Friday, October 28, 2005

Too much thinking recently

For both of us husband and wife, we have too much thinking in our mind recently. If happen, that’s going to be a big change in our life. If nothing happen, then we will back to our ordinary life.

Ai… nothing can do now, we shall wait and see….

p/s: don’t talk to me about having new baby ya, definitely not that issue bothers us.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My boy (as on Oct, 2005)

Xuan’s physically grows:

Height: 85.5cm
Head size: 50cm (big head!!)
Legs length / pants’ length: 43cm (in case u wanna buy pants for him and prefer longger as he is growing fast :p)
Shoulder width: 26cm (check this out if u wanna buy shirt for him :D)


Last night before sleep, as usual I lying beside him and trying to relax while waited him to be asleep. Xuan suddenly turn his head towards me and says:

Kiss mummy

Follow by kissing my mouth.
Wah!! All of a sudden I felt so contented then I was kept smiling with my eyes closed pretend to sleep. Short while, Xuan touching my mouth then said:

mummy (smile)”

My heart melted.



哇!很冷呖。看看床头的钟,还没到七点。好在他没来烦我只是吵着daddy 带他到窗口看车子,两父子都是超级车迷。我懒得睬他们躲在被窝里在躺多几分钟。冷,冷,冷… zzzZZZ

迷糊中听到老公问治轩:“要喝 nen-nen 了吗?”



Xuan woke up very early today.
It was very cold and I check on the alarm clock place on the bed head, it was before 7am. Luckily, Xuan didn’t disturb me but his daddy, keep wanting daddy to bring him to see the car from the window. I was lazing in the bed while they both watching cars passing by on the street down there. Slowly I fell half asleep then I over heard hubby asking Xuan whether he want milk. Xuan reaction is turn his head over fast and shouted loudly to me:

“Mummy wakes up make nen-nen!”

I was frighten by his loud voice and suddenly felt so awake. It is kind of a bit funny cos he never says that long sentence before. It contains 7 syllables in that sentence and he can speak fast and smooth. Hehe… my child grew again.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Disconnecting with outside world

Someone can’t goes online because of her network down.
Someone can’t goes online because of his physical down.
Today, I can’t goes online because of my notebook down.

I was disconnecting with outside world for more than 12 hours today.

Thanks to my hubby again as he was trying to make this notebook to perform faster and better. He was clearing out the un-use item in my his notebook but accidentally uninstalled the yahoo messenger. Therefore, he tries to install it back, so the frequent install and uninstall actions that crush the notebook. Luckily it is back to normal after reboot so many times in the evening, but not sure after shut down later, will it going to perform good tomorrow. I wonder.

I am praying hard that hubby this notebook do not upset me again by tomorrow.

Monday, October 24, 2005

My ugly hand and crack fingers ~ 爱的代价

People often think that SAHM’s (stay at home mom) life is very enjoyable and ‘senang’ and can ‘goyang kaki’ at home. Yeah maybe few of them are lucky enough can have maid to handle all the housework for them and maybe they don’t need to bathe their baby too. As for me, I will not want to have a stay-in maid nor part time maid to help me. As with their present, u can’t really enjoy your family life with their busybody eyes keep following your every steps. Until recently, I have to tolerance to agree on taking a part time maid to help me 3 days a week, and 2 hours each time. She mainly helps me to do some cleaning up works in the kitchen, bathroom, mop floor, and windows. Guess u people will start to yell “wah good life loh u.”. Believe me I have my own reason why I take up a part time maid.

Once Mumsgather has blog about reflections of SAHM – part 2:

I'm certainly not ashamed or embarassed of the fact that I'm a housewife, staying home to look after my kids and my home. The response I often get when I tell ppl that I'm a housewife is:

  • "Wah. You have the good life." or "Enjoy life lah you."
  • "Wah! You goyang kaki lah. So good"
  • "You can tahan ah? Stay at home all day? The kids don't drive you up the wall?"
  • "Don't you feel bored?"
  • "Good lah you. Made such a sacrifice."
  • "Don't you feel that your skills are wasted staying at home?"

Well I have my very own answer here.

  • "Wah. You have the good life." or "Enjoy life lah you."

Good life ar? Wait until u sees my ugly hand and painful crack fingers than only u comment lar.

  • "Wah! You goyang kaki lah. So good"

Goyang kaki? U do all the housework for me then I can goyang kaki lar.

