Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My boy (as on Oct, 2005)

Xuan’s physically grows:

Height: 85.5cm
Head size: 50cm (big head!!)
Legs length / pants’ length: 43cm (in case u wanna buy pants for him and prefer longger as he is growing fast :p)
Shoulder width: 26cm (check this out if u wanna buy shirt for him :D)


Last night before sleep, as usual I lying beside him and trying to relax while waited him to be asleep. Xuan suddenly turn his head towards me and says:

Kiss mummy

Follow by kissing my mouth.
Wah!! All of a sudden I felt so contented then I was kept smiling with my eyes closed pretend to sleep. Short while, Xuan touching my mouth then said:

mummy (smile)”

My heart melted.



哇!很冷呖。看看床头的钟,还没到七点。好在他没来烦我只是吵着daddy 带他到窗口看车子,两父子都是超级车迷。我懒得睬他们躲在被窝里在躺多几分钟。冷,冷,冷… zzzZZZ

迷糊中听到老公问治轩:“要喝 nen-nen 了吗?”



Xuan woke up very early today.
It was very cold and I check on the alarm clock place on the bed head, it was before 7am. Luckily, Xuan didn’t disturb me but his daddy, keep wanting daddy to bring him to see the car from the window. I was lazing in the bed while they both watching cars passing by on the street down there. Slowly I fell half asleep then I over heard hubby asking Xuan whether he want milk. Xuan reaction is turn his head over fast and shouted loudly to me:

“Mummy wakes up make nen-nen!”

I was frighten by his loud voice and suddenly felt so awake. It is kind of a bit funny cos he never says that long sentence before. It contains 7 syllables in that sentence and he can speak fast and smooth. Hehe… my child grew again.



maria said...

wah... you mommy really go measure gao gao. I only measure the hiehgt, the rest I semua tak tahu :P.

Why daddy cannot make nen nen meh?

Egghead said...

all the measurements and yet you forgot to measure the length of his "咕咕蕉"... LOL!

make him your little back-up alarm clock lah :)

p/s: my son and I also like cars :P

domesticgoddess said...

yeah... time flies

Milly said...


mummy wake up make nen nen...

so cute lar...!! he learn very fast..!!

must be u smile from cheek to cheek laio lor...tian mimi lor.

leecs said...

this mummy very fuzzy one...
and this daddy always forgot the formula...not sure how many portion of hot water and cold water and also the milk powder...
daddy is bb's toy...

Zara's Mama said...

wa, this uncle egghead getting more and more 咸, ask you to measure "咕咕蕉" must be the laubeh inc influence.

Anyway Xuan getting big big liao. Can use more syllables in his speech.

YK said...


shiaulin said...

maria, i can't measure his weight cos waiting hubby to get me a 秤 leh.. hehe..

egghead, cannot lar this alarm suka-suka wake u up early 5am in the morning wan...

DG, yeah and ur gal also must be learning fast too right?

milly, yes so sweet my boy boy ;)

dear, hey u agak-agak how warm the water can drink then mah ok liao loh, and i tell u here again the formula making huh, warm water 150ml and milk powder 3 scoops lar, so next time u go make milk for son lah. (bb still drink very little milk only hor? ai...)

zara's mama, yeah loh thinking to block his comment liao :P Xuan now very 'chi-char' indeed.

yk, 当爸爸也很有满足感的,我保证。

Jason said...

You’ve Just Been Ghosted — Come Over And Grab A Puking Pumpkin!

Jason said...

“You’ve Just Been HariRaya-ed! Come Over And Grab Your ‘Lemang’, ‘Ketupat’, ‘Kuih-Muih’ and green packets!”

hongfee said...

Wow, Xuan definitely will be a good boy!


shiaulin said...

hongfee, sure leh.. now very affectionate liao... always say mummmy love and daddy love.. some more kissing us leh :D

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