Monday, April 03, 2006

"I Love U"

Barney fever!! If you like Barney, sure you will like this. If you don't, you still will like this. :)

"I love u, u love me~~"


Jason said...

Che wah... Clever boy!!!

But why Barney?!?!?!?

mumsgather said...

Cute! He didn't get distracted by the camera? He even looked at it. Haha. A natural actor/singer you got there huh? I can't video my kids singing it tho they love to cos they'd run up and try to grab the video.

1+2mom said...

He so clever ler!!My gals still cant sing that song just know to say i love you :)

Jesslyn said...

My house got a Barney fans too! :)

yl said...

hehehe... i dun really like the purple barney, but i certainly like your baby... when would his CD and VCDs be out?!?!?! :P

Zara's Mama said...

If he sings this song to you it'll become your elixir also.. :P

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

puple 恐龙 very scary...I see liao scare scare

but my two little devil like it leh...they even have the jaint 恐龙 as their pilliow.

Blogie-Talkie said...

When I was playing the video clip, my son is watching and asked: "it's Barney?" and sing along too. Video him while he did this, Once I know how to uplaod the clip to my blog, I will share it with you.

maria @ twinsmom said...

why I cannot see you video wan? send me the link can ah? myTube wan isn't it? after reload PC, a lot of plug-in not yet plug in.

Blogie-Talkie said...

How come cannot uplaod video to my blog? Marial told me to sign up YouTube, get the code and paste to my new post,, where do I paste it to? Paste it in the upload image bar..?Cannot lah, in Blogger, ther have no help information about video clip to help me.. can you help me?
Thank you

maria @ twinsmom said...

Oh, can see liao....

LOL... 当相机没到。

never let my girls watch Burney, because I hate the pruple dinosaur.

Potential Mom said...

i lvoe u... u love me...we r happy family....

this is the song which can make my tears flow down to my cheek when my last day work at Qdees...


shiaulin said...

thanks for ur compliment. Why Barney? cos he seems like attracted to the theme song when he watch it in Paed clinic, so mah buy for him loh.

yes sometimes Xuan also did that, but i told him if he grab the cam then i not be able to record him sing then later he cannot watch also loh. (he like to watch his one movie clips)

won't it be enuf if they just say "I love U"? ;)

I like those song, but not the purple dinosaur.

hehe.. u wanna invest on him anot? :P

oh yes! in fact, he did sing it to me! when he sing 'great big hug' he will hug me, then 'and a kiss from me to u' he will kiss me. :)

potential mom,
hmm.. this bring back so much memory to u huh?!

hope u wont 发噩梦 after watch his video :P

hey how come ur video still not up yet?? can't wait to see urs liao !!

because u don't like that purple dinosaur, ur girls no chance to watch too. :(
hey i also hate the purple dinosaur leh, especially when he trying to act cute. *puke* but those songs are quite nice leh.

Tracy said...

Ur voice's so cute. Love u too, Xuan - from Auntie Tracy and Rou Rou (Destinee's name in Mandarin) jeh jeh.

Destinee used to be scared of the purple dinosaur but now she's beginning to like it and sometimes when I asked her why she did dat (something she learnt from Barney's shows), she would say "Barney said".

shiaulin said...

haha... Barney said... hohoho...
really lah, purple color mya dinosaur... yewww... =___="

Allyfeel said...

His voice like cute. But how come his mouth move so little and can still sing one??? :P

shiaulin said...

lagging gua, but the back ground music is from the Barney VCD I play for him.

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