Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thank You

Haven’t written a proper post after came back from Malaysia. Very busy lazy lately, no mood to do everything. Me got online but just blog hoping and trying to catch up with the post I have missed. Hoping, hoping, and hoping… one by one without leaving any comment, really sorry for that. Still have lots to go, especially for those who write everyday.

Consider this is the first post after New Year, I wish to start it with a thank you note.
*Thanks Hubby for everything u gave to us, thanks for loving us.
*Thanks my dear son Xuan for brings me lots of laughter and joys to my life.
*Thanks Dad for ‘poh bi’ (protect) us all the time especially when we taking long journey flight.
*Thanks Mum for staying healthy.
*Thanks Bro & SIL#1 for your Tupperware hamper.
*Thanks Sis #1 for everything u had done for our family, especially for staying and taking care of mum.
*Thanks Sis #2 for the beautiful sweater to Xuan.
*Thanks Sis #3 for gave Xuan Tupperware bottle and a toy car.
*Thanks Sis #4 for rushing back from far just because wanted to meet us.
*Thanks Sis & BIL#5 for passing lots of nice clothes, shoes for Xuan, and the medicine for my painful fingers.
*Thanks Sis & BIL#6 for helping us to clean our house, and bought Xuan a nice jumper.
*Thanks Bro #2 for still remember to leave an Angpow for Xuan even though we couldn’t meet.
*Thanks all my nieces and nephews for playing and entertaining Xuan when we were in Tampin.
*Thanks FIL for bought Xuan variety selection of his favorite yogurt.
*Thanks MIL for cooked us delicious meal when we were in Bentong for the whole CNY, and thanks for the toys for Xuan.
*Thanks BIL-W for playing and entertaining Xuan.
*Thanks SIL-V for the CDs and sleigh bell for Xuan.
*Thanks Maria for the Wiggles DVD for Xuan.
*Thanks Egghead for the toy truck to Xuan.
*Thanks sweet Milly for the beautifully-wrapped present for Xuan.
*Thanks Greenapple and Maria for tagged me the Lucky FOUR meme, ok its coming up next.
*Thanks fellow bloggers who attended the Kepong Blogger Gathering.
*Thanks everyone who left comment and wishes in my blog.

And last, Thank you, for reading my blog.

Updated on 20 Feb, 2006:
*Thanks Selba the cute toy cat for Xuan.
*Thanks Chee Sum for brought back the toy cat from Jakarta which given by selba to Xuan.
*Thanks Bro#1 for fecth us from KLIA when we return from Beijing.
*Thanks Jason for no reason. (he wants me to thank him wor...)


Jason said...

No my name geh?!?!?!?!??!

shiaulin said...

thank you for what?? u not even give me the cake u promise earlier leh! 还要恶人先告状?hehe..

Greenapple said...

wah like this also kena thanks ah ... you're way too cute and generous ...

thank you for thankin me.

it's an honour to be mentioned. really. =)

yl said...

thanks Shiaulin for the interesting blog.

leecs said...

.... :)

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

hahaha...finally, you are back. Blog!Blog!Blog!Blog!Blog!Blog!

Egghead said...

10q for coming...
10q for bringing your hubby to come...
10q for bringing your son also...
10q for giving my son the nursery book and CD...
10q 10q 10q :)

Milly said... big name up there ler..!! so happy hor...!!

erm...u shud thanks alot me ler...actually i dun1 to join the gathering becos i wanna back mengkarak on that day..but then heard u fly back malaysia, so i attend the gathering and meet u...!! hahaha... so pretty lar u..!! no wonder xuan so cute! wahhaa...

thanks alot huh..although u din bought me thatthings i wan..but it trouble u alot ...hehe...

seem like thanksgiving day only!! wahah..

Jesslyn said...

哗!这麽多兄弟姐妹, 一定很热闹喔!

Tracy said...

Wow, u sure got lots of ppl to thank. Hee, hee, me oso included cos I read and leave comments in ur blog. TQ very muchie to u too for having this blog for me to read.

Jason said...

The cake not successful mah~!

maria @ twinsmom said...

you have so many people to thanks, but for you one person I have many thanks hahaha...
thanks for everything.
thanks for appreciate my sharing ;) (you know).

BTW, neck still pain... *sob sob*

shiaulin said...

I was touched by ur last statement u made in that post ;) thank for thinking of tagging me even though I wasn't around that time.

u are welcome, my honour to have u here :)


I hope I don't need to fly back here.

10q = ten questions ?? hahahah... 10q 10q

that's why I am thanking u here mah, really appreciate ur attendance to the blogger gathering and nice to meet u. i am still searching on the scissor u want, cos am going to buy one for my in-law too.


read urs too, tiring new year ya... Destinee looks so pretty in her new red cheong sam :) thanks for sharing ur event on cny :)


neck still pain then why still online? go take good rest. actually i have ppl more than the list i have to thank, just do the summaries here leh. hehe..

Selba said...

my pleasure... :)

and thank you to you too for making me feeling happy and smile pretty wide right now :D

Zara's Mama said...

Wa.. if you win the Oscar or something, I wonder how long your thank list will be.. :P

sofhib said...

Thank you ShiauLin coz after >10years I managed to keep in touch with you after read your blog :D

shiaulin said...


wanna see how long my speech? make me win the Oscar first :p

oh hi, thanks for reading my blog and leaving comment here. yeah, its more than 10 yrs liao our friendship :)

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