Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blog Break...

Dear All, I just received instruction from my commander that to announce Blog Break woh... as we are going back KL tomorrow morning flight MH371 :)

Break for how long ah?

eeeerrrrrrr hope able to stay back KL for one month there (again depend on Lee assignment loh...打工仔) BUT also hope to find time to update something here from time to time too...(if someone using 'carefree' WIFI near our apartment kekekeke OR else need to get some bandwidth from my sister who is staying next block kekekeke BUT when go there to chat only lah)

*posted by Leecs...25th April 2006...2 more minutes to go then will be today going home liao...*

Monday, April 24, 2006

轩言轩语 IV

Below conversation been long overdue, but I want to jot it down before I announce my blog break. Yes, we will be back to Malaysia again on Wednesday morning.


爹地给他下了一跳!(Daddy got frighten by Xuan!)
Xuan: 你看!嘘嘘red color (You see! red color urine!)
I wonder is Xuan color blind or what, because he can’t recognize color correctly no matter who many times we teach and show it to him. After some time later, I am very sure he is not color blind. *phew*


Xuan will inform us if there is any SMS coming. One day when my computer switched to save mode, Xuan accidentally touched the mouse and the screen reappear, he thought that is also a SMS coming and call out loud:
“Mummy, SMS 来了!(SMS coming!)


Xuan looks into our eyes, and saw his own reflection in our eyeball and he connected it to the mirror and was so excited. He keeps saying: mirror! mirror!” (got mirror!)


Daddy farts loudly when playing with Xuan.
Xuan: “Daddy uhmm-uhmm 出来了!(Daddy poo-poo came out already!)
He then walks far far away from Daddy.


Xuan went to lie down on the sofa, and said:
躺这边,我很舒服。(lie here, I feel very comfortable.)


Jump up onto his bed and pretended to swim, at the same time saying: “Swimming, swimming, 游泳, 游泳。


Xuan pointed to the blue sky...
“妈咪,今天好天气!” (Mummy, today good weather!)
and sometimes saying:
“今天没有大大风。” (Today no strong wind)


What goes around, come around. Daddy got this from Xuan:
(Daddy’s hand very cold, go away don’t touch Xuan-Xuan.)


Shows his love to Daddy and Mummy…
We gave him ice-cream, and he offers us a bite.
“爹地/妈咪吃一下,很好吃。” (Daddy/Mummy eat some, very yummy.)


He saw Daddy bring out big mug of hot coffee, Xuan was telling Daddy:
Daddy coffee 烧烧,不要喝先。” (Daddy the coffee is hot, don’t drink first.)


When we know he is lying,
Mummy: “你骗妈咪,讲骗话会怎样?” (You lie to Mummy, how if you lying?)
Xuan: “鼻子长长开flower。” (Nose become long-long and grows flower.)
(We told him if he lying, his nose will be like Pinnochio’s become long-long and grows flower.)


Mummy: “噢,air-con 来了。” (oh, air-con come already)
Xuan: Air-con 有脚,没有脚怎样来。” (Air-con got legs, no legs how to come.)


Below are some other phrases from Xuan.

“轩轩生气了。妈咪弄轩轩生气了。” (Xuan-Xuan angry already, Mummy makes Xuan-Xuan angry already.)

“我放屁很大声。” (I fart very loud)

“妈咪我喜欢这个Bob-Builder,我要Bob-Builder抱抱。” (Mummy I like this Bod-Builder, I want Bod-Builder hug hug.)

“妈咪,我好像肚子饿。” (Mummy, I am like hungry.)

“爹地来,来陪轩轩看。”(He wants Daddy accompany to watch DVD.)

“妈咪你看,有reflection! (Mummy you see, got reflection!)
Pointing at the reflection of the ceiling light on the platinized water tab)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Ghost Story

She doesn’t believe in ghost, but I do. There are spirits aka ghost everywhere, and if you don’t step on their tail, they won’t disturb you. 人不犯鬼,鬼不犯人Nicole Kidman’s movie ‘The Others’, is the best way to explain how IT live with us in the same world but different dimension.

Today I am going to tell u a real story, a real ghost story. I witnessed what actually had happened to my Sis#4 and her friends.

