Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Butter Prawn 奶油虾

Today tried another new 'own recipe' ---> Butter Prawn 奶油虾

Never cook nor see ppl cook before, i just imagine the 'after done images' and simply try it out myself. Does it look yummy ?? i am not ashamed to tell u that it's Delicious !!! (again praise myself here.. 'boh huat' lar, nobody praise me wat hehe...) Therefore, we had our very yummy and satisfied and heavy lunch... yum yum..

Here is another dishes ---> our all time favorite Steam bean curd with soy sauce. My boy loves it too :)

Usually after heavy lunch, we will opt for light dinner --- > our favorite biscuit with coffee. As usual i still will ask hubby whether he want to eat at night, over YM again --->
*hubby always tease me say i'm fat... but in fact i'm only 48kg and he is nearly over 70kg !! hehe :p

Me : "tonight dont eat liao hor ?"
Hubby : "i not need to eat, not sure u... "
Me : "wahlao.... so sarcastic...."
Hubby : " :D "
Me : "ok.. fine, u no need to eat !! me eat biscuit later"
Hubby : "NO !! i want biscuit !!! "
Me : "no no no.. hahahaha :D"

**but hor.... hubby told me he felt hungry when he was back from work.... who said 'no need to eat' so frimly just now huh?


twinsmom said...

wha...so delicious...(white lie) hahaha...see? I praise you liao.
my way to cook butter prawn looks more darker in colour, I put some sugar in.
now I can imagine how you and leecs stand together--mountain and bean (just kidding) hahaha...

SooHK said...

Wow sure looks nice... .your hubby so "big" laew... hahaha.. ask him to watch out...Tell him now he is no less than 10 lbs behind me only....

shiaulin said...

twinsmom, tq tq.. maybe bcoz my son say too much 奶油 liao so thought of cooking it loh. this is exactly the look i imagined, need to add sugar wan ar? okok.. will try it next time :D

soo & twinsmom, my hubby does not look that fat lar, he looks "wide" only :p hahaha... and he got a very "SLIM & handsome face" mah, thats why many ppl got cheated liao loh.. keke..

twinsmom said...

you mean "horizontal challenging"?

shiaulin said...

twinsmom, most likely lar.. hahaha...

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