Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy/unhappy Day!!

I am happy today! Very very happy!!! I saw maple tree, and collected some maple leaves. Hubby will blog it out later. Will see if I have time, I will upload some close-up pic of maple leaf I've collected.

BTW, I am not happy too. My darling son is now having mild fever. I guess he catches cold during our outing, or maybe he too missed his pacifier that cause him fell sick. Since born, Xuan need pacifier only when he wants to sleep. He even don’t need it at night for the previous month. Until recently, he is like addicted will ask for it anytime anywhere. I am now trying to wean him from pacifier. Yes, I guess he is missing his pacifier too much… that’s why he is sick now. *stupid reason but don’t u see those smoker/drug-addict trying to off their addiction often sick during the progress?*

Get well soon my darling. Mummy love u very much.

Xuan now need my tight attention. I have to be with him anytime anywhere whenever he yell and whine for pacifier, regardless day or night. Therefore, I won’t be able to blog or blog hopping often until he gets better, or until he successful off the pacifier addiction.


cockroach//蟑螂 said...


Egghead said...

well... at least Xuan has a loving and caring mother like you :)

Zara's Mama said...

Seeing maple leaves is a very nice feeling hor? I like them too.. esp if you walked on them and they make that 'sha sha' sound. :P

As for Xuan, you will have to be his pillar of support through his weaning of the pacifier..... Hope he'll get through it soon.

maria aka twinsmom said...

so now Xuan basically 长在你的身上了?

Lazymama said...

Get well soon little Xuan and don't miss your pacifier!

shiaulin said...

cockroach & egghead, 天下的妈妈都是一样的。

zaramom, i got no chance to walk on them leh, as not much drop on the floor, and not much left on the trees either.

maria, 长在我身上的还有我手臂上的两只老鼠,还越长越大tim。

jefferene, thanx and he don't miss it very much liao :D

maria aka twinsmom said...


shiaulin said...

maria, good !! blog about this lar :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

maria, good !! blog about this lar :D :D :D

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