Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bad Day

Xuan woke us up early morning before sunrise. Luckily, he only want daddy to accompany him play his car-car. So me continue... zzZZZzzZZZzz

Prepare lunch for Xuan. Washed salmon fish and seasoned then place it in the rice cooker ready to steam together when cooking rice. I was boiling chicken soup and all the sockets in the kitchen already used, move the rice cooker to second room then plug it in and press cook button. Half and hour later, it’s about Xuan’s lunch time. I go check on the rice but shocked to see NO LIGHT showing from the rice cooker. Ouch sh*t! Something went wrong. Made in China punya rice cooker, must be ‘kong’ liao. I remember I pressed the cook button already. Check again confirmed the cook button been pressed. Ok now check the plug, d*mn, loosen liao no wonder rice not cook. *@#%$&%$@#* Plug it in then start cooking, that time already passed Xuan’s lunch time liao… sigh…

After awhile, *peep peep peep….* Yee, why got error sound from washing machine? Go have a look. Sh*t! All the clothes inside still dry wan! Quickly check the water tap, its locked*@#$%$@#%* ok, open back the tap and water rush into the washing machine. Wasted 30 min and wonder why the stupid machine doesn’t warn me earlier. Machine made in china. *roll eyes*

Late lunch cause everything late. Xuan was bath late and naptime became late too. When he drank milk he almost fall asleep, but once finished milk, he was fully awake. Asked me to carry him to sleep, have to walking about the room too. Walk walk walk, backache cannot tahan liao lay him back on the bed. He started yelling: “Mummy yang-yang… Mummy carry…” boh-lat I carry him again. Repeated few times until 4 pm, I gave up.
“U wants to sleep anot?”
“Don’t want.” *smiley face*
“Ok fine, go out.”

Xuan walk out from the room happily, mummy following behind with sour face.
Therefore, that gone my afternoon happy hour :(

BTW, someone has even worse day then me. Because of her famous forgetfulness, she now has to think of way to 补锅, she has a burned pot 黑锅 to scrape. I am waiting for her to blog about this. Kekeke…

Thursday, December 22, 2005


女人:“老公,等下放工去超市买 ham 回来,要大山环特级火腿。”

老公:“平时买的那个brand 是吗?知道了。”








Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Inventor + Destroyer

Xuan created new way to play with his police car by destroying his old favorite toy –> dump truck… some more shouted "yes! we can!!" hmm... kids, ther are cute; they are clever; and they are naughty too... hmm speechless...

发明者 + 毁坏者

Fried Chicken

Now u sees, now u don't... ate by ZhiXuan liao...


Sweet Dream

I found this pic rather sweet.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Wish Tag

I was granted 3 wishes from 3 peoples. I wonder why suddenly so many people are trying to makes my wishes come true. Hehehe...

No lar this is about X’mas Wish Tag. First, I was tag by Maria (in Chinese version) and done it. Later were tag again by Selba and Soohk in English version. I don’t mind to do this again as I can get more Christmas gift mah… right? I rather like the English version by which I can choose who to be my Santa Claus, so here I come again. Hehehe…

Here are the tag rules:
* State the Great Person that tagged you
* List Who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift)
* State the Gift you wish to get
* Then invite a few Friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

The Great Person: Selba and Soohk

The Santa Claus that will deliver the gift: My Hubby (so Maria u no need to buy me gift liao, BUT u have to accompany me on my off day :D)

The Gift, I wish to have an off day. Where I don’t have to do any routine works and just enjoy myself. I want to go for facial, massage, do my hair, shopping, go café, dine at nice restaurant.

Pass it to Whom, I hope their wish would come true:
Little Luke Skywalker

Sunday, December 18, 2005





我最想圣诞老人送我一个Tommy Girl Cologne Spray。(我就是对香水情有独钟,纵然满柜都是香水了但还是不停的想要更多!:p)

Domestic Goddess (要拿你的礼物?新年时来KL找我吧。嘻嘻...))