  • "You can tahan ah? Stay at home all day? The kids don't drive you up the wall?"

Why cannot tahan? I rather let kids drive me up the wall than let the JOB/bosses push me down to the hell. Am I right?

  • "Don't you feel bored?"

Bored? U must be kidding, with tons of housework and the kid will make sure I always busy too.

  • "Good lah you. Made such a sacrifice."

Err… this I have to admit. Can’t say that’s no sacrifice of being a SAHM but I certainly know it’s worthwhile.

  • "Don't you feel that your skills are wasted staying at home?"

Never wasted lar, people sees how you raised your child and what kind of person they turn into when they grew up. This needs such a good skills and great effort to accomplish my duties.

Winter is around the corner, and it’s very cold now. My skin and hands are very dry due to the low humidity in the air, and fingers started to dry and crack again. Anyhow, this isn’t the first time my fingers crack but since I became SAHM. With here, I would like to show u my ugly hand and crack fingers due to often wet while doing housework and cooking. I have a sensitive skin and hand. I wearing glove whenever I do the housework and washing up but I don’t like to wear it when cooking. Wearing glove is a bit troublesome and u can’t really feel the texture of your food u going to cook. I like to cook and I like to feel it and test it and examine it with my finger. Therefore, due to my sensitive skin, my finger started to crack and fungus started to grew in my nails. That cracks are painful especially at night, I have to put on thick cream and plaster them before I go to bed. Usually I have 3 or 4 out of 10 fingers are plastered every night. Or else I can’t go to asleep, as it’s too painful and dry because of the dry air in the air-cond room. Been seeing doctor and seek for treatment, what doctor advice is to avoid of wetting my hands anymore, by then it can cure in at least 6 months period. Does u think it’s possible for a SAHM without a maid to avoid touching water for that long of period? That’s is my reason why I taking up a part time now, as she will help me on the wet jobs by then can minor down my chances of wetting my hand. Hubby pity to see my painful fingers and felt sorry to my sleepless night mah.. :D

I used to felt embarrassed or ashamed with my ugly hand when meeting up friends, but I am not anymore after I blog about it here. During my KL trip, I met up my ex-colleagues. Hearing them making the same statement like “shiaulin so good lar, now became 少奶奶 ‘siu nai-nai’ no need to worry about work, etc…” By that time, I felt like explaining but somehow I was 欲言又止speechless.

Have I scare u off my blog now? Do I scare u out of making decision of become a SAHM? I hope I am not; otherwise, your kids will blame me on pulling their mummy aback of becomes their SAHM.

Simply likes this phrase very much, it makes me feel so 'kembang' :D

"Nothing to feel embarass about, it just war hero showing the scars of should feel proud...

Commented by a friend Pak Soo,

Sunday, October 23, 2005

My KL trip

As promised to write about my 3 weeks trip in KL but somehow, I felt lazy to do it. :p Anyway, I must keep my promises, so kindly proceed to read this , as hubby already writes a detail blog about it.

BTW, I would like to add in some details here which u can’t find in his blog.

On the first day, we reach my mum’s house around 2am in the morning. Xuan couldn’t sleep as he afraid to see the ceiling fan and maybe he thought the fan will turn into alien fly down to haunt him hanging on top of him. When he slowly gets use to the fan, the flying curtain blows by the wind frighten him again. Therefore, I have to pat him and accompany by his side to make him sleep. This drag until it was about 4am. Moreover, I haven’t bathe and feel so sticky, tired, and sleepy. I couldn’t stand any longer with my sticky body so I told hubby to lie beside Xuan and try his best to make him sleep.

When I came out from the bath, all I can hear is only the calm wind blows and dogs vows from distance. I certainly know that Xuan wasn’t cry anymore. However, I don’t think he is asleep as daddy never success to make him sleep. When I walk into the room, all I can see is daddy and son slept cradling together! Haha… I was so amazed to see this cos for the first time hubby success to makes my son sleep! The next morning, I asked hubby what actually happen last night and how he make it, and his answer amused me. Hubby said he kept mumbling talking this and that (hubby also don’t know what he talking about that time as he was also exhausted already) until Xuan got bored then fell asleep. Hahaha… one of the memorable efforts I must jot it down here! :D

Meet with Jason.