Many years ago, Sis#4 had to move and stay in Malacca town to pursue her Form Six study. She studied in Gajah Berang High School, which is located next to Sek Kia Eng on the right side. On the other side of Sek Kia Eng, there is an old shop lot, but u can still see the old sign of "Hotel" 客栈 hanging on top of the entrance. Sis#4 and her friends (3 or 4 girl friends) rented a room in that shop lot, because it is nearer to their school. I can’t remember how long they had been staying there, but I do remember they moved out in a lightning speed. Why? Because that shop is haunted!

One day, they woke up and found fresh bloodstain all over their pyjamas, bed sheet, blanket, floor, toilet, and even on their soap! Knock your head and don’t tell me that it was mosquitoes’ blood. If you think so, then that mosquito would have been flying and vomiting blood at the same time, and it must be a giant mosquito as there were bloods everywhere. They felt something wrong but they ignored it, but this happen again on the next day and the following days. I couldn’t really remember whether they call their landlord to clarify about this weird thing or not.

One night, before Sis went to sleep, she set her alarm to 6AM. Her alarm rang, she woke up and checked on the clock and it pointed at 6am sharp. She always bath and wash her hair early in the morning, so was that day. After coming out from the toilet, she woke her roommate up for changing. Her roommate told her that it was only 3am in the morning and asked why did she wake up so early! Sis was shocked and quickly checked her clock again and now, the clock was pointing at 3! Gosh! My Sis went back to sleep, but she could hear people walking up and down on the staircase loudly. The sound was very loud and annoying, so she went to inspect what was going on. Once she opened her room door, the sound stopped. It was so dark outside, with no light and human sign. She was scared and went back to her bed quickly. Then, she heard someone flipping the newspaper, angrily. This time, she dared not to check on it but closed her eyes and forced herself to sleep. The next day, she told her housemate about what happened last night. She was shocked to know that most of them had experienced the same thing, like newspaper flipping angrily, sound from the staircase and so on.

They were all alarmed by then, but still didn’t show sign of moving out yet. Later on, one by one, they fall sick. No medicine could cure the weird sickness. One of sis’s friend’s face started to swollen on one side for unknown reason. The doctor couldn’t find any reason to explain the cause. So, the girl’s parent went to ask help from a God, in one of the famous temples, the God told them, that the fierce female ghost who was rapped and murdered, at a young age in the ancient hotel slapped her. Her spirit couldn’t rest in peace and she was searching for “replacement”. The God advised all of them to move out as soon as possible, and the time must be at 12PM. It is the only time when the sun is right at the top of our head and there will be no shadow of us. I guess ghosts can hide under our shadow and follow us everywhere. My dad and I went to help my sis to move out on that day. I didn’t feel like entering the shop in the beginning, but was afraid to wait outside the shop too. Finally, I went in. The shop was dark and gloomy; I wonder why my sis wanted to rent it in the beginning. I walked pass the staircase and went to the middle part of the shop. There was a skylight and a spiral staircase leading up to a room. Curiosity led me up the spiral staircase and I saw a closed door pasted with old and a bit torn “Fu” 符. Sensing something was wrong; I quickly walked down the staircase and got out the shop.

The story wasn’t finished yet. After they moved out and reached home, they had to cut and burn the cloths and everything that had bloodstain on it. I helped my sis with that. After that, they recovered from their unknown sickness.

The end.

BTW, I also have an invisible genie behind my screen to correct my writing. *grins*

Update on 2253:

Almost forgot to mention about what had happened at my Bro#2’s company last year, very interesting! Please read here and here. And now, how do you explain about that?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

“Golden City” ?? 满城尽带黄金甲

Sand storm hit Beijing on Monday morning. Covered News please refer to following links:

English version read here and here
Chinese version read here

Early Monday morning, Xuan was up and requested for milk. When I stepped out from my bedroom, all I could see was yellowish-light from outside the window illuminated my whole interior. Hence, I went on to peep down and I was shocked to see that everything, floors, roofs, and cars were covered with yellowish sand! And the sky was so yellow too!

It was horrible!

"Golden Rain" is pouring... 老天竟下起“黄金雨”来了!

Above left: People busy washing their car.
Above right: The petrol station located opposite my apartment, roof and ground are covered with “golden sand”.