Friday, December 16, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005


明月高挂 寒风疾;
夜阑人静 倍思亲。

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Xuan's photos

Unlike Maria and Greenapple, I don’t blog about food if I lazy don’t have time to blog. However, I’ll just upload some Xuan latest photos only. Hope u all enjoy looking at it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Twinkle ??? Rescue Car ???

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

... ... ... boo boo ... ... ...
Twinkle, twinkle, little
How I wonder
???Rescue Car???

My clever little Xuan edited this lyric when he is playing with his favorite ‘Rescue Car’.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Birthday my Baby

To my boy,

***Happy Birthday!!***

Mummy love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, love u, very very very love u.... *muacks*

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Twinkle Moon

We have some hearty laugh before sleep. Xuan was drinking his milk and I lay beside him and sang his favorite nursery rhymes. Usually Xuan name the song then I sing it.

Xuan: “Twinkle star!”

Me: “~~Twinkle twinkle little star……… how I wonder what u are~~”

Xuan: “Twinkle moon!”

Me: *blur* ? 什么 twinkle moon?” What twinkle moon?

Xuan: “mummy 唱 Twinkle moon!” mummy sing twinkle moon!

Me: “mummy 不会呖,什么 twinkle moon?你唱给 mummy 听一下。mummy don’t know leh, what twinkle moon? U sings it to mummy.

Xuan: “~~Twinkle… twinkle… little… MOON…~~”

Me: “hahahahaha…..”

Proxy Life

Very sad to announce this, China has locked the blogspot AGAIN. I was holding the urge to blog about this news when I heard it last week. I want to believe it was due to some technical problems that they don’t really mean to lock it. Therefore, I waiting, hoping, and then disappointing in the end. China really meant it; they once again locked the blogspot… sigh…

So guys and girls, sadly to inform u all that I would not be able to comment on your blog if you have set the word verification on. Please pardon me not be able to blog crush you frequent cause I am using the proxy that makes my already slow connection even slower.

*sob sob*

For the similar info please refer here.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005




曾 几何时盼望着与雪相遇,期待着体验让雪花轻飘落在身上的感觉。现在终于看到了,我却没有了之前期待时那股激昂的情绪。我以一颗平静的、淡淡的心,欣赏着窗 外飘零的雪。因为深夜,所以看得不清,只能透过灯光的反射才依稀看到那纯纯白白轻飘下的雪花。身在一个没有露台的十几层高楼上,由窗下望是不能完全感受那 份降初雪时该有的喜悦,也没有机会体验让雪花飘落在身上的感觉。





Saturday, December 03, 2005

Xuan talking Ji-Ji-Zha-Zha

Jason, what could I say other than thank you.

Mission Accomplished

One night, starry night.
要嘴嘴…” (want zui-zui = pacifier)
“good boy
没有吃嘴嘴睡觉的,看Bob Builder 也没有吃嘴嘴睡觉呖。” (good boy does not need zui-zui to sleep, u see even Bob Builder also does not need it leh.)
“Xuan-xuan good boy
没有吃嘴嘴睡觉, Bob Builder 没有,cat-cat没有,bulldozer没有,crane没有…” (Xuan good boy does not need zui-zui to sleep, Bob Builder, cat-cat, bulldozer, crane doesn’t…)
是咯,全部都没有吃嘴嘴睡觉的呖。” (yaloh, all also doesn’t need pacifier to sleep one leh)
不要嘴嘴…” (don’t want zui-zui)

After a month of repeated the above conversation, Xuan does not need pacifier at night anymore. Anyhow, he still will cry for it middle of the night, and I gave it to him.

One morning, sunny morning.

While watching his favorite cartoon, Xuan suddenly come into the kitchen ask for pacifier.
要嘴嘴…” (want zui-zui)
no zui-zui, mummy give biscuit want or not?”

biscuit.” (want biscuit)
He then walk out happily with biscuit in his hand.
After just awhile, Xuan came in again. He thrown the biscuit to me, and said,
要嘴嘴, 不要biscuit.” (want zui-zui, don’t want biscuit)
no zui-zui, eat biscuit ok?”
不要,要嘴嘴,要嘴嘴,要嘴嘴,要嘴嘴X10… 呱啊呱啊…” (don’t want, want zui-zui, want zui-zui, want zui-zuiX10… start yelling and whining…)
“okok, nah your zui-zui”
I surrender gave him what he want. Xuan walk away happily with zui-zui in his mouth.