Had breakfast with him on Sunday morning after night long of BBQ and chitchatting with my siblings. Never thought Jason was that big and tall. He is almost double of my size no kidding. Haha… he told me Annabelle wasn’t like him when their first met, yet my Xuan wasn’t friend him too. Yeah he talks so much in his blog but in reality, he really doesn’t speak much. In spite of that, he is quite a good person as I promised to buy him ‘big meal’ but he ordered one glass of teh ais and one plate of nasi lemak only. However, I ate one plate of nasi lemak + one roti canai + one glass of teh ais that morning.

Meet with Maria and her twins.

We met on 3rd Oct, Monday at Coffee Bean Mid Valley. Maria has already blog about our meeting in her blog here . Maria, thanks for the earring it is very nice. However, I can’t wear it cos after 2 times of painful ear piercing still failed to keep the hole in me due to my sensitive skin always get infection. After many sleepless and painful nights, the holes no longer there and hubby has warned me no more 3rd times again. Ah yes, Belles are so beautiful and they are friendly, have some fun time with them too.

This is some funny conversation between me with Annabelle. She was playing with the magnetic necklace I gave her.

Anna: “Mummy, mummy, u see... see what I make?”
Maria was busy talking to my hubby and our friend Yen, she didn’t hear Anna was calling her. I notice it hen I try to make friend with Anna.
Me: “Huh? Let auntie see, what are u making?”
Anna: “I make Love, I MAKE LOVE!” pointed on the magnetic necklace in ‘love shape’.

Wahahaha… so cute, and so innocent.

Maria has blog about this similar joke in her blog long time ago, and I was glad to meet belles in person and have chance to hear and see them making this joke by myself.

This is a very tiring trip for us. We don’t have much time for ourselves and we have to running places to places and meet one people follow by another. Although it’s tiring trip, but we are enjoy very much. Thanks everyone for sparing there precious time to meet us; we do have some fun and happy moment together.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Congratulations to my 5th sis!

She has delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl on yesterday morning. How and why I know her baby girl is beautiful before I meet her? Because sis said baby looks like her Son#2. Why looks like son#2 sure beautiful? Nah show u his picture lar…

Liang-chai + cute neh??
Somehow, in my family we all know so well that her son#2 looks so much like his mother = my 5th sis….. That means my 5th sis is beautiful. :D

I was force to have change my blog template!!

This is all with my hubby’s fault help….
He trying to steal copy something from my template but accidentally deleted some code in that make my blog cannot display at all !!! *so, we decided to change template and see whether can help anot.

Anyway, I forgive have to thank him as he give me chance to change a new look for my blog which i wanted to do it long long ago.

And then hor, he also help me to put back all the links, videos, statcounter… but forgot my bb’s birthday timestamp pulak, but he promised to do it tomorrow first thing in the morning ! will do it only when he has time to do so.

Ok lar, thank you lar... hehehe...

Monday, October 17, 2005

I am a "Bad Mother"

My boy tends to be very talkative nowadays. I enjoy “chatting” with him and it brings so many joys to me. I also jot down some funny conversation between us in my blog here and here to share my joys with other reader. Until one day, someone commented in my blog that confuse me.

At October 15, 2005 6:07 AM, Anonymous said…

as a mother, you have to realise that speaking to him in full sentences is very important.
a child his age is very easily influenced by his parents. make sure you speak full english or full chinese sentences to him.
he should not be growing up in a family environment where singlish is frequently used.

Although I know he is absolutely right but, somehow, I not fully agreed with him. Recall the time when I was still a new mother, my MIL told me that she read an article from newspaper (I failed to trace back the article from internet) saying that we should use more kiddo words to communicate with our baby/toddler. For examples like sleep = oiin oiin, urinate = shh-shh, past motion = umh umh, milk = nen-nen, etc.

”He should not be growing up in a family environment where singlish is frequently used.”

Must I speak full Chinese/English sentences to my toddler?
BTW, I watch my nephews and nieces growing up in this kind of environment which singlish/manglish is widely used. Do not care they are English Ed or Chinese Ed; I can proudly tell that they all scored distinction in their English subject, and not bad in Chinese subject too.

All I want to do now is to encourage my boy to speak more and provide a friendly speaking environment for him. I believe that we cannot have friendlier environment when pure English/Chinese sentences is in use. Yes they might understand if we speak full English/Chinese sentences but, I doubt he won’t speak as soon as he will tend to be worried too much on the words he have to use in speaking.

