Saturday, March 25, 2006


This woman keeps on blogging about elixir. Hmm… Interesting. Ok let me tell u what is my elixir.

Xuan: “我喜欢妈咪。” (I like Mummy.)
Mummy: “再讲!” (Say again!)
Xuan: “我喜欢妈咪。” (I like Mummy.)

Whenever Xuan says “I like mummy”, I am sure to become happy and energetic again, regardless how tired, or sad, or blue, or dispirited, or unhappy I am. Doesn’t my elixir sound funny to u? But, believe me, this is what keeps me up and running for a whole day, without the help of any supplements.

One day, when Xuan grows older and older, he may tend to be too shy to tell me how he likes me or loves me. By that time, I guess the supplements have to take part to keeps me going. :p

Do u think this topic is quite interesting to blog about? Then, go and write what is your elixir.


Jason said...

What were your "ngam ngam ngam"-ing at the end?

yl said...

hahaha... if not for the sweet smile on Xuan xuan's face, i would have thought that he was held hostage on the sofa and forced to repeat "我喜欢妈咪咪咪咪咪咪咪咪~~~~~~~~~" over and over again by the cruel妈咪wor!! :P

Zara's Mama said...

What did mummy say at the end before shutting down the video??

Sounded like somebody who's very very 'lum', like the new boy friend just said I love you like that woh.. :P

Next time he said I love mummy you are lum until pengsan? kakakaka

Greenapple said...

Xuan's dimple is so cute!

very very lum indeed!

maria @ twinsmom said...

ai yeah... so cheeky yeah...
cannot wor, I still got to have my B com, otherwise my vision is blur, mind off, don't hear everything hahaha... can lar, can only hear my girls say "mommy I hungry." LOL...

Potential Mom said...


wait for few years later lar...!! ur boy start to say mummy u very lo so... i dun1 u...

hahah.... that time he will go to tell daddy "i want a new mummy!!" like jess's gal

Jesslyn said...

yeah, it's precious moment when they say this us, kind of reward for us hor! hehehe..

Blogie-Talkie said...

Em... for my 不老長壽藥.. same here, is my boy too. He's very close to me. Everytime he make me mad, he will say: sorry mom,我不想你生氣,我sorry你. hug and kisses together....接著 he will say: 你收心lah.
we have our way to received our kisses and seal it to our heart....(after kisses, grab the kisses with both hand and put it to our heart, it cute to see him do it)

1+2mom said...

So warm and lovely. I also like to hear my son say :"i like mommy" or very rare he will say :"i love mommy". We like to kiss each other b4 we go sleep : both cheek, mouth and forehead.

maria @ twinsmom said...

Oii? 冬眠都应该醒了是吗?

shiaulin said...

repeat what Xuan said loh.. so happy mah hehe..

:D sometimes really cruel by force him to say he 'love' me leh, as that he seldom say so :p

yes he did say "I Love Mummy", that is only when I 'force' him to say it :p

yes I like his dimple the most! very sweet :)

haha.. sounds like ur girls love ur cooking more than u wor.. :D:D

potential mom,
now he started to say “妈咪不要讲话!” already loh.

你有同感?feel good hor :)

wah ur boy really sweet leh... if Xuan do that to me (send special kisses to me), i sure 霖到痹!

same here, we say "nite-nite, sleep tight, sweet dream, love u", and kisses each other mouth then only go to sleep every night. :)

太霖了,醒不来。 :p

Selba said...

Aiiiiii.... so sweet of Xuan, gosh... he is really adorable :)

Eeeii.. I just realized, why most Chinese people prefer to say "wo xihuan ..." and not "wo ai ..."?

shiaulin said...

hehe.. i also dunno. maybe "wo xi huan..." easier to say it out than "wo ai ..." loh. :P

Anonymous said...

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