After few days like that, I felt something wrong. He is asking for zui-zui not during bedtime, it is like anytime anywhere when he feels like it. However, once awhile he does this when he is sick, and no, he is not sick now. Then why? This alerted me that he must be addicted, sh*t! I must stop him now, no pacifier for him anymore, not even during bedtime. By this means NO pacifier for him for his afternoon nap, also the mid-night crying.

Day 1
0930. Cartoon show time.

While watching his favorite cartoon, Xuan suddenly come into the kitchen ask for pacifier.
要嘴嘴…” (want zui zui)
no zui-zui, mummy give biscuit want or not?”
biscuit.” (want biscuit)
He then walks away and ate his biscuit.
After awhile, Xuan came in again give the biscuit to me and said,
要嘴嘴, 不要biscuit.” (want zhui zhui,don’t want biscuit)
嘴嘴mummy丢掉了,没有了。” (zui-zui mummy throw away already, don’t have already)
Then he starts to whine and yelling.
“okok mummy
丢掉了,要买过,mummy 明天买过新的给你好吗?” (okok, mummy throw away already, need to buy again, mummy tomorrow go buy a new one for u ok?)
Then I quickly carry him and divert his attention by showing him his favorite cartoon, or sung nursery rhymes together with him.

1330. Afternoon naptime.
要嘴嘴…” (want zui zui)
嘴嘴mummy 丢掉了, 明天mummy买过新的给你好吗?” (zui-zui mummy throw away already, tomorrow mummy buy new one for u ok?)
Xuan started to whine and yelling until too tired and fell asleep.

2100. Bedtime.
Xuan-xuan good boy不要嘴嘴” (don’t want zui-zui)
没有嘴嘴,明天mummy买。” (don’t have zui-zui, tomorrow mummy buy)

*whimpering*… 嘴嘴 …*whimpering* (whimpering and ask for pacifier)
没有嘴嘴了,明天买嘴嘴ok. Come drink water.” (don’t have zui-zui, tomorrow go buy ok)
He drank water then fell back to sleep. Later, almost every hour he will cry for pacifier. I have to carry, or padding, or comforting him back to sleep until sunrise.

Day 2

Repeat the same thing happen on the Day 1 morning.

1400Afternoon naptime.
要嘴嘴…” (want pacifier)
“ok mummy
明天买嘴嘴。” (ok mummy tomorrow go and buy)
要嘴嘴,没有嘴嘴,mummy 明天买。” (want zui-zui, don’t have zui-zui, mummy tomorrow buy)

2200. Bedtime.
Xuan-xuan good boy不要嘴嘴” (don’t want zui-zui)
要嘴嘴,没有嘴嘴,明天mummy买嘴嘴。” (want zui-zui, don’t have zui-zui, tomorrow mummy buy zui-zui)

*whimpering*… 嘴嘴 …*whimpering* (whimpering and asking for pacifier)
明天买嘴嘴,明天买嘴嘴。Come drink water.” (ok tomorrow buy zui-zui, tomorrow buy)
He drank water then fell back to sleep.

Day 3

As is Saturday, we went out for breakfast then straightaway we went to 东皇城根遗址公园. After that, we went to 俏江南 for lunch, and then only headed back home. After reach home, Xuan too tired goes doze off without pacifier.

2200. Bedtime.
Xuan-xuan good boy不要嘴嘴” (don’t want zui-zui)

*whimpering*… water …*whimpering*
“ok come drink water.”
He drank water then fell back to sleep.

Day 4

没有嘴嘴,mummy买嘴嘴。” (don’t have zui-zui, mummy buy zui-zui)

Afternoon naptime,
没有嘴嘴,明天mummy买。” (don’t have zui-zui, tomorrow mummy buy)

Xuan-xuan good boy不要嘴嘴” (don’t want zui-zui)

Day 5, 6, 7, 8, etc…

Never say a word about pacifier.

Wean Xuan from pacifier-addict.

Mission accomplished.

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