Monday, September 05, 2005

How to stop spam

Many readers kept asking me to use the latest version of word verification by Google to stop spam whereby I got a lot of spam comment. Fellow friends, thank for your concern and suggestion. In order to save my time to answer u people one by one, I am going to make a simple blog about reason why I still not using the word verification. However, in order to save my time to repeat what my hubby already said in his blog, kindly please click here for the explanation.

Btw, if u has already started to use word verification in your blog, please pardon me for not leaving any comment on your blog from then. That is because I might not be able to leave comment in your blog due to this new function. Anyway, do not worry I will still stay with your blog but I will be a silent reader.


Jason said...

Heh, I have disable the word verfication system just for you. :D

Your story, read already, and re-read already. But......

shiaulin said...

aiyoh.. nvm lar don't do it just for me leh.. if i want to comment then i mail u loh ;)

about my story, what u want to say?

Maria said...

I actually stop commenting on a lot of blog becasue of the spam gaurd, some even set it to three times, siao!

shiaulin said...

haha maria u must be very fed up hor.. yeah loh me too, especially when i unable to comment on my OWN blog.. feel like punching people :p

SooHK said...

aiyah spam do not care...lah just let it comes... nobody will response to the spam by clicking it..after a while they know is not economically viable.. anymore they will stop..

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