Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Muffin... yum yum

Xuan eating muffin at our favourite Steak & Egg Restaurant. Video uploading with help from Jason again, thanks Jason.


Greenapple said...

yoh, xuan xuan so cute, and so clever! not only that he knows how to feed himself, he knows when to get some liquid! so proud for you!

domesticgoddess said...

haha... he is more interested in the muffin than the food you are trying to feed him

leecs said...

he is always trying to find something else rather than the food we give him...

like if he is eating rice but saw us eating noodle, sure he wants ours then his own..

Lazymama said...

The way he eats look so cute and so enjoyed!

Xuan's cheek is very rosy!

maria aka twinsmom said...

rosey cheek eat muffin...so cute.
but so regret see this when th girls around me.
isabelle said she also want, Annabelle said baby ate her cake:
"bay, naughty naughty eat mei mei's cake."

Zara's Mama said...

Xuan is so cute and independant huh??

I like his rosey cheeks!..

In his water bottle is just plain water? I don't know how to encourage Zara to drink plain water, she kept refusing.. Only drink when I sing the popeye song to her.. Aigh.

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

ai yo...so cute......CUTE~~~~~

Selba said...

Yup cute as always... he doesn't like to use his fingers to eat? don't want to make them dirty, right? hehehe... clever boy !

Anonymous said...

greenapple, yup we train him to drink water since he were born.

DG, yeah loh.. that's his favorite spaghetti leh he also don't want... 贪新鲜..

dear, yeah u are right.

jefferene, yup he is very enjoy! that time he just awake from quick nap in the cab, cold weather so his cheeks turn red :)

maria, haha belles so cute!! no problem auntie buy cake for u both ok :D

zaramom, he is KPC indeed, want to feed him but he prefer eat himself until mess up everything :p oh yes in the bottle only plain water, sometime i boil un-sweeted barley for him and he love it.

cockroach, thanks :)

selba, hahaha.. i hope he is that smart lar :D

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