Thursday, April 06, 2006

Memory 记忆

Just now when I bathe Xuan, after washed hair I found out the body bath already finished. So I took out the new bottle to replace with the empty one, and then continue to bathe him.

Xuan: 妈咪拿过新的。(Mummy took new one)
Mummy: 是咯,那个用完了。(Yes, that one finished already)
Xuan: 这个很香!(This one smells nice!)
Mummy: 是吗?这个很香咩?(Is it? This smells very nice?)
Xuan: 这个KL也是有!这个一样的,KL有的!(KL also got this! This one same with KL one! KL got!)
Mummy: O.o 噢,是咧!这个跟 KL的一样的!(Oh, yes! This is same with KL one!)
Xuan: “White color (bottle), 一样的!” (White color bottle, same one!)

Very surprise that he still can remember the body bath he use in KL. He even acknowledges how nice the body bath smell! How amazing ya!! :)

What I learnt:
Kids noticing every single little thing, and they can remember them well. From the toys they plays, the bed they sleep, the place they went, the food they ate, till the shampoo or body bath they use.
As a parent, don’t try to fool your kids, they will know! 别轻视他们!:p


Egghead said...

my son also loves to use the phrase "一样的"... is amazing how good their memory are :)

leecs said...

hey, Egghead, sometime my son will tell me that he loves KL and as usual i will asked him why he loves KL so much and he will say :
"KL 有 trailer, oil tanker, jeep..."

*the oil tanker and trailer refer to the toy that u bought for him :)*

Tracy said...

Ya, ya, don't ever try to fool the kids. They tend to remember the things which we can't remember ourselves and they'll keep reminding us too. But if they have been naughty and when u ask them why they were naughty, they'll forget (hahaha).

yl said...

ermmmm... did you ship all his body bath from KL in bulk?!?!?! :|

Potential Mom said...


then next time his memory sure good good.... hmm.... potential potential..

mumsgather said...

Ya. My kids favourite biscuits are called "hotel biscuits" cos they ate the biscuits at a hotel.

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah.. their database is storing every little things we say or do or they experiance.. scary!

Allyfeel said...

Wow...very good memory he has eh? I can't fool my son either at things, he will remember. Some more has preference on 香香 shower gel. :)

Adrian & Alvan said...

Ya dont try to fool the kids, they memory is amazing.
Like my son, he remember everything I told him, if I forgotten or say wrongly he will said 你讲错了啊!你忘记了啊?.
*rolling eyes*

1+2mom said...

My son remember the Genting Hotel when he watch the Mr Bean series that he stay in the hotel, my son will shout :" same like Genting hor."

shiaulin said...

yes! 一样的!


they seems can auto filtered those unpleasant memory. :D

Johnson baby bath mah, can get it here in Beijing too.

hopefully lah.

haha... yes, Xuan also shout out loud in supermarket "mummy's biscuit" when he saw the biscuit usually I eat.

but something we want them to remember but they don't! =.=

hi, nice to have u here! ur son also very smart and cute ya. I just started to read ur blog and found out that ur bb is about 3 weeks older than my Xuan! :)

thanks for dropping by. yah, amazing their memory, "Mimi 你忘记了啊哈?"! haha...

keke.. another boy like to use the word "same" hehe...

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shiaulin said...


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