Friday, August 05, 2005

Toddler talk

Always wanted to make record on words my son can talk, until today i can't delay anymore cos if i don't jot it down by now and then I'll not be able to do so as he is learning FAST !! Some speaking really funny, make me laugh every time i heard it. Below are the words he can recognise and say it without guilding, of course if u guild him sure he can say more lar.

Animals :
cat, dog, horse, bear, fish, duck, chick, owl, bird, frog, cow, turtle/tortoise, pig, mouse, snail*!!*, etc...

Vehicle :
car-car, taxi, train, digger (sometime only say dig-dig :p), bus, truck, lorry, boat, crane, jeep, van, etc...

Others :
mummy *hehehe*, daddy, ball, tree, milk, noodle, mug, slippers, bed, tyre, flower, key, book, chair, potty, comb, bath-bath, bowl, burp (sound same like bird :D), star, moon, baby, boy-boy, bye bye, tissue*!!*, 毛毛,药药,油油 (the traditional oil for release stomach wind),一样 (he likes to compare things and if that's same),etc...

verb (mostly in mandarin) :
有,没有,要,不要 (or no-no),倒-倒-倒,拿,喝,高高,抹抹,跌倒,出去*!!*,等等(etc lar)....

Xuan's dictionary (u must know in order to communicate with my Xuan boy) :
lion = aOooooohhh
tiger = tiger or aOooooohhh
cement mixer = mix-mix
fire-engine = ee io ee io (siren.....)
ambulance = ee io ee io (siren.....)
police car = ee io ee io (siren.....)
biscuit = bis-bis or bis-poh *hahahaha lol lol*
yogurt = gurt-gurt
thank you = Q Q
面包 = mid-bao
sun = nan
shower = wa-wer *hehe*
sleep = auh-auh
good night = nite-nite
pee = chi-chi *as most of the kids say

and, this is funny :
darling (sweet ya?) = 奶油 (nai you)!!!!!!!! (say in very sweeeeeeet way too :D)
** i really have no idea why darling can become 奶油 !! ha ha...
sometimes he can sit beside me then show his 'cat face' and say 奶油... sooooooooo sweet as i understand what he talking about :)

the only song he can sing :
e ya e ya yo (old MacDonald have a farm)
** sing it rhythmic but extremely fast flow.. hahahaha

ya here got another cute-say from Xuan...
every time when he is making mistake or do something wrong or spoil stuff,
mummy :" see, spoiled loh.. HOW /怎么办?"
Xuan :" ooh Ooooohhh " (and smile to u....) *=*

learning really fast, everyday surprise us with new words.....
that's my boy :D

*** words i wrote in chinese means we spoke in mandarin, I'm sure i must have missed out some funny words and i hope it won't be much lar...


Anonymous said...

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SooHK said...

Umm its nice to keep track of your son "growth" in a blog... Its like a diary.... keep it up

shiaulin said...

yes soo, i thought that way too. thanx.

leecs said...

soo, thanks. :)

just hope that no hackers want to fool around the system to delete the post...

wish to have backup system on this kekekeke

1+2mom said...

so cute..i forgot to jot down too. They learn fast, and pick the word very fast too.

shiaulin said...

1+2mom, i'm afraid u can't do so cos its hard to jot down for 2 babies at once!! maybe u will mixed up who talk who liao.. hahaha...

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