Sunday, September 11, 2005

Big Boy-boy

“Mummy ~~ 抱抱… 抱抱…” Xuan jumping on the sofa and want me to carry,
“Ok… wait…” still don’t bother him and doing my own stuff,
“…..” walk towards my boy and carry him
Xuan hug me tight, place his head on my shoulder, and hand patting my back then say,
“yang-yang… yang-yang…” (sayang-sayang)


Bathe time…
“倒倒倒…” Pour water onto the toilet floor,
“Boy don’t do that please, see the floor all wet and slippery liao, later mummy fall down HOW?”
I expect him to answer with his usual simple “Uh-oh”, but
Xuan look at me and thought for a while, then look at the cloth hanging beside the basin, and then pointed at the cloth,


Daddy sitting on the sofa with Xuan sitting on his tummy,
“Daddy… 起来…起来…起来…”

Xuan thought for a while, pointing at the window,
“去看灯” Xuan want to see the garden light.


How clever I…
Xuan jumping on my bed, he saw his toy cat is placing on the bedside table, he then walk towards it. He attempts to get it few times with standing position but afraid of falling down the bed. Then I saw him retreat a bit and lie prone on the bed and craw forwards to get the toy cat on the bedside table.


How clever II…
“拿拿拿…” Xuan attempt to get the salt container I place on the kitchen counter top but couldn't reach it.
“Xuan go out please, u not suppose to come into the kitchen and playing with the cooking stuff.”
Xuan walk out quietly… but then he returns after few moments with his little stool in his hands.
He places the stool right in front of the counter top and stand on it, and then he got the salt container…


From above conversation and reaction, may see Xuan really grew up already…
Although it might seem rather simple and plain conversation to u, but this is so much joys and great comfort for a mother.
That’s my boy!


Jason said...

I like during the bathe time one. So "touching"

shiaulin said...

keke.. but i found the 1st one more touching, with the body language too :D
i like when he patting my back.. hmm... lum :)

YK said...

Having a child is sure have fun. the child will bring you to a new stage of life.

Maria said...

this is what we have been waiting for since they born right? recod it donw if you can, soon you will miss all this "beginner" moment, just like me now.

domesticgoddess said...

kids, they are full of surprises each day! ;) and we just love to look at them grow in their own pace...

Maria, don't have to miss lar... go make another one lor... kekekeke

shiaulin said...

yk, yeah so much fun and so much stess too!! haha...

maria, yes i am trying my best to do so, and am taking as many movie clips of xuan as i can. ;)

DG, ya ya u are right! come we both says: maria, go make another 'twin' lar... muahahaha...

Maria said...

you also blog break, or packing?

shiaulin said...

maria, not yet blog break but soon hehe.. was busy with reading ur old chinese article loh, and busy on trying out ur new recipe loh, and busy on packing too :p

Anonymous said...

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