Thursday, November 03, 2005

Routine Check

I was tagged by egghead to do this boring interesting MEME sometime ago. Ok let’s start now.

Before Marriage

As an interior designer working in the foreign company, we live in “no-boss-here-to-control” world. 山高皇帝远 (mountain high king far-far). Life wasn’t routine BUT full of excitement. Although some of the daily activities might seems repeated but I still can’t call it a routine.

Every morning, I wake up at 0730, lie on the bed day dream for another 15min, then get up to bathe, put on some make-up, styles my hair, choose clothes to wear (I have my very own style of clothing trust me, as a designer we should have it right?), etc… Ready and sit in the car at 0845, think about what to eat. Usually will drive to the nearer nasi lemak stall to buy breakfast then headed to work, or straight away to office then go to the canteen located next to my office to get some other food to eat, of cos must buy “The Star” paper to read as well during breakfast with colleagues in the office.

During breakfast, everybody chitchatting on some interesting news in the paper and trying to search for any ‘warehouse sale’ or ‘big sale’ advertisement on the paper too. If we found any big sale going on, our lunch will be quite pack and rush. Cause why? We have to rush to the sale spot to grab some cheap on sale item, after that go have some nice food nearby that area then only head back to office. Normally this will take us 2.5 hours to accomplish our mission. However, if that is a quiet season without any big sale going on, we will buy our lunch at the back lane of PNB building, with a lot of temporary food stall selling Malay food, fruits, drinks over there, then have our lunch in the office. Sometimes we will go to KLCC or Ampang Park as our office was in Menara Tan & Tan, very nearby with walking distance only.

We usually leave office on 1900 if that is some works to do BUT not a rush work. Needless to tell if need to rushing out tender or when project on construction, we might have to stay late in order to finish out the work. When free day come, no tender no work to do, we will leave office sharp at 1800 then gather again at Starbucks Coffee KLCC, or mamak stall near my area for ‘happy hour’ cum dinner. After ‘yam-char’ with colleagues, go home and bathe. If still early, go sister house which located at the other block of my apartment. I love to play with my nephew and chitchatting with sis. Somehow, when I am tired and late from work, I will stay home to watch TV or listen to light music while surfing net. I only clean my house twice a week... hehe lazy ya :p

Did u realize that I never mention about my fiancé? Cause he is traveling oversea and only come back every fortnight, and usually on weekend. Therefore, my weekend will be a bit different. When fiancé was around, shopping loh... what else? If he not around, I go back to my hometown. That’s it. I am a good girl will never flirt around even though fiancé is not with me.

Thanks Greenapple correct me the spelling error for 'fiancée' to change to 'fiancé', keke... I am definitely not a lesbian :p

Ok now say goodbye to my exciting and wonderful life before marriage.

After Marriage

For the first year, I went to work in Jakarta together with hubby. Experienced a total different lifestyle but still enjoyable, carefree, and yet full of excitement. Working in a non-related field sometime do stressed me out, but that is a passing rain and cloud, and sun will still shine and brighten up my day.

Morning wake up at 0630, have to wake up so early cos I use the bathroom first then hubby’s turn. After bathe, put on make-ups, styles my hair, wear stocking (I hate this but have to cos this is to suit the high heel shoes), change cloth (not much choice now as need to wear formal not like last time can wear how casual/style as I wish), etc…

By 0720, go down together with hubby and colleagues to the apartment lobby to wait for company van to fetch us to office. Reach office at 0800, go Dunkin Donut for breakfast, ordered coffee and plain donut everyday. Start work at 0900. Lunch at 1230, usually we have it at canteen. Only Friday, or some special day, we may opt for some special food like Thai food or western food. Once a while there will be a ‘flee market’ on the 21 floor of our office building or at the ground floor open-air area located between two buildings. I love to shop around after eaten my lunch, with colleagues of course, then only can buy more things mah haha… Almost everyday work till late, let’s talk about if no need to work late first. Few of us will take turn to cook dinner or we cook it together. Sometimes do eat out at Samudra, or Eaton, or Suki, or some Chinese restaurant whereby we can order lot of dishes and share. If we need to work late, we will go dinner at the other building located behind our office block, need to walk quite a distance to that place. Also mostly Chinese food we choose, or else will go to the Euro Café in the same building with our office. Sometimes unexpectedly work late, our good boss will treat us good dinner at some nice restaurant. Sometimes we planned to go home early but somehow still a bit too late until all food stall closed shop already, then I have to cook simple dish like fried noodle or easier way, we eat instant noodle.

