Friday, March 24, 2006

Dish of the Lazy Day - Steam Spicy Black Bean Ribs

This dish is extremely easy to prepare for a lazy busy day, what you need are only the LEE KUM KEE spicy black bean sauce + pork ribs + garlic. Simply yummy.

If you are interested, get the recipe from here.


mumsgather said...

You can use fish too if you like.

leecs said...

but the 排骷 肉 keep sticking in between my teeth....

Zara's Mama said...

Aah.. I normally make my own marinade, crush black bean, with minced ginger & garlic.. And I use chicken instead.

Eh.. your husband lots of complaint hor? Tomorrow open a can of black bean fish (don't know how to 'pin' black bean ler cannot find the word) for him to eat.. that one sure won't stick between his teeth. :P

SooHK said...

Used to be one of my favourite dish..

Selba said...

Wow... looks pretty yummy... Never cook ribs at home. Usually, I only eat ribs at Tony Romas rest. kekeke...

maria @ twinsmom said...

I used to do like what Zara's mama did, also, so lazy then... later buy all the Lee Kum Kee stock up :P. easy and fast mah... hor?

Tracy said...

Tried the black beans from Lee Kum Kee but pappy didn't like the taste. He prefers the normal minced taucu but I like the black beans. *duh*

Like what Maria is doing, I oso buy those packets of ready-made sauces from Lee Kum Kee. No need to be so troublesome.

shiaulin said...

oh yes! but i haven't try the fish yet cos hubby not so fancy bout fish. :(

那一次是不小心失手,用到大火来烧了。谁叫你儿子在 ka-ka-cau-cau 呢!:p
hey u complain lagi lar, cook and eat yourself.

yeah loh lotsa complaint wan...
Lazy dish mah, of cos use the LEE KUM KEE loh :p eh urs home made black bean sauce spicy one anot?

now u still can have it mah, but we eat on ur behalf loh :p

this is very yummy, can try to cook it at home cos it is too simple to prepare.

absolutely right! so easy.. so lazy :P

high 5! :D

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