Sunday, June 25, 2006

'Di Zi Gui' 弟子规

Video of Xuan reciting ‘Di Zi Gui 弟子规’. I am very satisfied with his achievement thus far, in spite of few lines he may miss out sometimes.

弟子规 圣人训 首孝悌 次谨信
泛爱众 而亲仁 有余力 则学文

父母呼 应勿缓 父母命 行勿懒
须敬听 父母责 须顺承

冬则温 夏则凊 晨则省 昏则定
出必告 反必面 居有常 业无变

事虽小 勿擅为 茍擅为 子道亏
物虽小 勿私藏 茍私藏 亲心伤

亲所好 力为具 亲所恶 谨为去
… … … …

Gray & Italic font = missing part


Blogie-Talkie said...

good memory of him,,
well done Xuan!

Egghead said...

maybe he purposely forget the lines becoz he don't agrees with it :P

veli good memory indeed!

Msau said...

wah..very pandai ahh Xuan..
I'm planning to send SQ for this di zhi guai class lah...not confirm to join yet.hehe..brought her to the class twice liao..I'm the one who learn & read..haii..donno when only she will start to read ler..

shiaulin said...

really amazing to see them learn so fast! and their memory indeed very good.

I think so, because those are the part I used to lecture him most of the time :p

Good to hear that u are sending SQ to learn Di Zi Gui, be patience she will surprise u one day ;)

Greenapple said...

very impressive indeed. i understand your reason of leaving this blogosphere ...

keep in touch, and keep us updated about xuan's growth. hopefully there will be another baby on your way.

jefferene said...

I am really impress! Very good result for Xuan!

My girl only know how to sing "I love you, I love you, I love you" of Barney song!

Allyfeel said...

Wow! I am so very impressed of Xuan's ability to memories this. Xuan is almost same age as bb and I can see the huge difference. Gosh!!! Bb has not been expose to much Chinese yet.

*Scratch head* me dun know what to start also.

AsleyLee said...

Wow, Xuan has good memory!
Well done, well done!

Anonymous said...

clap clap for xuan xuan...sound so cute...good work shiaulin!


Grace said...

My kids also learning "Di Zi Gui" from their school. They can catch up very fast, it's very meaningful, I encourage children learn "Di Zi Gui". Hope this can help them how to behave themself.

Potential Mom said... learning di zi gui also ler...ahahha...memorise finish the 1st part...kekeke... is not late for me to learn this rite?

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