Thursday, August 04, 2005


Does u want to see the scene of my living room when my son playing there ??? nah... look !!

what a MESS rite ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the dining chairs become the tu tu train liow.. hahaha...

(hey, got lagi worst one but i didn't take those photo so cannot show here loh...)


Anonymous said...

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twinsmom said... one "money face" post a comment in your blog! hehehe...

ai sap sui lar, want to compare with mine or not? go see this --

shiaulin said...

twinsmom, i have visited the link haha..

the scene looks familiar to me too.. hahahaha... i guess every houses with kids will sure turn out like that :D

1+2mom said...

my house too..everyday need to clean up their mess, very tired. I just clean up this area they go mess up the other area. Your son not too bad lar.

mumsgather said...

When he dragged the furniture around dat time, must be extremely noisy. Hahaha.

shiaulin said...

1+2mom, yeah very tiring cleaning up the mess. but do enjoy it too as time passed will never reverse, so when ur child grown up liow recall back also lot of fun ya :D

mumsgather, I didn't hear anything wor. maybe bcos thats wooden floor, summore i was cooking in the kitchen.. i heard "chah chah chah" sound only :p

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