Tuesday, August 02, 2005

baby einstein 超能小宝贝

Last Sunday, we had our routine breakfast at Sculpting In Time Cafe. Afterwards we went to the DVD shop located next to the cafe to buy DVD for our boy.

Days before we already planned to get boy boy another set of the "baby einstein" DVD part-2 (only 6 DVDs, which specially design for children from age 0-4 yrs). Part-1 (with 10 DVDs) we bought it in May, later found out it is very good as my son learn a lot of new things from there. Especially the speaking skill has improved so much after watching for about 2 months. Now he can say words like chick, cow, pig, owl, dog, cat, horse and many more, and he even can pronounce frog accurately!! So amazing ya?!!

His daddy saw him learning so fast then happy loh, therefore desperately wanted to get him the part-2 liow (before that when i insist to buy the part-1 that time, he kept asking me question like: "bb like to watch anot??" *@^%$^!#* cos it cost RMB100 for 10 DVDs mah so expensive...)

So now we have complete set of "baby einstein" part-1 & part-2 already. Hence, we are so lucky to have a full time teacher named “Einstein” with our boy boy now.. so good ya? kekeke...

Updated on 4 August, 05 :

Already got 1 order from friend, she wants me to get her a full set of 'baby einstien' for her son too :D

will go back Malaysia on sept *happy..hehehe*, and am thinking to buy few more set to distribute over there see whether can make some $$$ anot :p


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