(that is a sun or a moon?)

Above photos are taken from our apartment.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


“前必有古人,后继有来者。” ~ 土阿妈










Thursday, April 13, 2006

客人来 Visitors



We have friends from Jakarta visited from last Saturday, they left this morning. My house environment suddenly became so lively and happening. Xuan was very kind towards our guest (Always generous in his own territory).

We visited few tourism and historical places together, and tasted a lot of delicious and famous local food. On Tuesday, I brought Xuan visited few places with friends, all alone without daddy present. Xuan always well behave when daddy not around. I can bring him travel alone now, but as for safety wise it wouldn’t allow us to do it often.


Last night, when our friend was busy packing her stuffs, Xuan was in her room trying to ‘help out’. I heard the noise from the room so I quickly went in to stop Xuan from disturbing, at the same time I was talking to friend.

Mummy: “Xuan go out, 不要 kacau auntie!” (Do not disturb auntie)
*Xuan quickly run out from the room while I still talking to friend. Then I heard him told his daddy*
Xuan: “Mummy 在里面 kacau auntie.” O_o||| (Mummy are in the room disturbing auntie)

Later, when he was on his potty doing ‘big business’, me again went into friend’s room to chat with her. Xuan calling aloud from our room

“Mummy !”
*Daddy quickly attend to him, but he continue saying*
“Mummy 快出来,不要去 kacau auntie!” >_<


Friday, April 07, 2006





我将这一首诗献给这个男孩。已经不是第一次dedicate post 给他啰,只因他最近在某些事上不是很顺利。干嘛点这首诗给他?因为我这儿现在是春天,他那儿常年都像夏天。再说,他和蚊子很有缘。


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Memory 记忆

Just now when I bathe Xuan, after washed hair I found out the body bath already finished. So I took out the new bottle to replace with the empty one, and then continue to bathe him.

Xuan: 妈咪拿过新的。(Mummy took new one)
Mummy: 是咯,那个用完了。(Yes, that one finished already)
Xuan: 这个很香!(This one smells nice!)
Mummy: 是吗?这个很香咩?(Is it? This smells very nice?)
Xuan: 这个KL也是有!这个一样的,KL有的!(KL also got this! This one same with KL one! KL got!)
Mummy: O.o 噢,是咧!这个跟 KL的一样的!(Oh, yes! This is same with KL one!)
Xuan: “White color (bottle), 一样的!” (White color bottle, same one!)

Very surprise that he still can remember the body bath he use in KL. He even acknowledges how nice the body bath smell! How amazing ya!! :)

What I learnt:
Kids noticing every single little thing, and they can remember them well. From the toys they plays, the bed they sleep, the place they went, the food they ate, till the shampoo or body bath they use.
As a parent, don’t try to fool your kids, they will know! 别轻视他们!:p

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

There goes my heart 掏心

This afternoon, while Xuan was having his milk alone in the room and I was doing washing up in the kitchen, one of the cleaner came to tell me something I inquired. Xuan heard the stranger’s voice and start crying and calling me to go in to the room, because he is scared of stranger. After the cleaner gone, I quickly go in to sooth him and told him that is Ah Yee 阿姨 came to look for mummy. In the meantime, Xuan shown me he has finished his milk. So I offer to accompany him to sleep (usually I won’t stay by his side for the nap time, he will drifted to sleep after finished his milk alone). I lay beside him and closed my eyes.

Xuan start to kiss me on my cheek, then my mouth, and cheek, mouth, cheek, mouth, keep on repeating many times. Later,

Xuan: 最后一次了。(this is the last time)
Mummy: “Oh, ok.”
Xuan: *Muack* (kiss on my cheek hardly)
Mummy: “ok, good boy. Go to sleep fast.”
… … …
… … …
Xuan: 妈咪要抹地了。(mummy wants to mop floor already)
Mummy: *huh?!* “Oh, 是咯,你自己睡ok?” (Oh, yes, you sleep on you own ok?)
Xuan: *nodded his head*

Then I go out to continue my chores. When I return to the room 15mins later, Xuan was sounds asleep already.

Monday, April 03, 2006

"I Love U"

Barney fever!! If you like Barney, sure you will like this. If you don't, you still will like this. :)

"I love u, u love me~~"

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