Tuesday, February 28, 2006

忘记 Forgot

Usually Xuan will stay with me in the kitchen while I am busy prepare for cooking. He will play with my cooking utensil throughout the entirely ‘process’. Yesterday was out of ordinary, he didn’t come into the kitchen but stays in the parlour alone.

When I was almost done, Xuan open the kitchen door peek at me, without saying a word he then close the door. After a while, he opens the door again,
“Mummy cook-cook daddy … … Close the door… Close the door…” (mummy cooks for daddy)
He slowly closed the door again.

Few minute later, he opens the door again and shouted
shh-shh! shh-shh!” (want to pee!)
“Ok, ok go shh-shh.”

While peeing, he was rubbing his eye and sadly says:
“Mummy 忘记 .” (mummy forgot already)
“Huh? 什么mummy 忘记 ?” (huh? mummy forgot what?)
“Mummy 忘记 Xuan-Xuan .” (mummy forgot Xuan-Xuan already)

Ouch! My heart suddenly felt so ‘sourly-pain’ when hearing this.

没有啦, mummy 没有忘记 Xuan-Xuanmummy 不会忘记 Xuan-Xuan !”
(No, mummy did not forget Xuan-Xuan, mummy will never forget Xuan-Xuan!)

I quickly kiss and hug him tightly.

My boy tend to be very sentimental nowadays, he will express his like and dislike by putting it into words. The best example is,

我很喜欢 mummy.” (I likes mummy very much.)
Follow by hugging me and kiss my cheek.

What a lovely boy :)


Jason said...

Ha! You dumped Xuan alone at the parlour! How could you?!?!?

Kekez! Bad mummy. :P

Xuan very clever, so small already know how to express. :)

"靓女,xuan xuan 喜欢你."


Greenapple said...

awwwwwww..... what a lovely boy you have !

leecs said...

aioh...one night out there ...i already missed him very much :)
nobody climb on my bed to wake me up to carry him to see car-car at windows...
nobody pulling my pillow away to wake me up to play LEGO with him in the morning....
nobody peek on me while i am shh shh (sometime this boy does not allow me to close the door....jiat lat)

aiyoh..i wanna go home liao..

Egghead said...

very very clingy hor!

maria @ twinsmom said...

ai yoh... who say only girl very manja?
ai yoh... now I know why Isabelle staring at me while I busy in the kitchen!!!! she never say a word, but she look upset, *sh*t*, now baru I know.

Milly said...

oh...!! icic... wahaha... ur boy so cute ler..so lovely...dunnoe when he grow up that time will like that ornot..or will make u vomit blood..

mumsgather said...

Awww... so sweet. You must be so touched. :)

Jesslyn said...

My girls said the same to me too while me busy in kitchen...look pity hor?!

Selba said...

oh... so sweet.... can imagine his lovely smile while saying: “我很喜欢 mummy.”

Jason said...

LOL at Twinsmom's comment!

shiaulin said...

no choice leh, only me and Xuan in the house. and i don't want him to stay in the kitchen while I am cooking cos very smoky and smelly mah.

and very manja boy he is :)

ur son missed u too. This morning after he climb on our bed and didn't see u there, he was making fuss and said want daddy leh :( poor boy...

yes, very!!

now only u know leh... aiyo... hey maybe she was tengah 偷师 learning ur cooking skill leh ? :p

dunno leh... I guess both kua...

very touched, until got tears in my eyes leh :D

girl usually very clingy one mah... kesian...

yup u are right!! with a very sweet and big grins, on my face me too :)

shiaulin said...

don't laugh too much, u will see.... kekeke...

Zara's Mama said...

So sweet ler.. for a boy..
He thought you forgot about him while cooking?

shiaulin said...

yeah loh... this boy huh, he thought i forgot about him cos i was in the kitchen quite long time mah, some more he keep on peeking on me but I never respond :p

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