Tuesday, April 18, 2006

“Golden City” ?? 满城尽带黄金甲

Sand storm hit Beijing on Monday morning. Covered News please refer to following links:

English version read here and here
Chinese version read here

Early Monday morning, Xuan was up and requested for milk. When I stepped out from my bedroom, all I could see was yellowish-light from outside the window illuminated my whole interior. Hence, I went on to peep down and I was shocked to see that everything, floors, roofs, and cars were covered with yellowish sand! And the sky was so yellow too!

It was horrible!

"Golden Rain" is pouring... 老天竟下起“黄金雨”来了!

Above left: People busy washing their car.
Above right: The petrol station located opposite my apartment, roof and ground are covered with “golden sand”.

(that is a sun or a moon?)

Above photos are taken from our apartment.


Egghead said...

wah lau! first time hear such a thing... the air must be quite unhealthy then? stay in-door!

maria @ twinsmom said...


Jesslyn said...

Ya, so horrible hor , i saw last night's new too! Better stay at home, dun let xuan go anywhere for time being!

AsleyLee said...


Zara's Mama said...

Where did the sand come from?
My friend was in Beijing last week.. and she experianced a bit of it.. she said it was horrible.

Tracy said...

Read the links. Wah, dat bad huh? So, do the people still go to work or stay indoor?

The haze in M'sia is oredi bad but the sandstorm? Can imagine if people are to go out, they might be eating sand. Eeeee......

Blogie-Talkie said...

ya, I heard about this in news, was thinking about you guy.

1+2mom said...

Beijing not quit far from the desert mer?? Still can get this sand storm, very scary.

shiaulin said...

hi all,
yes, this is 沙尘暴 happen quite often to Beijing during Spring. Thanks goodness we are all fine, me and Xuan have to stay home but daddy still gotta go to work loh. According to the paper, the sand are from 内蒙古沙地. Predicted going to have another 3 sandstorms within 10 days from now! when the sandstorm hits, people here use 纱布 or 丝巾 to cover their head when they expose under it.

More detail about how and why this sandstorm can be happen in Beijing, please read the link lah. (very malas to explain it here as i also dunno how to explain in simple way, afraid tersalah exlain tim :P)

Greenapple said...


Anonymous said...

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