Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blog Break

Will Be Back

Do u see?! Can u see the nice animated flower? haha... It's my special gift from Maria ! Maria, thousand thanx to u ! *misty eyes*
Boy come, go give Anutie Maria a big kiss and hugs,


I am now officially announcing my blog break.
If you miss my blog very much, please go read my archives. *Not many posting anyway
If you have finished reading all my archives, please go read my hubby’s blog.
If you have finished reading my hubby's archives, then please go read my bro's blog. *He is still fresh in blog sphere, so also not many posting though ;)
If still bore, go read my entire link (blog-kaki), they all have very nice blog too.

Why am I having my blog break? Cause…
I am going back home ~ Malaysia !!!!! Woo-hoo-hoo !!!

So, will stop blogging for 3 weeks I guess. However, I will be back in anytime, stay tuned.

FYI, my KL fix line already terminated but I will try to blog hopping whenever got the chance to do so.
Thanx again maria :)

Monday, September 19, 2005

A true funny story

This is a true story, and its real funny one…

Long time ago, in a small town live a small family with 3 kids, all boys. One day, one of the little boys went to the kindergarten as usual by school bus. When about time the classes end, he feels a bit of stomachache. Afraid of missing the bus, he holds up the desire to go to the toilet. The boy feels uneasiness while waiting to get into the bus. Finally, the boy turns to get on to the bus. During the moment of stepping up the bus, a thing drops out from the boy’s pants.

“Boy u has dropped something!” The bus driver uncle quickly calls,
“Never mind,” the little boy answered,
“Why never mind? I saw it drop out from your pocket!”
“Really never mind leh…”
“What is that then?”
Then boy walk close to the uncle, whisper in his ear …
“It’s ….”
“What?” the uncle never hear him,
“It’s my shit!”

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Kena Tag for 7 things...

This post went missing for more than 24 hours without me notice! Me loh.. pandai-pandai go edit the HTML until got error cannot display :p ok now its back again.

Got tag by Maria and this is the first time being tag! Thought I will be always lucky enough to escape from being tag but…. hehe..

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

  1. Pray hard for hubby to strike big prize in lottery and save up sufficient amount for my boy’s study plan. Then use the remains sum for travel around the world with hubby and my boy.
  2. Pray hard for hubby to strike big prize in lottery and save up sufficient amount for my boy’s study plan. Then use the remains sum to buy me a nice condominium, I want to design it myself too.
  3. Pray hard for hubby to strike big prize in lottery and save up sufficient amount for my boy’s study plan. Then use the remains sum to buy me a nice car. Then I can drive my boy everywhere I wish too.
  4. Pray hard for hubby to strike big prize in lottery and save up sufficient amount for my boy’s study plan. Then give the remains sum to me, so I can buy Xuan everything I wanted to get for him, ex. clothes, shoes, toys etc… etc… etc…
  5. Pray hard for hubby to strike big prize in lottery and save up sufficient amount for my boy’s study plan. Then give the remains sum to me, then I can go have my expensive spa, facial, buy nice clothes, shoes, jewellery etc… etc… etc…
  6. Still pray hard for hubby to strike big prize in lottery and save up sufficient amount for my boy’s study plan. That is so many things I can do with the money, ex. charity.
  7. If I will have to know I am dying soon, I will write as many letters as I can to my boy but state it year by year. Means from now 2 years old until Xuan is 35 years old or older. Will pass it to my closes sister and ask her to give to Xuan every year one by one on his birthday. This job cannot leave to my hubby because the content of the letter might involve him/his new wife (if hubby happens to remarried after I die lar). Will teach my Xuan how to ‘deal’ with the step-mum if she not treating him good… *evil grins*

Btw, hubby didn’t buy lottery leh, so? *rolling eyes*

Seven things I could do:

  1. Take care of my boy.
  2. Take care of my hubby.
  3. Cook for my boy.
  4. Cook for my hubby.
  5. Teach and play with my boy.
  6. Share my hubby’s worry.
  7. Take as many photos for both of them too.

Seven celebrity crushes:

  1. Takuya Kimura 木村拓哉
  2. Keanu Reeves
  3. David Beckham
  4. Tony Leung Chiu Wai 梁朝伟
  5. Carina Liu Jia Ling刘嘉玲
  6. Meg Ryan
  7. Yep! Totoro too!!

