Monday, October 24, 2005

My ugly hand and crack fingers ~ 爱的代价

People often think that SAHM’s (stay at home mom) life is very enjoyable and ‘senang’ and can ‘goyang kaki’ at home. Yeah maybe few of them are lucky enough can have maid to handle all the housework for them and maybe they don’t need to bathe their baby too. As for me, I will not want to have a stay-in maid nor part time maid to help me. As with their present, u can’t really enjoy your family life with their busybody eyes keep following your every steps. Until recently, I have to tolerance to agree on taking a part time maid to help me 3 days a week, and 2 hours each time. She mainly helps me to do some cleaning up works in the kitchen, bathroom, mop floor, and windows. Guess u people will start to yell “wah good life loh u.”. Believe me I have my own reason why I take up a part time maid.

Once Mumsgather has blog about reflections of SAHM – part 2:

I'm certainly not ashamed or embarassed of the fact that I'm a housewife, staying home to look after my kids and my home. The response I often get when I tell ppl that I'm a housewife is:

  • "Wah. You have the good life." or "Enjoy life lah you."
  • "Wah! You goyang kaki lah. So good"
  • "You can tahan ah? Stay at home all day? The kids don't drive you up the wall?"
  • "Don't you feel bored?"
  • "Good lah you. Made such a sacrifice."
  • "Don't you feel that your skills are wasted staying at home?"

Well I have my very own answer here.

  • "Wah. You have the good life." or "Enjoy life lah you."

Good life ar? Wait until u sees my ugly hand and painful crack fingers than only u comment lar.

  • "Wah! You goyang kaki lah. So good"

Goyang kaki? U do all the housework for me then I can goyang kaki lar.

  • "You can tahan ah? Stay at home all day? The kids don't drive you up the wall?"

Why cannot tahan? I rather let kids drive me up the wall than let the JOB/bosses push me down to the hell. Am I right?

  • "Don't you feel bored?"

Bored? U must be kidding, with tons of housework and the kid will make sure I always busy too.

  • "Good lah you. Made such a sacrifice."

Err… this I have to admit. Can’t say that’s no sacrifice of being a SAHM but I certainly know it’s worthwhile.

  • "Don't you feel that your skills are wasted staying at home?"

Never wasted lar, people sees how you raised your child and what kind of person they turn into when they grew up. This needs such a good skills and great effort to accomplish my duties.

Winter is around the corner, and it’s very cold now. My skin and hands are very dry due to the low humidity in the air, and fingers started to dry and crack again. Anyhow, this isn’t the first time my fingers crack but since I became SAHM. With here, I would like to show u my ugly hand and crack fingers due to often wet while doing housework and cooking. I have a sensitive skin and hand. I wearing glove whenever I do the housework and washing up but I don’t like to wear it when cooking. Wearing glove is a bit troublesome and u can’t really feel the texture of your food u going to cook. I like to cook and I like to feel it and test it and examine it with my finger. Therefore, due to my sensitive skin, my finger started to crack and fungus started to grew in my nails. That cracks are painful especially at night, I have to put on thick cream and plaster them before I go to bed. Usually I have 3 or 4 out of 10 fingers are plastered every night. Or else I can’t go to asleep, as it’s too painful and dry because of the dry air in the air-cond room. Been seeing doctor and seek for treatment, what doctor advice is to avoid of wetting my hands anymore, by then it can cure in at least 6 months period. Does u think it’s possible for a SAHM without a maid to avoid touching water for that long of period? That’s is my reason why I taking up a part time now, as she will help me on the wet jobs by then can minor down my chances of wetting my hand. Hubby pity to see my painful fingers and felt sorry to my sleepless night mah.. :D

I used to felt embarrassed or ashamed with my ugly hand when meeting up friends, but I am not anymore after I blog about it here. During my KL trip, I met up my ex-colleagues. Hearing them making the same statement like “shiaulin so good lar, now became 少奶奶 ‘siu nai-nai’ no need to worry about work, etc…” By that time, I felt like explaining but somehow I was 欲言又止speechless.

Have I scare u off my blog now? Do I scare u out of making decision of become a SAHM? I hope I am not; otherwise, your kids will blame me on pulling their mummy aback of becomes their SAHM.

Simply likes this phrase very much, it makes me feel so 'kembang' :D

"Nothing to feel embarass about, it just war hero showing the scars of should feel proud...

