Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Mom

Forgive me being inactive for the past few days. 3 days ago I received SMS from Sis#6 and Bro#2. In their messages they said,

“Sis, Mom has fallen on the floor late night when getting off the chair 3 days ago. Now chest pain due to muscle injured. Condition OK. Give her a call or back Tampin if possible.”

I was so shock and worry, immediately I call Mom to check on her condition. In the phone she sounded very soft and tired. She can’t raise her hands or do anything which requires big motion at the moment.

I called Sis#6, she said now Mom don’t have maid as the previous maid service period has expired and already gone back to Indonesia. Therefore, we are planning to get a new maid for Mom. After that, I called Sis#5. Her husband (BIL#5) is a doctor, a specialist indeed. Mainly is to check on Mom’s condition because Mom was complaining the pains never subside even after the medicine. Sis#5 told me that BIL suspected Mom might have fracture over her chest bone according to the way how Mom described her condition over the phone. Sis#5 also warned me not to tell Mom about this cause she will be scare and worry. I was double shock and worry when I heard this.

The next day late at night I online chatted with Bro#1 using Skype. (Bro#1 are staying in Tampin too but not in the same house with Mom.) Bro#1 told me that Mom condition is under control now. The day before she was being her own doctor, because she took only once the pain killer that doctor has actually instructed to take 3 times per day! That’s why her pains still very bad after 3 days on medication. Wahlao-eh! This Mom, really huh, makes us worried like hell.

Today I phoned Mom again. She sounded much better, even can jokes with me. I am relieved. Mom turns 73 by end of this month, 31 March. My only wish to her is to stay healthy and happy forever.

Dearest Mom,
Get well soon. I love u.


Milly said...

wow wow wow...!! geng!!

old folks are always like tat... they think they r nth...

anywhre...hoep ur mom get well soon huh...!!

pray hard!!

Jason said...

Aiyoyo... Hope everything will be ok for her.

Speedy recover. :)

Lazymama said...

Speedy recovery for your mom!

Your family is big family and you have so many sibling! I am so envious!

Egghead said...

with so many sons and daughters caring for her... I am sure she will be happy and healthy for a long time to come :)

maria @ twinsmom said...

thanks goodness your sisters and brothers-in-law are there taking care of her.
hah... never listen to intruction? or don't understand the intruction? same like my dad lar, asked him to take three times a day, he took once in three days!

wish your mom get well soon.

Zara's Mama said...

Hope your mum get well soon..

Who's looking after her now? Or who is keeping her company now?

shiaulin said...

thanks all.

so lucky ur parents still so young.



hope so loh.

she can underastand but, she said now already have to take so many med (including the blood pressure control pil etc), she said pain killer can avoid wor... *rolls eyes*

Sis#1 staying with her, the incident happened late at night and my Sis#1 already in bed. Bro#1 also stay in same town to taking care of mom too.

SooHK said...

Hope she will be back to normal ya..

sofhib said...

Hope your mum will recover soon.

Jason said...

Haha. Can, but then ur family members would be looking at me like this --> o.0"" asking who is this?

Anonymous said...

just read about this..I hope your mom is better now.


Tracy said...

We always worry about our old folks back home (moreover u are so many thousands of km away). Do give her a tinkle every now and then and dat's the best u can do and I'm sure she'll be very consoled by dat.

Wishing ur mum the best too.

Selba said...

Old people are very fragile.... need to be much careful.

Hope your mum is doing ok already right now :)

shiaulin said...

hi all,
my mum is much better already. spoke to my Sis#5 this afternoon, she told me that mum's recovering real fast, faster than usual. I guess give her another few weeks maybe she can fight with tiger liao. haha...

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