Monday, September 19, 2005

A true funny story

This is a true story, and its real funny one…

Long time ago, in a small town live a small family with 3 kids, all boys. One day, one of the little boys went to the kindergarten as usual by school bus. When about time the classes end, he feels a bit of stomachache. Afraid of missing the bus, he holds up the desire to go to the toilet. The boy feels uneasiness while waiting to get into the bus. Finally, the boy turns to get on to the bus. During the moment of stepping up the bus, a thing drops out from the boy’s pants.

“Boy u has dropped something!” The bus driver uncle quickly calls,
“Never mind,” the little boy answered,
“Why never mind? I saw it drop out from your pocket!”
“Really never mind leh…”
“What is that then?”
Then boy walk close to the uncle, whisper in his ear …
“It’s ….”
“What?” the uncle never hear him,
“It’s my shit!”


Anonymous said...
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leecs said...

so is kaijie/kaijin/kaijian ?

PS...only ONE said...'s Kai Jun

shiaulin said...

dear, shh... tell u later.. but ai, bro already reveal it!! no good lar u bro, if kaijun happen to read this he must be very paiseh wan leh.. wanna delete the msg?? kekeke kidding lar.. :D

Loc Kee said...

hey hey... it come closer lo, do you smell the Lulian tatse ka???

i mean you are coming back to malaysia liao :p

Milly said...

yalor....shiau lin when u will at kl wor..!! then v can meet rite?? ahha...!! will stay at kl how long??

shiaulin said...

loc kee, in fact i smell the nasi lemak taste liao kekeke...

milly, i am going to meet maria on 3 Oct (monday) afternoon 3pm at MV, do u wanna join us? :)

Milly said...

monday??? erm..i just after class at 3 wor...!! if reach MV also 4 sumthing ler...!!

i wish i can join u all...!!

mumsgather said...

You smell nasi lemak only ah?

Maria said... became extra funny becos it was real ppl.

smell assam laksa? Jaya Jusco assam laksa? hehehe...

shiaulin said...

milly, if u really want to join us we can postpone the time to 4pm. so u coming?

MG, cos lockee blog about yummy nasi lemak not long ago then mar make me very 'gian' loh.. :p

maria, funny hor! when i heard bout it i was laugh till tears came out!:D but pity my nephew loh :p
asam laksa! my favorite !!!!

domesticgoddess said...

wahahah, 好好笑!

shiaulin said...

DG, make sure our boy won't have to experience this in the future ya :p

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