We work thru the weekend, but go to work late at about 1100 with packed MacDonald or KFC for lunch. Dinner will be the same either we cook ourselves, or with colleagues, or eat out nice food at nice restaurant or someone belanja… haha…

Second year, I got pregnant. Back home in Malaysia doing only sit, and eat, and sleep for the whole 9 months.

After ZhiXuan was born

Life before came to Beijing. In the early stage, wake up 0600 in the morning, sometimes 0530 all depends on Xuan’s timing. Once Xuan was awake, milk him then bathe him (yes, early in the morning before go out from our room). After bath, lay him on the boucle whereby I can sip my coffee and eat my bread while playing with him. After breakfast, nurse Xuan to sleep then start to do housework. The cycle of milking, playing, singing, nursing Xuan to sleep, continue housework repeated for the whole day. Forgotten how I have lunch and dinner (memory lost) but only can recall I am on strict diet that time, so I guess I skip my lunch and dinner or what, or maybe just have tea and biscuit.

After become SAHM, no more make-ups, never styles my hair, simply grab any wearable cloth from my wardrobe. However, the good thing here is I still don't need to cook, only to cook porridge for son.

When Xuan was 5 months old, I started to bring him out for morning walk. Sometimes I brought him to play ground to mix around with other kids. I let him crawl upwards on the slide, play swing with him… have lot of fun. Made friend at the play ground whom also staying at the same apartment with us. She has a boy exactly same age with Xuan, only 2 week younger than Xuan. We meet everyday, visiting each other house in the afternoon. Call to go swimming together in the evening. I brought Xuan swimming everyday and he love swimming too. Xuan sleep at 2000 every night, then I can have my quiet dinner sipping coffee eating biscuit and watching TV alone. Hubby still travel at the time.

After Xuan is above 1 year old, I brought him go breakfast every morning. Seldom let him try my food but always baby biscuit until right before I came Beijing, I let him eat some bean curd and noodle. After breakfast we will go wandering around our area, pack my lunch (yes pack it in the morning then heat it up before eat). Afternoon and night would be repeated the same routine as above.

Life after we came to Beijing. Morning wake up early (time depends on Xuan too), prepare breakfast. Usually cook American breakfast with fried eggs, ham, or bacon, greens with bread, or bun. Sometimes make French toast. Sometimes steam the ready-made pork meat bun or red bean bun (char-siu-pao or tao-sah-pao).

After breakfast, start to prepare lunch and cook at 1030, Xuan will have his early lunch at 1100. Xuan finished his lunch at 1200 or 1230 (took 1 or 1.5 hours to finished it *roll eyes*). Bathe him and nap time, he has to sleep on his own whereby I can eat my lunch with hubby. After lunch while Xuan is still asleep, I do washing up and mop floor. When everything done, hehehe… my free time for blogging and blog hopping!

After become SAHM and live in Beijing, not only no more make-ups, no more styles the hair, simply grab any wearable cloth from my wardrobe. I even have to cook for son and hubby too. Yeah luckily, I love cooking.

Xuan wake up from his nap 2 hours later, after milk play awhile with him, or read some books for him, or watch his DVD with him. Evening, prepare his dinner then feed him (hubby and me always skip our dinner. Usually we eat biscuit with coffee only). Hubby come home at 1830, he play with Xuan and I go finish up the remaining housework. After that, bathe then nurse Xuan to sleep at 2100, and I always goes dose off too and awake again at 2300. Follow by my little free time for blogging and blog hopping before I call it a day (notice that left only 1 hour for me to do this). Now is already 0100 in the morning I am still here to do this boring interesting MEME, no thanks to egghead by given me this opportunities to write and tag someone else for this boring interesting task.

The poor souls I am going to tag with this will be:

Added here 3 more poor souls to tag for the reasons of firstly, want to know about routine life for other mummies, secondly, they have been lazy~ing busy for quite sometime without updating their blogs already.

