Friday, November 18, 2005

"I quit !!"

Today my part-time maid came and told me:

我不干了!(I quit!)

She came to collect her salary and left. She wanted this job badly but her physical cannot stand to work 3 jobs. Yes, she works 3 jobs for living.

I am seeking for a maid now, or just get the management service to do it for me. This building management provides cleaning services, but their charges are higher than the one I have. Don’t care liao, not me paying them, and not hubby paying them either… kekeke…

Oh! thanks to zching for pointing out the mistake for "I am quit!!"


leecs said...

ai....zhixuan lost his 'playmate' liao :)

and got to get use to the new one again.

abc said...


Loc Kee said...

cheh... not u and he pay... dont caer la :p

Selba said...

maid in beijing??? whoaaaaa.... :O

maria aka twinsmom said...

jeles... gt maid...I also want....I quit!!!

shiaulin said...

dear, yeah loh bb keep calling 王阿姨 many many times after she left leh :(

abc, thanks again. hey, u also have a cool blog ya ;)

loc kee, hahaha... don k hor :D

selba, is part time maid... big different wan leh :p

maria, eh u got 2 wor... neh.. ur laundry helper leh?? LOL

maria aka twinsmom said...

that two? can't even fold laundry yet *sigh*.

shiaulin said...

keke... at least they help u to bring in the clothes mah, then still consider help loh.. hahaha :p

Zara's Mama said...

if I don't have a kid, thn I can volunteer to be your maid, half work, half holiday.

Since you not paying, hubby not paying, never mind, sure can afford one. :P

shiaulin said...

zaramom, haha.. ok i give u 3 meals per day + accomodation ONLY. Do u still wanna work with me? :P

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