Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Blog Birthday!!!

Nothing to write at the moment, I am here just to wish my blog

Happy Blog Birthday!!!


Jason said...

Happy blog birthday. But then you got more than 5 months hiatus in between, so counted or not har?

1+2mom said...

Happy shiaulin Blog 1st Birthday !!!

I also forgot my blog oledi 1 year old too..hahaha. Welcome back!!!

Egghead said...

your blog's birthday cake is in the mail :)

Milly said...

wah...ur blog birthday!! soon will be mine! thinking of wanna how to celebrate with my blog!! keep thinking until now!!

maria @ twinsmom said...

eh! 不足月的嚄, hehehe...
Happy Blog Birthday, make wish and blow candle already or not?

Jesslyn said...

Hi, welcome back ya!

Zara's Mama said...

Aik.. so long never blog.. how can just one line one.
Must tell us about your M'sia trip.

Btw, Happy Birthday to your blog.

shiaulin said...

thanks everyone.

when animal in hibernation, are they consider dead or alive? ;)

although late liao but still can celebrate mah :)

no need to send and pls keep it for next time, I want u to pass it to me in person :D

u so creative, sure can think of better way to celebrate it lah... organize a blog party?? ;)

hehe... 早厂儿嘛 :p

thanks :)

malaysia trip arr... let my hubby blog about it lar. what i can still remember were those boring thingy like fed, bathe, chasing after Xuan lar.. what else hahaha...

mumsgather said...

Happy Belated Blog Birthday to you!

SooHK said...

Wow, birthday and new layout...anymore things new...

shiaulin said...

thank you :)

new house, new car, new baby??!!! no, no, no... not in the near future... hahaha...

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