Monday, February 27, 2006

Cute + funny

Latest video of Xuan... very cute and funny. Listen carefully on what he said, especially the last sentence with that funny expression which never fail to makes me laugh :D

"Flower 美美。" (flower very beautiful)
"差点pong下去。" (nearly fall down)
"Daddy 拍 Xuan-Xuan." (daddy shooting his photo/video)
"要上去...不要跌到了。" (wanna go up... don't fall down already)
"看flower..." (see flower)
"... ... ... " (Xuan mumbling, sorry can't hear him clear :p)
"不要去摸!不要去摸!不要去摸!" (don't touch it)
"Daddy 拍 Xuan-Xuan." (daddy shooting his photo/video)
"Daddy 在哪里?" (where is daddy)
"还要吃 yogurt." (wanna eat yogurt)

hahaha.... that's my boy :)


Milly said... cute lar..wanna pinch the cheek ler..

Egghead said...

very insistant boy... don't touch means don't touch! LOL! must be learn from mummy one :P

Contented Mum said...

Listening to toddler's conversation is always so fun and enjoyable! :)

Tracy said...

His 'pu yau chee mo, pu yau chee mo, PU YAU CHEE MO' sounded so serious and in a way so cute. It's so nice listening to his voice.

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. sounds like angmoh speak Mandarin woh..

Why suddenly say 还要吃 yogurt one? Haha..

Greenapple said...

You have a son that is so cute, like a character from Japanese comics ... handomely cute.

Greenapple said...

handsomely cute. sorry, typo.

maria @ twinsmom said...

hahaha... cute little fellow.
I tell Annabelle:"this is Xuan Xuan, remember?"
She said: "Xuan xuan."
I: "yes, right, Xuan xuan."
She said: "Xuan xuan naughty boy."
I: "No, xuan xuan good boy."
She said: "Xuan xuan climb chair, touch flower, naughty boy."


then finished the whole video, she laugh and said: " So funny... Xuan xuan so funny..."

Selba said...

Hahaha.... cute....
was watching this video yesterday already in leecs' blog, but didn't understand what's going on.
luckily today found the translation in here :)

shiaulin said...

cannot pinch him lar.. me sakit hati wor :p

haha.. u guess??

contented mum,
yes, very fun and delighted hor :)

yes i like his voice too, that's why i keep replay and replay and never feel bore wan hahaha...

ya loh, I was scratching my head too when i first watch this movie hahaha...

haha.. I always say he look like the “次子” (the youngest daugther in Japanese cartoon 龙猫).

haha.. good that Anna can remember Xuan liao, next time when they meet u just have to tell them: "neh, this is the funny little naughty boy who climb chair and touch flower wan loh, can recall anot?" LOL

was purposely translated for u wan leh, u know?! kekeke...

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