Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Inventor + Destroyer

Xuan created new way to play with his police car by destroying his old favorite toy –> dump truck… some more shouted "yes! we can!!" hmm... kids, ther are cute; they are clever; and they are naughty too... hmm speechless...

发明者 + 毁坏者


ChiNgz said...

wah...power ah~!!
salute him he did it?? Thought got screw or anything for the tyres of the truck??

1+2mom said...

YES!!! My son do that too, so many toys just play few days then will mix it up with other toy :(

Your Xuan very cleaver boy lor, recycle mar..Good Idea!!!

Zara's Mama said...

hahaha.. so clever woh..
next time maybe can repair daddy's car also. haha.

Btw, I thought I spotted a Baby Einstein DVD near the TV, you let him watch that too? Does he still like it?

Adrian & Alvan said...

So clever your boy :D

maria aka twinsmom said...

Bob the builder can we build it, Bob the builder yes we can!

eh?! my girls don't like Bob, also don't like Barbie, but like aeroplane!!! next time can 放飞机。

我看你迟早会给轩玩残 also :P hahaha.....

shiaulin said...

chingz, the truck used tic & tac 'mechanism' wan so no screw wan, that's why this boy is expert in dismantle the wheels liao.

1+2mom, why boys are all like that wan huh? *scratch head*

zaramom, daddy's car? oh no *fainted* yeah ur eyes very sharp hor lidat also u saw it :P yup that's his favorite DVD too. i tot can't found it in kl? see my old post about this DVD

rachel, thanks :)

maria, 已经残了咯。看到背景了吗?每天都是酱,更糟的都有。

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