Commented by a friend Pak Soo,


Egghead said...

my wife's toe also crack and bleeds one... and she is not even SAHM yet :P

Milly said...

erm...mamibee also like that at 1st...!! now after treatment..n applied lotion everyday...become better n better...

maria said...

reason of the weather aside, your hand and fingers crack show that you have a pair of useful hand, you make use of it.
if you don't use your hand, one day you might be like T-rex already.

AsleyLee said...

The cracks quite serious, ya, better to have a part-timer maid to help you out.

I have sensitive skin like you, but not as serious as you.

SAHM not really an enjoyment job, i had been a SAHM before (when pregnant), the days were terrible for me without nobody to chat with. Somemore, I hate the overwhelming house chores. I prefer to be FTWM (full time working mum) even i need to juggle my job and my family at the same time, but at least i have more valuable information to be updated and colleagues to chat with.

Msau said...

I think ur hand really siu nai nai hand lah..but belong to those '不可以沾陽(?)春水'wan lah...

hmm...SAHM ...u scare me liao..hmm...wanna b or not b ahh?? hmmmm

YK said...

poor thing leh...part time maid are good, paid as how much they work...not like the full time maid, you need to feed them, give them money...and anytime your life will be in DANGER!....hahaha

shiaulin said...

egghead, see what a big contribution we woman made for our family?! yeah i have crack toes but not as bad as my hand lar. BTW, we don't shake people's hand by using our foot mah, right?

milly, take over the cooking job from ur mamibee loh, then she mar can heal in quickier time lor :P

maria, T-rex?? haha... 那些翘起二郎腿的全都要变 T-rex 啦!哈哈哈...

huisia, when i went see doctor, the doctor keep "tsk tsk tsk... tsk tsk tsk..." very annoying. if u don't a pair of spying eyes then u can consider taking a full time maid over here in china, they are quite cheap.

msau, got siu-nai-nai hand but no siu-nai-nai 命, better don't want it loh :P
don't worry lar, it's always worthy to become SAHM, i never ever regret on making this decision. i watch my child grows and i feel very contented.

shiaulin said...

yk, very true indeed.

1+2mom said...

Dun worry i also like that since i start back my housework journey..hahaha. Sometime bleeding and pain still need to ware hand glove to continue :P

Zara's Mama said...

Ouch, looks very bad.
I know how Beijing weather is like, I was there for 2 weeks holidays during the coldest winter month. I didn't have to do house work (holiday ma), but all my skin crack up, I mean the tighs, the hands, the lips.
As for hands, just slap a lot of thick moisturising lotion before bed time and wear a pair of gloves to sleep.
Hope you get better soon.

Jacky said...

Wah, such big sacrifice. Don't work so hard lar, let the part time maid help you...

Wish your fingers speedy recovery.

SooHK said...

try to look for a brand name jergens or balenum (this found only in Pharmacy) its a moisturizer brand and change the dish washing liquid. My houses uses a brand which has been certify safe enough to wash infants things.

Stay at home doing housework its not fun. You can wake up early and you still could not finished all the work. Cooking, preparing to cook itself tooks at least more than 2 hours...

Nothing to feel embarass about, it just war hero showing the scars of should feel proud...

PS...only ONE said...

sis, use lotion very frequently in dry weather. Put some lotion on after finished each wetty job. That will help.

shiaulin said...

1+2mom, haha.. u also the same? come give me 5! gee... bleeding also hor... pity us...

zara's mama, thanx. yeah bad and painful hor. i put lotion all over my body but hands a bit hard to control as keep on wetting it when cooking. yes i put on thick cream and plaster up the cracks area then wore glove to sleep too :D

jacky, thanx. the maid do help but she come in 3 days a week and that's only 2 hours each time so can't do much loh.. but i am trying to stop wetting my hand too often now.

soohk, ok thanx i will try to look for it. i am using amway washing liquid which certified safe to wash infants things and not harmful to hand, more oever i wore glove when washing up. that's too sensitive my skin is maybe i have to stop cooking for awhile everyday each out or tapau make hubby 'pok-kai' :P
"Nothing to feel embarass about, it just war hero showing the scars of should feel proud..." thanx soo, thanx... *sob sob*

bor, wah... long time never see u here liao :p yeah, i soak myself in body butter liao :D

SooHK said...

Wah Sei Man, me shy...lah...

Anonymous said...


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