Friday, December 22, 2006

Not so merry X'mas

Christmas is around the corner, instead of White Christmas we have Wet Christmas this year. Everyone knows that most of the places in south Malaysia are in massive flood, that's including my home town. Fortunately, my mom's place doesn't affected. Though my mom is safe and sound at home, but I know she needs our care and love very much, especially in these gloomy day. Probably will be back to visit her this coming week end.

Why, however, Merry Christmas everyone !!


huisia said...

Ya, i heard the news here's so terrible.

Merry X'mas to you and your family.

Jesslyn said...

ya, so horrible now...i worry my mum's place! That area always flood if got heavy rain, lucky now so far so good.

Merry Xmas!

Blogie-Talkie said...

I am sure your mom will knows your love deep in her heart, (just because you are a mom too.)
Merry Christmas and A Happy New year.

SooHK said...

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you, LeeCS and Xuan ...

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

Do you still remember me?

Hope you have a good year ahead! ;)

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