (and smile to u....) *=*

learning really fast, everyday surprise us with new words.....
that's my boy :D

*** words i wrote in chinese means we spoke in mandarin, I'm sure i must have missed out some funny words and i hope it won't be much lar...

New video clip uploaded

We had uploaded ZhiXuan's new video clip ---> "give yogurt BUT want biscuit", go have a look. u can also check it out from our side bar.

Cute and funny too. Enjoy and have fun :D

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Does u want to see the scene of my living room when my son playing there ??? nah... look !!

what a MESS rite ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the dining chairs become the tu tu train liow.. hahaha...

(hey, got lagi worst one but i didn't take those photo so cannot show here loh...)

自制蜜汁猪排 Home-made Honey Pork Chop

haha... my latest dishes ---> Honey Pork Chop 蜜汁猪排
Again, looks nice izit ?? haha...

Taste good too (卖花赞花香.. *ahem* pai seh pai seh :p), but my hubby never praise me for the food i cooked. sai.... next time ask him to eat west-north wind... don't want to cook for him balu tau... keke..

Wednesday, August 03, 2005




Tuesday, August 02, 2005

baby einstein 超能小宝贝

Last Sunday, we had our routine breakfast at Sculpting In Time Cafe. Afterwards we went to the DVD shop located next to the cafe to buy DVD for our boy.

Days before we already planned to get boy boy another set of the "baby einstein" DVD part-2 (only 6 DVDs, which specially design for children from age 0-4 yrs). Part-1 (with 10 DVDs) we bought it in May, later found out it is very good as my son learn a lot of new things from there. Especially the speaking skill has improved so much after watching for about 2 months. Now he can say words like chick, cow, pig, owl, dog, cat, horse and many more, and he even can pronounce frog accurately!! So amazing ya?!!

His daddy saw him learning so fast then happy loh, therefore desperately wanted to get him the part-2 liow (before that when i insist to buy the part-1 that time, he kept asking me question like: "bb like to watch anot??" *@^%$^!#* cos it cost RMB100 for 10 DVDs mah so expensive...)

So now we have complete set of "baby einstein" part-1 & part-2 already. Hence, we are so lucky to have a full time teacher named “Einstein” with our boy boy now.. so good ya? kekeke...

Updated on 4 August, 05 :

Already got 1 order from friend, she wants me to get her a full set of 'baby einstien' for her son too :D

will go back Malaysia on sept *happy..hehehe*, and am thinking to buy few more set to distribute over there see whether can make some $$$ anot :p


Monday, August 01, 2005



第一段:会喝半瓶多,然后停 1-2 分钟..打呃...
第二段:再喝剩下的半瓶的再一半,再停...唉... 然后继续最后的第三段,但有时就到此为止了不喝了...

但很幸运的是他能在十分钟内完成以上第一至二/三个阶段,都快十九个月大了还是这样。见过很多与他同龄的孩子做这“大”事时都能一气呵成哩!我这孩子到底怎么啦... 可是还好啦,除了这难题别的都还算不错咯。怪听话的哟 :D

孩子令人头痛,但也很可爱 :)

Nice place & good dinner

Went to a very nice restaurant for dinner today. Err... don't want to repeat what already written in hubby's blog (u go visit there to get what I'm trying to tell lar, me very malas to write as very sleepy liow :P)

Upload here with more nice photos where u can't find in his blog :)

Above : A very cosy corner (notice that is a skylight there?)
Above right : Bar counter right after the entrance
Bottom right : View from our dinning table

My son likes their "Famous Taufu" 招牌豆腐 very much.
Hubby said will go again wor.... hehe...

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