Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Since hubby bought a set of LEGO for Xuan, he was asking us to build many things for him like bus stop, airport, tunnel etc.

“Mummy build tunnel for Xuan-Xuan.”
Oh, my! Daddy is the tunnel expert not mummy. But, I tried my best to build it for him. I carefully build the columns, the walls and finally trying to cover up the roof. While I was covering the roof, suddenly *plahhhh……*, as expected the tunnel collapsed before it’s completed. Xuan exclaim excitedly “Yoohhh…. mummy’s tunnel collapsed already!” and laugh happily.

“Mummy build petrol station with car washes one for me.”
Hah no problem, I am quite expert in building a petrol station. While I making the petrol station, Xuan was beside me and keep disturbing (he claimed that he was helping me wor). Again *plahhhh….*, Xuan demolished my halfway-to-completion petrol station by throwing the plastic Lego container towards it. I stared at him, he grins and say “Mummy angry…” then kiss on my lips and walk away like nothing happen. *sigh*

“Mummy I want fountain, make fountain for Xuan-Xuan.”
Ok fine, fountain is the simplest one so I fixed it for him. Finally, it's done and I have a moment of peace. But, he gets bore with the fountain very soon. As u can guess, he demolished the fountain and asked for something new.

This time, guess what he wants?






“Mummy, make for me fireworks!” *fainted*

Below are Xuan’s masterpieces.

According to Xuan, left is car park and right is a house.

Found more photos of Xuan’s creation, but I don’t know what it is.


Lazymama said...

Wow, you can build petrol sation! Sailei!

The lego looks very nice! I shall buy 1 set for my girl too!

Egghead said...

siao wor! guess like you learn more than your son in Lego... LOL!

Zara's Mama said...

“Yoohhh…. mummy’s tunnel collapsed already!”

He actually use the word 'collapsed'? Impressive vocabulary.

He's quite creative wut.. the car with the car porch is nice!

1+2mom said...

Wow at his age can build so many things not bad wor!!!

My son also got many type of block like lego,wood block, stick lar ect.

leecs said...

after the 'collapsed' incident.
one day (this happened few times already....)
xuan : "mummy 弄 tunnel 给 xuan xuan" (mummy make tunnel for xuan xuan)
before this mummy react on his request...xuan mumbles
xuan : "mummy 的tunnel 会倒的" (mummy's tunnel collapsed one...)

mummy o_O"

daddy : "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..." (FYI, xuan can put his leg on my tunnel and still solid as rock !!!!! hahahahahaha)

leecs said...

if my previous comment deleted u all know who did it lah...

maria @ twinsmom said...

tsk tsk tsk... this daddy so bad, 穿mommy的煲。

Lego hor, I love to play, I want to joy :D.

cockroach//蟑螂 said...

ai yo... play lego none will stay for long one..sure collopas one...

I can't buy lah...if I buy one for the devil, I must buy other one for other devil, if not they will fight one...

shiaulin said...

yeah, fun to play too.. go! go! hurry up! must buy. :D

get ur LS a set of Lego, then we learn together. furthermore, try to make fireworks, if jadi then teach me. LOL

no lah he din use that word, he actually speak in campuran mandarin and english "mummy 的 tunnel 倒了!"

then u got learn to buil anything anot? can share share the method anot? :p

so happen, I successful building the tunnel before u leave comment here! haha...
if u so pandai, then mah as well make the fireworks for ur son loh *blek*

yeah loh so bad hor. I believe u can build better and nicer thing from Lego.

buy one for yourself. that's easy. :D

maria @ twinsmom said...

yah yah yah, I want to see how Lee make the "firework" for Xuan, Please *eye blinking big big*.

leecs said...

i only make 'firework' in toilet bowl....


Selba said...

Hahaha... so funny... reading this post and also the comments :)

btw, mummy good job, xuan xuan good job and also daddy good job, bravo for the family who can build tunnel, petrol station, fireworks, etc.!!! :D

michelle said...

Lego is amazing, just bring out the children creativity. I got the brandless ones for my children.

Tracy said...

Wah, wah, wah, ur Xuan can build 'wonders' with his Lego set and he seems to be enjoying himself. So can keep him busy for a while where u can do ur chaos lor hor?

I have the imitation set for Destinee too. Maybe must get her the original. Seems so tempting. Destinee's pappy will 'ngi ngi ngo ngo' if I really get her the set. Heehee.

shiaulin said...

hey, until now still haven't see him making this leh... *roll eyes*

make it using Lego!

don't praise the daddy until he able to make fireworks first :p
brandless one not as good as Lego wor, the quality wise. really big different when playing with it, brandless one sometimes makes u frustrated cos hard to fix or keep losing. Lego don't hv this problem, so we are so happy playing with it. :)

cannot loh, he wants us to make for him instead of him making it himself :(

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