Seven often repeated words:

  1. No! no! boy no!
  2. Don’t throw ur toys!
  3. Want shh-shh anot?
  4. Boy don’t climb!
  5. 你很麻烦哩!(u very troublesome leh!)
  6. Ooi ! mummy ‘piak’ u then u know! (beat buttock)
  7. Go watch ur tv/ read ur book/ play ur toys, don’t come into the kitchen!
Updated on 19 Sept 2005,

"Goob boy... mummy love u." I notice I saying this more often nowadays, maybe because I am in good holiday mood liao kua ;)

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:

  1. eyes
  2. mouth
  3. hair
  4. dressing
  5. skin
  6. hand
  7. the make-ups

Seven tags go to:

  1. Bro Peng Shyong
  2. Xuan mummy
  3. leecs’s wife
  4. ZhiXuan’s mum
  5. Junior Lee’s mum
  6. Simple woman
  7. Simple woman simple life

Don’t expect to see what big ambitious in me lar, I am just a simple woman as stated in my blog profile anyway ;)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Xuan mumbling

"dumpppp truck... mixness (mixer)... crane... digger... digger... truck.... mixness.... dumppp truck..."
"..... ....."
"car-car... car-car... plis-car-car (police car)... plis-car-car..."
"..... ....."
"road roller.... baby (baby einstein DVD)... baby... baby..."
"..... ....."
"daddy... mummy... daddy... ma-mi-mi... ma-mi-mi... daddy"
"..... ....."
"mid-bao (面包-bread)... mid-bao... biscuits... biscuits..."
"..... ....."

Every morning while I am busy preparing for the lunch in the kitchen, I overheard Xuan talking to himself... hehe... Isn't he cute ?? :)

see !! hurt his lip again... ai...

Xuan has hurt his lip many times already, but this time is the worst. the wound so deep and bleed so much like a running water tab. Look at the pic, so pitiful hor… Aiyoh this naughty son jumping on the sofa and play ‘chak’ with daddy till too happy then accidentally hit on the sofa and bitten his lip loh…

Luckily children’s metabolism very high, he recovered within a day and today he is ok already. We so worried if the wound get worse cause china here very hard to get a good paediatrician or any kind of good doctor (1st time heard ppl complaint bout china no 'good' doc? hehe...). This naughty… always make us worry…

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Great joke

Got an email from friend with this funny joke, just wanna share it out...

An old man was sitting on a bench at the mall.
A teenager sat down next to him. He had spiked hair that was red, orange, yellow, green, blue & violet. The old man stared. Whenever the teen looked, the old man was staring.

Finally, the teenager said sarcastically: "What's the matter, old boy, never done anything wild in your life?"

Without missing a beat the old man replied: "Got drunk once and had sex with a peacock. Just wondering if you were my son."


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Recipe from Maria ~ Milk granules Prawn

Bought some prawn last week, until 2 days ago only I realized its still freezing in my fridge. Ok took it out and staring for whole day, don’t know how to cook it. Cook butter prawn again? Or sweet and sour prawn? Or tom yam taste??? Ai… can’t decide as too boring liao… suddenly *ting* I can try out Maria’s ‘5 star dish’ ---> ‘Milk granules prawn’!!! Woohoho… lets try it out. Therefore, I go check out her blog again. Ok, most of the ingredients I have but curry leaf? OMG! I don’t have it! How ar? Then recall last time hubby did say can replace it with dried chilli mah…. Good idea hehe..

Ta da da…..

Of course, it turns out yummy too!! Yeehehe…thanks Maria, I am going to cook this 5 star dish for coming Sunday’s makan-makan at my house. Hubby loves it so much and he requires me to cook this dish and show it to his colleagues haha!!

*actually, my first try of cooking the granule failed. My Ikea wok can’t stand the heat and during the stirring progress, it gets burn. Then I tried second times with frying pan then the result is very good :)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Big Boy-boy

“Mummy ~~ 抱抱… 抱抱…” Xuan jumping on the sofa and want me to carry,
“Ok… wait…” still don’t bother him and doing my own stuff,
“…..” walk towards my boy and carry him
Xuan hug me tight, place his head on my shoulder, and hand patting my back then say,
“yang-yang… yang-yang…” (sayang-sayang)


Bathe time…
“倒倒倒…” Pour water onto the toilet floor,
“Boy don’t do that please, see the floor all wet and slippery liao, later mummy fall down HOW?”
I expect him to answer with his usual simple “Uh-oh”, but
Xuan look at me and thought for a while, then look at the cloth hanging beside the basin, and then pointed at the cloth,


Daddy sitting on the sofa with Xuan sitting on his tummy,
“Daddy… 起来…起来…起来…”

Xuan thought for a while, pointing at the window,
“去看灯” Xuan want to see the garden light.


How clever I…
Xuan jumping on my bed, he saw his toy cat is placing on the bedside table, he then walk towards it. He attempts to get it few times with standing position but afraid of falling down the bed. Then I saw him retreat a bit and lie prone on the bed and craw forwards to get the toy cat on the bedside table.


