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My 5 6 Childhood Memories That Relate To Food

I am being sporting KPC enough to tagged myself from mumsgather ’s blog for this meme related to food. Since she open up for anyone who interested to take part then I found myself really got lots of childhood memories which ties with food mah… so mah blog about it loh. 5 memories are indeed too little for me, thus, I am going to blog about 6… hehehe… then I mah can pass it on to another 6 little ‘hungry ghost’ 喂食鬼 loh :p


Based on my memories, we would have steamboat on our reunion dinner for Chinese New Year. Yes, every year the same only steamboat until now still the same. However, I no longer join the reunion dinner at my mum’s house already, I married liao mah of coz eat at PIL house loh.

Our steamboat ingredients including prawn, fish, sotong, fish balls, meat balls, pork kidney, pork liver, steam chicken, and of coz some greens… etc. Beside, we have char-siu, siu-yok, and roasted chicken too. Place until the whole 10-course table full of food. We have a very happy and lively reunion dinner.


My mum planted many fruit trees, especially mango. We have 3 mango trees, 1 Ciku tree and I start-fruit tree in our garden. Let’s talk about mango first, I love mango and I love to climb onto mango tree act like a Tarzan with my brother#2. I am very tomboy type and play that kind of adventures game with Bro#2. For example, like swing climb from one tree trunk to another and pluck some branches and leaves to set a campfire. We even nap on a big trunk in the mid-noon but never get to fall. Terror leh ?? haha…

During mango season, we would transform into a monkey to enjoy the juicy mango fruit on the tree branch helped with the harvest. Our mango is sweet, juicy, and big in size. If that is a large harvest, we even sell it to people who bought it then sell at the market. That’s my sweet memory bout mango.


One of the fruit tree got it in my mum’s ‘plantation’. Don’t know why we seldom eat the fruit, it got ripe and fell onto the floor all the time. The reason why it related to my childhood was because of this Ciku tree does attract many bats. Some of the bat even make home under our roof. They will fly out to eat the Buah-Ciku every early morning and night. Sometimes they fly very low at the lever about our face, this make me very scare of going outside during night. Sometimes, we saw the dead baby bat on the floor. Especially after a thunderstorm night, I guess they dropped from their nest under the roof during the storm hit. I don’t likes bat but I felt sorry for the dead baby bat lar.

The Ciku tree no longer there after the major renovation for our house on 1989 if not mistaken. Now only I realized I love to eat Ciku, I was trying to search for it at pasar malam or super market but they selling quite expensive sometime. However, whenever I saw Ciku, it will remind me of the dead baby bats lying on the floor.

Star fruit / Carambola

Another fruit tree in my mum’s ‘plantation’. I love the raw star fruit than the ripe one. I ate with plain salt or dip in the soy sauce mix with white sugar. Yummy…

Not only love the fruit, I like the flower and its leaves too. I always play ‘masak-masak 家家酒’ with my sister#6, we used its leaves as vege. We set up 2 bricks with standing position, lit up a candle set between the 2 bricks, put a Milo tin’s cover over the two bricks. That becomes our cooking stove. We fried the leaves, or we squeeze out the fluid from the leaves (dark green color) to make fake drink or ABC (air-batu-campur). The flower always use for decoration purposes, sometimes also fry it with the leaves. We often get scold by mum, cos we pluck the flower. Simple, we cannot have fruit without flowering right. 无花不结果。The flower is very unique and beautiful too. *wahlao we 辣手摧花 tim :p*


The scene of my whole family squatting on the kitchen floor and eating durian is always floats in my head whenever I saw this fruit. I love to eat it right away from the shell, taste much nicer than the one already in the plate. Does u try before to eat durian with rice? I like it either, the taste was just very different when eat like that.

Many years ago, father bought a land, and then turns it into durian plantation. My dad puts so much effort on the farm, we use to go there everyday, by watching my dad walking around the big plantation and harvest banana, which plant along with the small durian trees to provide shade to the young durian trees. That’s why I have great memory for this fruit.

Black Vinegar Trotter (or called Tu-kah-chor in Hokkien)

This in one of my favorite dishes, not much story to tell but I just love it. My mum is expert in cooking this dish, every time she cooks this I will eat up with 2 big bowls of rice. Simply love the taste and the smell, so great. Somehow, I don’t get to eat a lot during confinement. Don’t know why, may be I have restless mind during that time and totally forgot to ask the confinement lady to cook more for me.

This dish relate to my mum’s cooking skill, which I admire very much. Now mum does not need to cook anymore as all handle by an Indonesian maid. She just becomes a ‘kap-pa-lah’ to order the maid what is to cook nia.

That’s a lot more I wanted to write about but cannot lar, must force myself to stop here otherwise people will fall asleep before finish reading all this funny and non-sense childhood memories of mine.

Ok now is the grand time to announce that this meme are going to the following 6 little ‘hungry-ghost’喂食鬼. I believe their childhood memories will never exclude any nice food in it.

  1. Maria aka Twinsmom (haha u can’t escape this time loh...)
  2. Jason (this fei-chai big guy definitely cannot left out if talking about food)
  3. Egghead (revenge for tagged me to do that killing-brain-cells meme)
  4. Soohk (since u blog a lot about food also mah :p)
  5. Domestic Goddess (eh don’t talk about ur hair liao but food ok? :p)
  6. Selba (wonder how is ur childhood and any memories about food, cos u are the only non-malaysian that i tagged and u love to eat too rite?)

Actually, I wanted to tag more than 6 people but unfortunately I have only 6 ‘vacancies’ to fill in. However, I am going to do like MG, anyone who reads this and feels like taking up the meme, well..... just consider yourself tagged! And remember to let me know when you post your meme up so I can come and KPC :D


Jason said...

Eh, for the same meme, I got tagged second time ler. Got tagged 1 month ago. Haha! See mau do or not lah, cause too many food already.

domesticgoddess said...

ok la ok la, i do this wan first... but hor, can modify a bit or not, into my fav food?

Maria aka Twinsmom said...

*@#$%*... -_-"

Selba said...

Oh.oh... getting tag again...

SooHK said...

Oh no, I will do later as rushing for cutover this weekend....hahaha

shiaulin said...

jason, 这证明大家都认为你贪吃咯... 哈哈哈...

DG, well done! saw u good work liao :D

maria, "9i86738257...." UFO conversation ar?:P

selba, hehe... don't be like that lar :)

soohk, never mind take ur time ;)

Egghead said...

时运高, 看不到....
*吹着口哨..慢慢及轻轻地走开了 :P

SooHK said...

I have done and I tag your husband....

shiaulin said...

egghead, come lar... blog it lar...

soohk, thanx for blog it and also tag my hubby :D

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