Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy, Cheerful Theme

Simply feel happy, not because of today is Valentine day. I am happy because of my new theme, I like it very much. Thanks to Maria who redesigns it for me. I treat it as a special blog birthday present from her. She used her talent to touch my heart, I am speechless. Thanks her from the bottom of my heart.

Something went wrong with my new template, the video and blog link are out of way it suppose to be. Need to work it out later. Honestly that I know nothing about coding, it’s going to take me time to do it. Pardon me for any inconveniences occur when accessing my blog.


maria @ twinsmom said...

hehehe... the sidebar all gone back to the right side, did you see it?

paiseh lar, just a few small icons only :P.

ya lor, today Valentine's Day, I forgot, but last night Twinsdad remember, nothing special, just a kiss hahaha... not commercialize at all, jeez... KL's rose RM30 per stalk, siao...

Lazymama said...

Very nice the new template! :)

Egghead said...

nice color scheme!

Happy Valentine!

Selba said...

Happy Valentine's Day :) *hugs*

I like your new template, cute!!!

Contented Mum said...

Very meaningful template with the ricebowl, n daily living's related article, a real snippets of life!
Happy Valentine

Zara's Mama said...

Nice pix at the top.. really cute.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Milly said...

maria, who say RM30 per stalk??

yesterday i go to KLCC, just RM10 per Stalk only lar!! with the 3 Stalk roses with a nice wrap just RM40... hehe..but i din buy also...hahah... i want to it on my birthday!

shiaulin, hehe....i tot u create urself...rupa rupa sifu help u..!!so how's ur valentine's day ar?

domesticgoddess said...

Nice template... :)

1+2mom said...

Very cute and nice pic at the top :) so meaningful.

shiaulin said...

yup the new design very nice, i love it. thanks :) same here lar, no flower (although the flower here selling cheap), no celebration... sien... hehehe...

jefferene, selba, DG, 1+2mom,
thank you :) Happy Belated Valentine ya ;)

ur new template also nice what, neat.

contented mum,
ricebowl??!! oh right, it can be a rice bowl too, as i always seen it as a muffin! that means I am not creative enuf, creative ppl should see it as difference object at difference view, as u do. rice bowl should be more suitable for my blog title. thanks for mention it.

zara's mama,
go ask one from maria too? kekeke... btw, ur new template also very nice.


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