How clever II…
“拿拿拿…” Xuan attempt to get the salt container I place on the kitchen counter top but couldn't reach it.
“Xuan go out please, u not suppose to come into the kitchen and playing with the cooking stuff.”
Xuan walk out quietly… but then he returns after few moments with his little stool in his hands.
He places the stool right in front of the counter top and stand on it, and then he got the salt container…


From above conversation and reaction, may see Xuan really grew up already…
Although it might seem rather simple and plain conversation to u, but this is so much joys and great comfort for a mother.
That’s my boy!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005



这趣事是发生在我很小的时候..... 有听过‘八角’这种香料吗?也许有人已经知道这故事了,因我曾在土阿妈的留言里简约的说过。但详细的故事是这样的....







阿婆:“oh boh liao ! bog liao ! puik gak ai-mai ?!(喔.. 没了!没了!八角要不要?)”

阿妹:“吓?!我要三角的.....” 阿婆没等我说完就插嘴了。

阿婆(不耐烦了):“boh liao lar ! puik gak ai-mai?! puik gak ! uh puik gak nia !!(没了啦!八角要不要?!八角!有八角罢了!)”

阿妹:“..... em-mai !!(不要!).... ”



Monday, September 05, 2005

How to stop spam

Many readers kept asking me to use the latest version of word verification by Google to stop spam whereby I got a lot of spam comment. Fellow friends, thank for your concern and suggestion. In order to save my time to answer u people one by one, I am going to make a simple blog about reason why I still not using the word verification. However, in order to save my time to repeat what my hubby already said in his blog, kindly please click here for the explanation.

Btw, if u has already started to use word verification in your blog, please pardon me for not leaving any comment on your blog from then. That is because I might not be able to leave comment in your blog due to this new function. Anyway, do not worry I will still stay with your blog but I will be a silent reader.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

My story ~ Part-II

Finally, I have found back my strength to continue writing again. A friend keep telling me not to write if I feel bad about it, but I believes that is always good to pour words out from our sore heart rather than keep everything in. By keeping it in our heart until one day, our heart sure will be over loaded. The best way to release us from the sorrow past, say it out is the only solution. Here is how the story goes…

Year 1997 - 1999
I managed to join in one of the biggest and famous Architecture + ID firm in Malaysia before I work with Dutch company (they are join venture companies). To work in such a big cooperate firm, u never got chance to do things as u wish. The design was always come out by those foreign designer, and I only got chance to design the general layout or if I am lucky enough, will be able to touch on the retail design. It is not an ideally job for me as I need to work very long hour (days & nights, and even work over the weekend). Because of that, I failed to go back hometown every fortnight as last time, but I will always call home. Yes, I called my mom and dad to talk about my recent developments. Father listen everything I say but unable to speak anymore after the incident. As time passed, I tend to work more but call/go home less.

Year 1998
I quit from the big cooperate firm and join the small foreign Dutch company. Life has change gradually as we are doing chain design for the only client of the company. I only required working overtime when rushing for tender for new project. Since then I have so much time to myself. My boyfriend’s job required him to fly very frequent so I have spent most of my time with colleagues. We went ‘yam char’ or shopping after work or over the weekend. However, I did not go back hometown often, I am too used to the KL life and am enjoying very much. I know my dad would want me to go back so much but me just being too selfish to ignore the message. Even when I back in hometown, I was too tired and no energy to do other things already. I do not have long chat with my dad, but I will non-stop chitchatting with sisters and left father sitting down stair alone. I seldom drive dad going places as I did before, even when he requested I will say tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow until I have left to KL for work. Dad used to have a lot of friends and business friend. However, after he has stroke his social life has walk to the end too. That is many times dad had hold my hand and look into my eyes silently (dad could not speak), from his eyes I can feel his sorrow and loneliness but I just could not help, I have my own live in KL and job there. I feel very bad when think back now… really…and I am very regret until I want to give a big slap to myself. How could I do this to him? That is always too late to realize something u has did very wrong…

Sept 1999
I tied the knot with my bf. We had registered but did not hold any ceremony. We have move to our small little cozy home in Pandan Indah. My fiancé always travel back and forth Malaysia and Jakarta during that time.

