Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ah-ha... 童真

"Wow... that's my dream car!!"


Potential Mom said...

very cute lar the last pic...

seem like he very expert in car...whahaha..

shiaulin said...

potential mom, (too long liao this name, still prefer to call u milly :p)
like father like son mah.. hehe...

maria @ twinsmom said...

your ah xuan really looks so much like you.

Egghead said...

agree with maria :)

p/s: what car is that? Naza Ria?

Zara's Mama said...

He really really likes car huh?

Tracy said...

Wah, ur Xuan really loves car so much. Plays with cars and even reads magazines on cars. What's his dream car?

shiaulin said...

haha.. yeah loh many ppl also said so :D buy hubby 死口不认 keep saying his son llok like him wor... purposely show him ur comment and makes him jump LOL
BTW, Ah Xuan's taste very much like him wor... *sweat*

haha.. again... I think hubby going to 跳楼 already LOL
that car ar? dunno leh, ask my hubby lar.. like father like son *rolls eyes*

yeah loh... car-car kaki.

Loves car so much, future F1 driver??!! hehe... His dream car at the moment is TAXI and Doubledeck BUS hahaha :D:D

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