Thursday, January 12, 2006

***It’s snowing!!!***

I am so happy! Yes, very happy.

Its snowing again in Beijing today. Not heavy, but it snowed long enough to cause the
field at our apartment covered with a layer of snow. After a quick lunch, we brought Xuan to the field to touch and play the snow. Yes, this is not the first snowing but this is the first time we touch the snow.

First snowing happened during midnight when nobody would step out of their houses just to catch some joys of snow during middle of the night. Second snowing fall on the day when I and Xuan were sick, sick peoples won’t play on snowy day. So now the third snowing and we got the chance to touch and play it now.

I wish to share our joys and happiness with
everyone who visits my blog, with a few photos we taken when we were at the field. We took some close up photos of the snowflakes. Can u see the shape? It’s so beautiful.



1+2mom said...

wah snow!!! Hope i got chance to touch the snow too.
Xuan not scare cold?? He look so cute with that jacket.

Jason said...

I read at Uncle Lee there liao loh~ haha!

Egghead said...

so nice ler... and yet you still complaining about staying there :P

Selba said...

Winter.. Snow... so beautiful!
You are so lucky :) Can make a snowman already?

Jesslyn said...

hey, this time have u eat the snow? :P

shiaulin said...

come visit me, i have a guest room here ;) Xuan was excited too, he even refused to wear glove leh.

yeah loh, after u comment only me realise he post about this liao :( never mind, here got more photos too see ;)

not really complain lar... just that too boring only mah :p

consider myself lucky too :D if u read my hubby blog, u should have know i made a not so successful snowman leh :p

oh yes, i did!! it's so delicious!! :D :D

bridgette said...

pls scope a cup for me lovely, I want to be there.........

Milly said...

wow wow ... u got put some snow in ur fridge ornot?? wahhaa....

maria aka twinsmom said...

wei, you mya ice kacang and chendol more laku than Lee wan, LOL...

shiaulin said...

hehe.. why? wanna make ice-kacang like ur sister? :D :D

no wor... forgot liao. ok will do it next time, but our fridge temperature couldn't hold it unless i put into freezer loh.

承蒙关照咯... kekeke...

Zara's Mama said...

Wah!! Xuan and mummy both look so happy and curious about the snow leh!! Must be Daddy snapping away huh?

Some how, the soft white fluffy thing makes you feel happy huh?

shiaulin said...

zara's mama,
yes u are right :D all photos are daddy's work. nice hor the snow, really happy leh. :)

PS...only ONE said...

Sis, good that you feel the joy of snowing day ;) ... But snow storm is horrible!!

shiaulin said...

hey bro,
wow i thought u hibernation liao so long no news from u! tomorrow another few more snow shower leh, till very exciting about snow shower. yeah snow storm is horrible, i wish i won't see it my entire life.

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