Monday, April 24, 2006

轩言轩语 IV

Below conversation been long overdue, but I want to jot it down before I announce my blog break. Yes, we will be back to Malaysia again on Wednesday morning.


爹地给他下了一跳!(Daddy got frighten by Xuan!)
Xuan: 你看!嘘嘘red color (You see! red color urine!)
I wonder is Xuan color blind or what, because he can’t recognize color correctly no matter who many times we teach and show it to him. After some time later, I am very sure he is not color blind. *phew*


Xuan will inform us if there is any SMS coming. One day when my computer switched to save mode, Xuan accidentally touched the mouse and the screen reappear, he thought that is also a SMS coming and call out loud:
“Mummy, SMS 来了!(SMS coming!)


Xuan looks into our eyes, and saw his own reflection in our eyeball and he connected it to the mirror and was so excited. He keeps saying: mirror! mirror!” (got mirror!)


Daddy farts loudly when playing with Xuan.
Xuan: “Daddy uhmm-uhmm 出来了!(Daddy poo-poo came out already!)
He then walks far far away from Daddy.


Xuan went to lie down on the sofa, and said:
躺这边,我很舒服。(lie here, I feel very comfortable.)


Jump up onto his bed and pretended to swim, at the same time saying: “Swimming, swimming, 游泳, 游泳。


Xuan pointed to the blue sky...
“妈咪,今天好天气!” (Mummy, today good weather!)
and sometimes saying:
“今天没有大大风。” (Today no strong wind)


What goes around, come around. Daddy got this from Xuan:
(Daddy’s hand very cold, go away don’t touch Xuan-Xuan.)


Shows his love to Daddy and Mummy…
We gave him ice-cream, and he offers us a bite.
“爹地/妈咪吃一下,很好吃。” (Daddy/Mummy eat some, very yummy.)


He saw Daddy bring out big mug of hot coffee, Xuan was telling Daddy:
Daddy coffee 烧烧,不要喝先。” (Daddy the coffee is hot, don’t drink first.)


When we know he is lying,
Mummy: “你骗妈咪,讲骗话会怎样?” (You lie to Mummy, how if you lying?)
Xuan: “鼻子长长开flower。” (Nose become long-long and grows flower.)
(We told him if he lying, his nose will be like Pinnochio’s become long-long and grows flower.)


Mummy: “噢,air-con 来了。” (oh, air-con come already)
Xuan: Air-con 有脚,没有脚怎样来。” (Air-con got legs, no legs how to come.)


Below are some other phrases from Xuan.

“轩轩生气了。妈咪弄轩轩生气了。” (Xuan-Xuan angry already, Mummy makes Xuan-Xuan angry already.)

“我放屁很大声。” (I fart very loud)

“妈咪我喜欢这个Bob-Builder,我要Bob-Builder抱抱。” (Mummy I like this Bod-Builder, I want Bod-Builder hug hug.)

“妈咪,我好像肚子饿。” (Mummy, I am like hungry.)

“爹地来,来陪轩轩看。”(He wants Daddy accompany to watch DVD.)

“妈咪你看,有reflection! (Mummy you see, got reflection!)
Pointing at the reflection of the ceiling light on the platinized water tab)


Egghead said...

good lah... talk a lot like my son :)

maria @ twinsmom said...

LOL... daddy 放屁,轩走远远。很聪明。不要好像两个姐姐一样 -- daddy 放屁,她们跑去daddy后面看,神经病。

Greenapple said...

Daddy farts loudly when playing with Xuan.
Xuan: “Daddy uhmm-uhmm 出来了!” (Daddy poo-poo came out already!)
He then walks far far away from Daddy.



Mummy: “噢,air-con 来了。” (oh, air-con come already)
Xuan: “Air-con 有脚,没有脚怎样来。”




Mummy: “噢,air-con 来了。” (oh, air-con come already)
Xuan: “Air-con 有脚,没有脚怎样来。”





Greenapple said...

have a safe trip back home. have more M'sian food on my behalf, ya?

will miss you all.

Zara's Mama said...

For a boy, he really speaks very well..

And at this age, they talk, don't have to worry about people's feelings one or feel embarrased by the things they say one hor?

“Daddy uhmm-uhmm 出来了!”


Potential Mom said...

wahahha....!! yeah got chance to meet u again......

ehhe..xuan xuan very cute...!!

1+2mom said...

Have a safe journey!!! Hope can meet you again this time :P

You xuan clever ler can talk so much, but my gals sometime i dunno what they said??

AsleyLee said...

Wow, have a wonderful holiday in M'sia. See you!!

Allyfeel said...

Whao, Xuan can talk so much and so well huh? Bb still baby talk sometimes.

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