Jan 2000
That was few weeks before Chinese New Year, I receive a call from sister said father accidentally fall again. Father happens to fell down from the chair 2 times already, so once I heard it I never thought it is serious. However, her last word does make me nervous. She said she would observe father’s condition and informs me later whether we need to go home. My heart sank suddenly and my mind was totally blank. Luckily, fiancé was around that moment. I do quick packing and call my sister to ask for more detail. Finally my younger brother and me has decided to go back to see father. I jump into brother’s car and start to call again but this time sister said dad has already sent to hospital and she requested everybody to go home including my fiancé… We reach hospital in the midnight. Father’s condition was critical, he has second stroke. Doctor has told us before it is possible to have second stroke if any accident like fall down or BP too high. By then if the second time the stroke strike, most probably it will be the last time.

CNY finally around the corner, we do not have mood to celebrate it. Dad was still lying in the ICU and his condition was still critical. We had our reunion dinner without dad present. On the 3rd day of CNY, we decided to bring him home. What we can do now is to pray for dad and hope he will not suffer anymore. On the 5th day of CNY, we chanting Amitabha and witness our father departs to the other world. Buddhist always believes that we cannot cry when someone we loves are dying. If the relative of the dead person have crying badly then the spirit will not get to rest in peace, or the soul will never reach the pure land. On the last day of father’s funeral, I had broken down by crying badly when I heard they nailed up father’s casket. I tried my best to hold back my emotion but could not help once think about I would never able to see my father anymore. These bitterly feels are still haunting me until now. That is so many things and so many words I want to tell him but I have no chance to do it anymore. As I said, it is always too late to repent.

Anyhow, I guess father already forgave me as he does pay me visit once awhile in my dreams. Missed him very much and he will always live in my mind… forever.

Nov 2001
I got married. With the not-so-traditional ceremony held in three different places, my mother’s house and hubby’s grandma house and our little cozy home in Pandan Indah. All I can recall is only this great event happen on this year.

May 2002
I quit my job and follow hubby to work in Jakarta in a non-related field for almost 1 year. New experience in my life and makes new friends cum colleagues and have a very happy life again.

Mar until Dec 2003
I got pregnant and back to KL but never step back into working field. I have bad pregnancy experience like whole nine months of heart-burnt feeling and I totally lost control of my weight. My weight increased nearly 30kg and luckily, it is almost back to previous weight now. I have minor depression too during the pregnancy, feeling lonely and helpless. On 9 Dec, I gave birth to my first child ZhiXuan with weight 3.8kg by C-sec. I bring up my child by my own, hubby still travel as usual.

Until now, I am a fulltime SAHM (stay at home mom). At the meantime, I am also a loving wife to husband, a rigorous but kind mother to my toddler, an average chef, and a dutiful maid to both of them.

I had read someone post about quarrel with MIL. She asked husband who shall him safe first if they both fall into the sea together. A very common question one couple always asks. For me I will say go-ahead dear, safe your mom. Hey, I am not saint but I have sense. Who don’t want their husband love them more? However, let’s think this way if not because of his parents, he will never exist in this world. Therefore, I do not want hubby to make the same mistake and then live in deep remorse as me. Parents always must put in the first place, follow by other family member, and friends always come last. Now I am already a mother, I want my son to understand this theory too.
Btw, if I happen to fall into sea, please don’t worry about me cos I can swim. :)

Meaningful comments on my previous post…

Hubby quoted at “心底话”:
100%..... spend time with them while you can.
no point cry when they no longer there.

That is true, cherish every moment u have with your parents. I gone through the pain and I do not want anybody else repeat my mistake and feel repentant forever.

Brother says at “My story part-I”:
sis, so sorry that I didn't contribute anything during dad's worse time. But I wanted to come back to Malaysia immediately after graduated in USA cause I don't want to miss the chance to be with dad too. Many peoples still asking why don't I find a job in US first. If I've done so, maybe now I can afford to buy a house and car by cash already. No regret at all. And I will try my best to go back home more often, mom's at hometown...

Please never say sorry, I am glad that I have chance to serve our father. Look back to those 10 years, this is the ever-right decision that I have made. You will find that only I own those precious six months of treasure memories with father among our brothers and sisters. By the way, I always think girl will be more capable to handle the nurse job then boy do. I know you have done your best too and we all love our father very much. Yes, please go back more often, mom will be very happy too. As for my part, I will call mom whenever I can.


Friday, September 02, 2005

Merdeka !! Merdeka !! Merdeka !!




阿嬷(say in hokkian):“好哩!省起米钱可以吃好点咯,今晚焖猪脚!焖猪脚!” (hoh le, seng-ki bi lui eh-sai jiak hor tam-pok loh, gia-am boon-ter-kah! boon-ter-kah!"

阿爸:“高乜兴啦?我就希望车油钱慢D加!慢D加!打份散工揸架货车,挣的钱都不够打油。 好过去抢...”

刚说完就听见对面 atuk 在喊:“mau duit ka? mau duit ka?” atuk 被人打抢了...


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