Wednesday, April 05, 2006

There goes my heart 掏心

This afternoon, while Xuan was having his milk alone in the room and I was doing washing up in the kitchen, one of the cleaner came to tell me something I inquired. Xuan heard the stranger’s voice and start crying and calling me to go in to the room, because he is scared of stranger. After the cleaner gone, I quickly go in to sooth him and told him that is Ah Yee 阿姨 came to look for mummy. In the meantime, Xuan shown me he has finished his milk. So I offer to accompany him to sleep (usually I won’t stay by his side for the nap time, he will drifted to sleep after finished his milk alone). I lay beside him and closed my eyes.

Xuan start to kiss me on my cheek, then my mouth, and cheek, mouth, cheek, mouth, keep on repeating many times. Later,

Xuan: 最后一次了。(this is the last time)
Mummy: “Oh, ok.”
Xuan: *Muack* (kiss on my cheek hardly)
Mummy: “ok, good boy. Go to sleep fast.”
… … …
… … …
Xuan: 妈咪要抹地了。(mummy wants to mop floor already)
Mummy: *huh?!* “Oh, 是咯,你自己睡ok?” (Oh, yes, you sleep on you own ok?)
Xuan: *nodded his head*

Then I go out to continue my chores. When I return to the room 15mins later, Xuan was sounds asleep already.


Potential Mom said...

fuiyoh...!! kiss so many times o....!!!

geng...!!! so..ur heart melt aredi...??

ekeke..ur boy very cute lar...

maria @ twinsmom said...

哗...真的好窝心呢... 谁说女孩子比较贴心,男孩子也很贴心嘛。Lee 有吃醋没有?嘻嘻嘻...

Jason said...

Che wah, gonna be a popular boy among gals next time.

Lazymama said...

Wow, so sweet! And I am so envios! My Yee Ching never did that to me! I have to beg her to kiss me! Is it boy sweeter than girl?

Jesslyn said...

so sweet & so good boy can sleep alone without mummy's accompany!

Egghead said...

this mommy everyday also mop floor one... even the son also know liao... buay tahan :P

so sweet ah Xuan :)

Blogie-Talkie said...


Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. so lovey dovey!!!
Better than husband kiss hor? Husband kiss got 'reason' one *ahem*.. son kiss really because he loves you.

Tracy said...

Xuan will go to sleep on his own? How nice and how I wish my Destinee will go to sleep on her own. She cannot go to sleep (esp. at nite) without me beside her. In the afternoon, my maid has to accompany her until she doze off. "Zhen Ma Fun".

leecs said...

this boy only do this for afternoon nap, night time he will shouted loud if found no one beside him :(

yeah, he will do the same to me too, mainly in the morning once he woke up and climbed on me and start kissing my face....kekekekekeke

the one 'lump' me most is recently he learnt to ask with '吗?'

"这个jelly很yummy, daddy要吗" *hand me one piece of jelly from his bowl with smiling face*

....the way he ask...beh tahan.. :)

mumsgather said...

Such an affectionate little boy! Aiyoh! Geramnya. And he looks it too. ie cheeky and adorable. Please, can I pinch his cheeks? Hehe.

shiaulin said...

yeah loh very "lump" leh... *grins from cheek to cheek*

我的轩很会做人,早上亲爹地,下午亲妈咪,晚上两个都亲!:D :D

hehe.. then u gotta learn from him loh :P

wah u changed name liao, yeah i know why lah got read ur blog too mah. :P
before my Xuan now how to speak, i always envy those who have daughter (especially maria who have twins girl). I read their blog and found their daughter very affectionate and lovey dovey. I think boy wont do that but i am wrong, see my xuan now kekeke... so u no need to worry lah, as ur yee cheng sure will grow much attach to u soon lah.

jesslyn & tracy,
afternoon nap ok lah, but at night i still have to accompany him loh. He afraid of dark, and yet he prefer to off all the light before goes to sleep.

kekeke... u should have know me well mah :P Xuan know his mummy well too :D :D


haha.. once ur husband kiss u, u know what he want liao issit?? :P

the way he ask, can't resist hor?! kekeke...

I believe ur baby also very lovey dovey type lah, right? hehehe...

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

ai yo...your say until like that, next time if I got a football team how? I think I will be crazy.

Allyfeel said...

I think your xuan is a sentimental boy...feels deeply for things. My son too will kiss me very gently and lovingly on my nose and mouth.

That really feel good, aren't they?

shiaulin said...

why crazy? should be very happy wat?

sometimes... sentimental ppl will love and appreciate everything around them, but my Xuan seems to be like to abuse his toys! headache.

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