Ok I know someone might have problem to blog about all this marriage thingy and start to scratching their head, here is some tips. U can modify it to your very own way, refer to this clever girl see how she modified the MEME and u can try out yours.


Egghead said...

hehe... better late than never :P

and you slept through your whole 9 months of pregnancy ah... so lucky ler... my worked through her whole 9 months up till the day she delivered ler :P

guess your hubby really sayang you ler :)

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

Oh No! I didn't even have my first to do this MEME???

shiaulin said...

egghead, wah still dare to says? u not sayang ur wife meh? :P

cockroach, ok added some updated tips there, u try to modify it to suit ur life loh ;)

maria said...

wah... really so much thinking here. and thanks goodness escape, anyway I will be going to Singapore, anything happen to me I pretend never see it :p.

shiaulin said...

maria, was thinking to tag u again on this but know that u are going to see ET today mah, so exclude u this time loh. anyway, u got tagged by egghead to do the same thing too leh.. u forgot liao ar ? :p

Selba said...

Oh... you were in Jakarta also?!?! Aiyooo... too bad, we didn't know each other that time..
Whoaaaa...No more make up... no more hair style anymore since the little one arrived in this world, but you still look so pretty, hmmmm... try to imagine if you put the make up on and got your hair style loh.... you must be very very very beautiful :) Eeeee... can share you beauty secret recipe ma ??? *wink*

SooHK said...

Halfway doing this, not sure would I post the longer version or short version...hahaha...Just came back from am outing quite tired, hahaha..

Milly said...

wahhh...become the clever gal lor..

promoting my blog in ur blog..isit need $$ ar?? dun collect from me wor..!! wahahha...

mamibee also no more make up, but he got time to style her hair lar...!! and she always look pretty ler... dunnoe y..maybe she is small size..n damn sexy ler..

Greenapple said...

quite interesting leh ... not a bad life at all!

btwn, fiancée means a woman that is engaged to be married. for man, it's spelled fiancé.

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

okok, thanks!

By the way, check your email when you are free. :)

PS...only ONE said...

sis, you tag me again huh. what is tag actually?? haha... what shall i do then :P, i'm outdated, tell me pls...

shiaulin said...

selba, yup work in jkt <> a year. no more make up but still got color on my face mah.. yellow most of the time, but black when angry and red when got mad loh.. hahaha...

soohk, chun lah went to butterfly park... hehehe...look forward to read urs ;)

milly, no need $ lar but u gotta belanja makan when i back to malaysia loh :D hey i am small size too !!

greenapple, good life hor.. at least i can sit, eat and sleep thru the whole 9 months!! haha..thanx for pointing out the mistake.

cockroach, got ur mail, will reply later.

bro, tag means err... ok firstly u go read my link to 'egghead' in this post, then follow by mine then the 'clever girl 'one (the link in the same post too), then u can understand what the tag is liao..

1+2mom said...

Done this assignment but still got one havent done yet :( Really no time for that and very buzy with the kids. I will start blog less and choose blog to read. The gals need my attention more this day especially my son, maybe he scare i love his sisters more then him so he want me accompany him whole day even watch TV show need me to sit with him. No more free time to me..sniff sniff.

domesticgoddess said...

wahlau... I thought holiday I can escape blogging mana tau got assignment pulak! hahahha... wait huh... my memory quite bad nowadays so need to give me more time to think about how my life was sooo many years ago! :P

Zara's Mama said...

eh, but your life seems quite fun.. So many different stages.

And living in overseas, always so much to learn and see, and taste.

maria said...

ah...die! I totally forgot liao tim, die, die, die...

shiaulin said...

1+2mom, why boy also very manja nowadays, my xuan also like that want my attention all the time, have to sit beside him to watch him play and watch tv.

DG, never mind i can wait ;) hahaha...

zaramon, yeah loh, so are u decided whether to live/work in overseas yet? :p

maria, 眼睛蒙喳喳,头脑也蒙喳喳了?:p hahaha...

Zara's Mama said...

shh.. don't mention it.. not sure yet, still negotiating

shiaulin said...

zaramom, eii i never make any clear statement wor... okok.. shhhh... :P

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