Anyway, please correct me if u feels that my thinking is very wrong.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

What Color Should Your Blog Be?

Your Blog Should Be Blue

Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.
You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.
From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

Friday, October 14, 2005


哇!土阿妈 点指兵兵到我。嘿!我很懒没什么看书的呖。(gua boh-thak-chek wan!!)

(1) 自家書架上的藏書數量

很难算哩,社内设计的参考书或杂志算不算?如果算的话呢可多咯!hmm… 大概一,两百吧。不加上在娘家的书。

(2) 現正在看或想看的書

现在在读《宝宝你在想什么》 姜聚省与刘儒德著。

想重看的书是 《古堡僵尸》,很久以前看过,很紧张刺激加恐怖,但详细内容全忘了。

(3) 最後買的一本書

《宝宝你在想什么》 姜聚省与刘儒德著。北京出版社。

(4) 你最喜歡的五位两位作家


(5) 有特別感想、印象深刻的五本書


  • 荷包里的单人床 ~ 张小娴
  • 三月里的幸福饼 ~ 张小娴
  • 思念里的流浪狗 ~ 张小娴
  • 木炭 ~ 卫斯理
  • 古堡僵尸 ~ 不懂作者哩

(6) 接下來想傳給以下5個人

    Thursday, October 13, 2005

    My Boy's day

    “轩要 oiin oiin 吗?”

    “oiin oiin... ”

    “oiin oiin 前要做什么?”


    “bath-bath 后呢?”

    “冲nen-nen!喝nen-nen! ”


    “oiin oiin... ”


    Xuan woke up from his afternoon nap, he came out from the room and look for mummy with jumping steps and sweet smile on his face.

    *Usually he will whine and cry when awake from his nap.*


    The time I change and wash him, the water from the tab are a bit too warm.

    “哇!水烧烧喔... 有烫到 bird-bird 吗?轩的bird-bird呢?”


    “哈哈... 飞掉了啊?飞去哪里?”

    “去做工... bye-bye...”


    Xuan mumbling again...

    "thunder... lightning... raining... thunder... raining..."

    "es-strator (excavator)... es-strator... "

    "关著... 开... 关著... 开... "

    "大大风... 吹吹... 大大风" *pointing at the curtain*

    "mummy, sun !! sun !! shadow... shadow..." *pointing at the reflection of sun*

    "玩... 玩... 抹抹... 玩... "

    "raining... thunder... raining.... thunder.... lightning... "

    "玩car-car... plis car-car... "

    "做工... bye-bye... 做工... bye-bye... "


    Updated on 5:00pm:

    Xuan just pangsai, and it's very smelly.

    "wah !!! yiak-yiak leh..."

    "yiak-yiak... 臭臭..."


    "大便... 臭臭..."

    Happy Birthday My Dear

    To my dear,

    ***Happy Birthday to you!!***

    I didn't have any special present for u but, I am giving u permission to buy ONE of your favorite gadget as your birthday present lar... hehe... happy?


    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    Big Announcement

    Announcement I:

    Yeah… I am back from my 15 days vacation in Malaysia and 3 weeks of blog-holiday ended so fast. Trying to blog something about my holiday but I can’t, my mind is still blank even though got so many things to blog about. No mood kua… later lar, sure will korek out the happy and funny thing happen on our trip.

    Actually still want to curi-ayam to rest for another few days, for me to read the blog I have missed out for 3 weeks.. but hor..

    Twinsmom hope for my return to blog sphere so much…

    DG is waiting for my return too…

    Egghead question me on whom approving my long holiday…

    To avoid Jason start to mumbling (which I can’t stand it :p), I had better start to blog now hehe…

    Announcement II:

    Previously I have blog about why I can’t stop spam cos China here blocks most of the site including blogspot. Recall back when we are on the way back to Malaysia, hubby told me that google has finally step into ‘big land’ 大陆 liao. Just now, I try to load my blog without going thru proxy, and the result is yes and yet very fast the page load! Yoohoho… happy !!!

    So now, I can read blog fast, and I can turn on my word verification to stop spam, or maybe just leave it as I can delete them any time I want. And hor, I can leave comment on the blog who already using work verification, which I can't do it last time. So, be ready to see me ka-ka-cau-cau in ur blog soon huh ;)

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