Sunday, October 23, 2005

My KL trip

As promised to write about my 3 weeks trip in KL but somehow, I felt lazy to do it. :p Anyway, I must keep my promises, so kindly proceed to read this , as hubby already writes a detail blog about it.

BTW, I would like to add in some details here which u can’t find in his blog.

On the first day, we reach my mum’s house around 2am in the morning. Xuan couldn’t sleep as he afraid to see the ceiling fan and maybe he thought the fan will turn into alien fly down to haunt him hanging on top of him. When he slowly gets use to the fan, the flying curtain blows by the wind frighten him again. Therefore, I have to pat him and accompany by his side to make him sleep. This drag until it was about 4am. Moreover, I haven’t bathe and feel so sticky, tired, and sleepy. I couldn’t stand any longer with my sticky body so I told hubby to lie beside Xuan and try his best to make him sleep.

When I came out from the bath, all I can hear is only the calm wind blows and dogs vows from distance. I certainly know that Xuan wasn’t cry anymore. However, I don’t think he is asleep as daddy never success to make him sleep. When I walk into the room, all I can see is daddy and son slept cradling together! Haha… I was so amazed to see this cos for the first time hubby success to makes my son sleep! The next morning, I asked hubby what actually happen last night and how he make it, and his answer amused me. Hubby said he kept mumbling talking this and that (hubby also don’t know what he talking about that time as he was also exhausted already) until Xuan got bored then fell asleep. Hahaha… one of the memorable efforts I must jot it down here! :D

Meet with Jason.

Had breakfast with him on Sunday morning after night long of BBQ and chitchatting with my siblings. Never thought Jason was that big and tall. He is almost double of my size no kidding. Haha… he told me Annabelle wasn’t like him when their first met, yet my Xuan wasn’t friend him too. Yeah he talks so much in his blog but in reality, he really doesn’t speak much. In spite of that, he is quite a good person as I promised to buy him ‘big meal’ but he ordered one glass of teh ais and one plate of nasi lemak only. However, I ate one plate of nasi lemak + one roti canai + one glass of teh ais that morning.

Meet with Maria and her twins.

We met on 3rd Oct, Monday at Coffee Bean Mid Valley. Maria has already blog about our meeting in her blog here . Maria, thanks for the earring it is very nice. However, I can’t wear it cos after 2 times of painful ear piercing still failed to keep the hole in me due to my sensitive skin always get infection. After many sleepless and painful nights, the holes no longer there and hubby has warned me no more 3rd times again. Ah yes, Belles are so beautiful and they are friendly, have some fun time with them too.

This is some funny conversation between me with Annabelle. She was playing with the magnetic necklace I gave her.

Anna: “Mummy, mummy, u see... see what I make?”
Maria was busy talking to my hubby and our friend Yen, she didn’t hear Anna was calling her. I notice it hen I try to make friend with Anna.
Me: “Huh? Let auntie see, what are u making?”
Anna: “I make Love, I MAKE LOVE!” pointed on the magnetic necklace in ‘love shape’.

Wahahaha… so cute, and so innocent.

Maria has blog about this similar joke in her blog long time ago, and I was glad to meet belles in person and have chance to hear and see them making this joke by myself.

This is a very tiring trip for us. We don’t have much time for ourselves and we have to running places to places and meet one people follow by another. Although it’s tiring trip, but we are enjoy very much. Thanks everyone for sparing there precious time to meet us; we do have some fun and happy moment together.


Egghead said...

I guess you can hired Jason for nursing Xuan to sleep... since he mumbles all the time! LOL!

come KL also no look for me... I'm also looking for a free meal from you ler :P

maria said...

Then you have to let your hubby practise more lor, may be later he can come out with a blog title-- leecs mumbles. hahaha...

Ai yah, this Annabelle keeps telling people she know how to "make love", no thanks to her gu-ma *roll eye*.

shiaulin said...

egghead, jason? no way! afraid to find my xuan got flatten by him the next morning :P

maria, yeah yeah... from today onwards i am going to pass him this responsibility so that i can have more time to read and write blog :P
oh yeah, what is the 'rock' on the earring u gave me? i will keep it for my future daughter (if happen to have one lar:D) or future DIL (then i can save $ not to buy gold jewellery anymore :P) thanx a lot :)

Greenapple said...

haha, the love-making joke is cute. Hey, but it's just a way Anna sharing her world with us adults ...

We shall not judge her from our world ...

shiaulin said...

greenapple, in fact, they are like angels...

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